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Unique ways of Celebrating Mother's Day

Updated on May 10, 2013

Unique Ideas of celebration

Mothers Day is celebrated throughout the world, not essentially on the same day. It varies.. Motherhood is a special status of a woman which gives her all the courage to go through to become a mother and later taking several hurdles to bring up her children. When the children grow up and understand the greatness of their mother's role in their life, they try to honour a day in her life as a special day for her. In each country they celebrate this special day in their own unique style, though the theme and the meaning are the same.


How did Mothers Day celebration begin?

Let us find out the origin of this wonderful day.This festival is started in Greece honouring Rhea, Mother of Gods. This festival officially began in the year 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson, the then President, declared the second Sunday in May, a day to honour all the mothers, which subsequently became Mothers Day.

Anna Reevis Javis of Grafton, West Virginia, a hard working mother by volunteering her work to causes that would benefit her community, passed away on May 9, 1905. After her death, one of her children Anna Marie Jarvis, campaigned to establish a day exclusively for mothers, when she held a memorial for her mother. Though it was originally started in America subsequently it became an international festival.


Unusual ways to celebrate Mother's Day

Many people celebrate their Mother's Day by sending her a bouquet of flowers or a cake or a poem or a card. Why can't we think of doing something different which will bring her happiness not only that one day, but throughout the year also. It will be a memorable gift to her to her motherhood from her child/children.

1. Take her on a holiday especially to her favorite place or a place where she is eagerly looking forward to go, such as a boat ride etc.

2. Take the responsibility of paying at least one of her bills for a year.

3. Pay for her website or blog she has to make a yearly payment.

4. Build and give her a website which will give her a regular income.

5. Invest an amount on her name which will bring her a regular interest, at least for a year.

6. Invite her to your house, if you are staying in another city or country, sponsoring all her expenditure.

7. Fulfill her ambition of visiting a pilgrim place, such as temple, church, Gurudwara etc, by taking her there.


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      lex123 4 years ago

      Thank you Vacation trip for reading the hub and leaving your wonderful comment.

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      Susan 4 years ago from India

      Wow. Great ideas to celebrate Mothers day. Thank you for sharing.