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How to choose valentine gifts with a personal touch and story...

Updated on December 17, 2015

Combine gifts to give a personal touch to your Valentine present.

Life is an adventure, a road full of surprises and special gifts. Gifts given with a warm heart by our dearest friends. Not just because of money value of the gift but the emotional value of the present. That's what Valentine is all about.

If you want to buy your lover a bottle of wine, you don't have to buy the most expensive one or the headset one, it's not about the price or even the quality. A gift like a bottle of wine can represent a memory. A memory about a precious evening together when you drunk this particular wine.

Buy or make emotional presents. Gifts that will tell a personal story.. Sometimes it's fun to combine gifts, gifts that will make you laugh and have a good time.

For instance I gave my girlfriend once a new colored kitchen knife for Valentine, together with a package of plasters.... And a little note, that if she cut herself with the new colored kitchen knifes she should call me and I would gently kiss her fingers to ease the pain...

You see, it's fun. Think different and make original gift combinations. You can use this trick for Christmas, Valentine, birthdays or on any special day. Think about two things that will fit together in a special way. Like a teacups and some lipstick.. You could use the lipstick and kiss the teacups before you wrap up your Valentine presents.

On this page I will give you some more examples of how to choose gifts with a personal touch and get you started.

red lips on a cup of chocolate - The Love for Chocolate sealed with a kiss, romantic valentine gifts for her

His and Hers Red Lips Kiss Moustache Novelty Funny Mug Tea Coffee Gift Cup
His and Hers Red Lips Kiss Moustache Novelty Funny Mug Tea Coffee Gift Cup

Don't mug me... Aren't these two simple mugs great ? a mug with a big kiss and a gentelmans mug.


Choose a personal Valentine gift for him or her

A gift is given with pesonal feelings and emotions not with money or power.

The easiest thing is to buy something that's expensive. But these are not always the best gifts. A nice gift is the one that is hard to give away. Something you would want to keep for yourself.

Once in my life a made the decision to give away all the paintings I had made. It was on my wedding and all my best friends where around that day. I decided to share this precious moment with giving away paintings and drawings. It was the a sell out without any money involved. And it was great. Sometimes it's simply great to give something away you really love, especially to your loved ones.

No every time a visit the homes of my friends I find a piece of art of mine hanging on the wall, a piece they have chosen. With giving away something special I created a bond, a bridge between my friends an me. It is something special.

And the feeling after I give all my precious things away was liberating. It mend that I could give up anything and the world would still keep turning and there would be other opportunities.

So to give something is an art. The more you think about it and make an effort, the more impact it will have. And again it's not always about money.

So.... how to choose the perfect gift ?

well know your "target".... does he/she love music ? buy him/her a cd but if you give it together with something that completes the cd it's special indeed. Let's say your "target" loves the rapper Eminem, what more fun could it be than too give him a cd from Eminem together with a bag of M&M's....

Or You lover is mad about Billy Holiday, well known for her amazing song "strange fruit" , well maybe you could accompany the cd with some exotic fruits (fortunately less cruel then the "fruits" she's singing about..)

Billy Holiday and strange fruit - dragon fruit

Have some fun and make original combinations of two gifts together.

Of course the strange fruit of Billy Holidays title song refers to something not so sweet..namely black people hanged on the trees by racists. Presenting this lovely album together with some exotic fruit gives it a bit of a twist.

Are you planning to buy a audio system ?

Why don't you give together with the music player a music gift ?

I bought this year a simple cd/ usb music player for my wife. She wanted some music in her studio. It's not easy to find a simple and cheap music player anymore. Most of them are fancy with all kinds of bells and whistles...

But in the end I found a cd player that wasn't to expensive. And you know what, while surfing on amazon I found a great jazz album as well. In the end what is a cd player without a cd ? just a piece of junk. And a cd also needs a player, so to go give them together as a gift is the best thing I could do.

The Blues And The Abstract Truth
The Blues And The Abstract Truth

An amazing good Jazz record. It's one of those jewels that you will listen to over and over again. If you don't have it already, go for it, you won't regret it.


Nature the biggest gift of all. - An original gift : go for a romantic walk in the woods.

Into the wild...!!!Prepare yourself.
Into the wild...!!! Prepare yourself.

Do you have creative or original gift ideas - What was the most successful gift you ever gave ?

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