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Updated on June 23, 2013

Love day

Valentine day
Valentine day | Source

....................will you be my valentine

There is a word saying that, love starts by seeing, with talking it comes closer and by gifts and touching it develops. Someday it meets and some day it breaks. So this is right saying that “love become itself we don’t have to do it. Love gives you both when needed it gives you so much sorrow that you can not imagine and in other hand it gives you so much love that you cannot store it.

Every body wait for 14 February do you know why? Because this day everybody is saying and showing their love and feeling to their lovers or to some one special. This day every couples are giving red rose, chocolate , and gifts to each other. They are proposing to each other by saying “will you be my valentine ? “ If you are not able to give gift due to you or your couple absent than you can give gift through internet . there are many website for your service one of them is Muncha network. Muncha network was started 10 years before as Muncha .com in past it was just gift site but now it has make their wide. if you are hesitating to give gift directly than this is good way to celebrate valentine day. Many people use Muncha for giving surprise to their lovers. If your lover is in another country than Muncha is blessing and here is some useful tips for you.

If you are boy than

  • Be smart handsome and good looking. You listen everything by taking interest what your girlfriend says. Never try to ignore her.
  • In your meeting place, if there is another girl than don’t look at her because every girl are watching their boyfriend eyes , that where is now.
  • For sitting and giving order in hotel, let choose her or say her to choose and remember in this time you should be active in calling waiter and paying bills this will show your manner

If you are girl than

  • Never underestimate your boyfriend and give him power to take decision.
  • Think every time that you are comfortable.
  • Don’t hesitate to show your glamorous style and look and also not hazitate to show that you are intelligent and beautiful.
  • If all things is good than say loudly that “will you be my valentine”.


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