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How to Enjoy Valentine's Day if You're Single

Updated on October 11, 2014

Single? No Worries!

In our culture, it seems like there's no way to enjoy Valentine's Day if you're not in a relationship. From cards to chocolate to flowers, everything about the holiday seems to be tied to love and romance. But you don't need to have that special someone in your life in order to enjoy the day. Treat yourself to a "me" day and make it all about you. Indulge with your favorite foods and a bottle of wine, or maybe a relaxing massage. Collected here are lots of ideas for how single women can enjoy Valentine's Day.

Image by Llhh used under Creative Commons Licence

Have a Party

If you have friends who are also single, invite them over and have a Girl's Night. It doesn't have to be about trashing men and Valentine's Day. Just enjoy the night as a group of single ladies who know how to have fun. Open up some wine, make something yummy to eat (or order in!) and put on some chick flicks. Spend time just bonding with your friends and remember to appreciate the people who are in your life, even if they aren't your life partner. Your friends are just as important and this is the perfect opportunity to remember that.

Bottom's Up 15-Ounce Wine Divas Handpainted Wine Glass
Bottom's Up 15-Ounce Wine Divas Handpainted Wine Glass

This is the ultimate Ladies' Night wine glass and is a perfect way to remember that you can be empowered as a single woman. Whether you want to pamper yourself or dress up and paint the town, these wine glasses will help start your evening off with a bang.

North Carolina Tar Heels High Heeled Shoe Decorative Wine Bottle Holder
North Carolina Tar Heels High Heeled Shoe Decorative Wine Bottle Holder

You need something to hold your wine bottle, right? This fancy high heel shoe is the perfect accessory to do the trick. It goes well with the wine glasses and is definitely all about girl power.


Whether it's a full meal or just goodies, have a potluck with your friends. It cuts down on the work the hostess has to do and everyone is sure to have a good time.

Pamper Yourself

Whether you're alone or with a group of girlfriends, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to pamper yourself. If you want, you can always go out to a spa, but that can be costly and doesn't always fit the work schedule. These at home supplies will let you pamper yourself (and your friends) this Valentine's Day and can be saved for the future so that they pay off in the long run. Give yourself a manicure, pedicure, and bubble bath (don't forget the wine...) and enjoy your night.

Conair Foot / Pedicure Spa with Waterfall, Lights and Bubbles; Blue
Conair Foot / Pedicure Spa with Waterfall, Lights and Bubbles; Blue

Have your own personal foot massage at home with this home foot spa. It's perfect for watching a chick flick with a glass of wine while the spa relaxes your feet. It's easy to set up and mess free, so it won't be more work than it's worth like some home spa items. A home foot massage is especially great if you're a fan of high heels. Your feet will thank you!


Try doing a Secret Santa, Valentine's style. If you have a few girlfriends (or even guy friends) who are single, get together and organize a gift giving day. Everyone can draw a name and then give their person a Valentine's Day gift. You can send the gifts to their work or deliver it to their home.It'll make everyone feel special and remind them that friendship is just as important as romance.

Chick Flicks

Let's face it: guys hate watching chick flicks. So, if you're single on Valentine's Day, this is the perfect time to put on a marathon of your favorite romantic movies. This is the perfect group activity. You can get your single girlfriends together and gourge on popcorn and other indulgences. If you're planning to watch them solo, that's fine too! You can also combine movies with a home spa theme and pamper yourself at the same time. Break out the nail polish and home massage kits and watch your all time favorite movies.

These are a few of my personal favorite chick flicks. I can't guarantee you'll agree with all my choices, but it should give you some ideas.

If you're single this Valentine's Day, find a guy friend who's in the same boat and make a dinner date. Head out to your favorite restaurant for a casual night just to spend time with a friend. After all, there's more types of love than just romantic love.

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    • Stephanie36 profile image

      Stephanie 4 years ago from Canada

      @Zeross4: You're absolutely right! :)

    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 4 years ago from Kentucky

      I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, but I think its great for women that are single to treat themselves on Valentines Day. Hey, its a very important thing to love ourselves!