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How to Decorate the Cake Table at your Party

Updated on December 15, 2014

Set the Stage for your Celebration with an Eye-catching Cake Table Display

The cake table at a birthday party many times is the main focus of the celebration. A stunning cake display will provide a wonderful visual aspect to the party décor.

I have been hosting home birthday parties for my kid's for many years now and I am still learning different ways in which to embellish the cake table.

Some of the most common items you will find on a cake table include the birthday cake or cupcakes, party favors bags or boxes, theme toys, posters and other decorations.

This page features a photo gallery of kid's birthday party cake tables plus a number of party ideas for your child's celebration. I hope these tips and photos proivide you with inspiration for your child's party décor.

The cake table photo pictured here is from my daughter's Club Penguin party.

Please visit my Kid's Birthday Party Blog for more party ideas and supplies.

Let Your Cake or Cupcakes Be the Star of The Show!

The birthday cake or cupcake display should be the central focus of your cake table.

Since the birthday cake or cupcakes are the main attraction make sure they are all dressed up and ready for their red carpet debut!

I am not a professional cake decorator by any means, but I am pretty happy with the cakes and cupcake I have made for my kid's birthday parties. There is so much you can do to create a wonderful display even if you are not a cake artist.

As you can see by the photos on this page, I prefer to make cupcakes for most of my parties. They are so easy to embellish with custom paper cupcake toppers, edible cake images and other decorations. Other ways you can create a fancy cake without much effort is to purchase a handmade acrylic cake topper or personalized cake topper.

Once your cake or cupcakes are finished be sure to place them on a coordinating party display. This can be as simple as finding a platter that matches your party theme colors or covering a cake board with patterned duct tape as I did below for my daugther's Hunger Games party. You can even place theme candies around the cake or cupcake platter for a fun look.

Cake Table for a Space Party - Spaceships ~ Planets~ Solar System

This is the cake table from my son's Space Theme Birthday Party.

Cupcakes decorated with planet cupcake toppers and sparkling black sanding sugarCoordinating colored latex balloonsJumbo rocket ship balloonCardboard space mission table centerpieceParty favor bags embellished with a personalized favor sticker & sparkling stars Solar system posters Metallic star confetti

Display Your Party Favors on the Cake Table

The cake or cupcakes may be the star of the show, but the party favors are the supporting cast!

Guests love to receive their goodie bags after the birthday party has ended. Creating interesting and fun party favors will not only thrill the kids, but they will look awesome displayed on the cake table.

I think putting the party favors together is one of my favorite aspects of birthday party planning. Here a a few of my party favor ideas:

Place the party favors in colorful goodie bags, gable boxes, Chinese style take-out boxes, cello bags tied with curling ribbon or theme favor boxes. One of my favorite party favor items are personalized chocolates. You can purchase custom wrappers for standard Hershey chocolate bars, Hershey Minatures and Hershey Kisses. Embellish the party favor bags with curling ribbon or grosgrain ribbon and a party favor sticker or label.

Cake Table for a Hunger Games Birthday Party - May the Odds Be Ever in your Favor

Cake table for my daughter's Hunger Games Birthday Party.

Birthday cupcakes decorated with paper cupcake toppers and wraps Party favor chocolate bars and Mellark Bakery cupcakes Coordinating colored party balloons Hunger Games movie posters Hunger Games parachutes with a bread, medicine and broth hanging from the ceiling

cake table display
cake table display

Decorate Your Cake Table

What is a show without amazing scenery? The scenery for your cake table can include balloons, posters and small theme toys.

My kid's birthdays are in November, early April and February, therefore, we have to host the parites indoors since it is too cold in New York to have them outside. As you can see from my party photos I always set up the cake table in the same spot.

It took me a few parties to realize that I should decorate the white doors behind the cake table with some kind of decoration. The ones without this look a bit bare in my opinion. That is why I always say I am still learning!

Anyway, some of the scenery you can add to your cake table includes theme posters, vinyl wall or door banners, confetti, centerpieces that come with your party pack, your child's toys that coordinate with party theme, balloons and balloon bouquets.

Photo is from my son's Monster Jam Party . The cake table included a custom made cupcake display and cupcakes with handmade paper cupcake toppers, party favors with personalized favor stickers and some of my son's monster trucks.

More Cake Table Photos from My Kid's Birthday Parties

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Jonas Brothers PartyMovie Night Birthday PartyConstruction Theme Birthday PartyPink Skull Birthday PartyM & M's Birthday Party
Jonas Brothers Party
Jonas Brothers Party
Movie Night Birthday Party
Movie Night Birthday Party
Construction Theme Birthday Party
Construction Theme Birthday Party
Pink Skull Birthday Party
Pink Skull Birthday Party
M & M's Birthday Party
M & M's Birthday Party

Details of my Kid's Cake Tables

An overview of what I included on each of the cake tables pictured above.

Jonas Brothers Party Supplies

This cake table included a birthday cake and cupcakes accented with a personalized Jonas Brother's image and heart & musical notes cupcake toppers, Jonas Brothers posters, pink party favor bags embellished with personalized favor stickers & purple ribbon, coordinating colored balloons and a custom guitar pinata.

Movie Night Party Ideas and Supplies

Cake table featured cute popcorn cupcakes, popcorn favor boxes embellished with black movie reel inspired ribbon, jumbo popcorn balloon (cut-off from photo), latex balloons and a large movie night vinyl banner for the backdrop.

Construction Theme Party

Dump truck birthday cake with orange cone party candles, construction balloons, part favor boxes, construction site photo stand-in and toy dump trucks.

M & M Party Supplies

Party cupcakes with custom M & M paper toppers, handmade M & M character decorations, M & M balloons and colorful party favor bags embellished with party stickers and ribbon.

Pink Skull Party Supplies

Cupcakes decorated with edible Pink Skull cupcake images, hot pink Chinese take-out style favor boxes embellished with a Pink Skull sticker and a cardboard party decoration that coordinated with the party pack.

Party Cake Tables

Which is your favorite cake table pictured on this page?

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