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How to Create Halloween Animated LED Light Faces

Updated on October 16, 2014

Have you ever wanted to know how to make those animated LED light faces for Halloween?

I've always wanted to know how to create those awesome light shows that you see all over YouTube these days! I've been fascinated with them ever since I saw the "Christmas Lights Gone Wild" video with the chasing lights set to the Trans Siberian Orchestra song Wizard in Winter. That was the most amazing thing I had ever seen and I remember watching it over and over again back in 2006, though the video was originally posted in November of 2005.

When I discovered that "average" people had learned how to do it and where incorporating those talents into Halloween displays as well, I was really hooked!

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The Video That May Have Started it All!

Here is the video that I think started this crazy LED light thing. Over 10 million hits now because people still come back to it year after year!

Why do I Need a Computer?

In order to run these awesome light shows, and the animated Halloween faces, you are going to need a computer and lighting software. The software is a program that keeps track of which lights to turn on and off in sequence to the music.

These sequences are sent to a device that physically turns each strand of lights on and off according to what you programmed them to do on your computer.

So: Computer with Lighting Software ------> Music Sequences ------> Light Controller -----> Lights go off and on in sequence to Music.

Not too hard huh?

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Animated Lighting Software

VenueMagic VMCL21-SO Classic Software (1 Universe)
VenueMagic VMCL21-SO Classic Software (1 Universe)

This Program is $350, but I doubt you'll need another lighting program ever.


Light O Rama

The first lighting software that I had heard of was called Light O Rama and it was originally meant for Christmas lights. But then the Halloweenies took over and it all went uphill from there. Here is a 10-minute tutorial of how to use this software for your light display needs. Unfortunately, you cannot get this software on Amazon. But you can buy it directly from them on the Light O Rama website. Just Google it!

Introduction to Light O Rama Software

Plugging Everything in and Testing It

Instructional Websites

These are all websites that I have found that tell you how to create a computerized display of lights for your favorite holiday occasion.

Spooky Faces

I have seen these Halloween faces made out of several different kinds of material. Among them are:

Corrugated Plastic:

--Faces are drawn on the plastic and then holes are cut out of it along the drawn lines so that the light bulbs can be placed through the holes.

Wire or Wood Frames:

--Some people are so crafty that they can create their own Halloween Faces out of wires, or other metal or make them out of bits of wood and place their stings of lights on them from there.

Peg Board:

--You just have to decide what size you want your face to be, draw it on there and place the lights through it like in the video below.

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Buy the light set in the photo above here: SCARY CYBER PUMPKINS

How to build Light-O-Rama Faces

Supplies you might need

It's very difficult to find the high-tech stuff you need to create one of these spectacular light shows on eBay or Amazon. So I've compiled a list of links where you can get the supplies from private websites.

New Lighting Kits from

You buy it, they send it, you put it together at home! is affiliated with Light-O-Rama. They sell all kinds of kits with everything you need to create an awesome light show for any holiday. All you need is a computer with USB port, extension cords, and outdoor speakers, or an FM transmitter for sound, (so you don't disturb your neighbors with the music). Other than that, they've got everything else included in the package!

However, the prices are not cheap. You may get a major case of sticker shock here, but keep in mind that everything is included for all your set-ups. There's software, all the different kinds of lights you will need, strobe lights, fixtures, cables, communications adapters and best of all, SETUP INSTRUCTIONS!!! WOO-HOO!!!

Check it all out right here:

Buy WOW Lights Halloween Sequences and Instructions Here. (They run about $25 per sequence)

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    • Dianna206 profile image

      Dianna206 4 years ago

      @RoSelou: I hope some day to be able to do something like this. That would be fun.

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      RoSelou 4 years ago

      As an electronic enthusiast, I love this lens!

    • Dianna206 profile image

      Dianna206 4 years ago

      @grow-lite-store: Thank you! I hope that it helped out a little bit!

    • profile image

      grow-lite-store 5 years ago

      nice reading man.

    • Dianna206 profile image

      Dianna206 5 years ago

      @Gigmoo: That was the first ever YouTube LED light show that I know of! Fascinating isn't it? Glad you enjoyed it. And look what it's all evolved into!

    • Dianna206 profile image

      Dianna206 5 years ago

      @pvmtoilet lm: Thank you!

    • Gigmoo profile image

      Gigmoo 5 years ago

      I love that video you linked at the top. First time I've seen it. :)

    • pvmtoilet lm profile image

      pvmtoilet lm 5 years ago

      Good One!