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How to get the perfect Smurf Costume for Halloween

Updated on February 4, 2015

How to get the perfect Smurf Costume for Halloween

Perfect Smurfs costumes are here! Everyone knows the Smurfs, right? They were on our TVs back in the 80s, and have also been brought bang up to date, in Smurf movies from 2011 and 2013.

The cute little blue people are iconic and instantly recognisable, so they make for perfect costume ideas for Halloween. Currently there are Smurfs costumes in lots of styles, as shown below, all on

Click here to visit's page dedicated to all the Smurfs costumes!

On this page, you will also find clever ideas to make your own, effective costume for Halloween. Hope you enjoy having a look through and getting inspiration to become a Smurf this fall.

Be a Smurf this Halloween

This cute little Smurf Costume starts off the proceedings. This is a very simple, yet highly effective design which covers your whole body (apart from the face) with fabric, so there's no need to cover your arms and torse in blue make-up - shame!

So, if you're going to dress up as a Smurf, you need to know what a Smurf looks like...

Smurfette Make-up Tutorial

Go straight to the super cool tutorial on how to put on your Smurfette makeup - including using a face putty nose!

Cover your face blue, this Halloween

The Smurfs, Smurf Makeup Kit
The Smurfs, Smurf Makeup Kit

This make-up kit is perfect - it covers you in blue - as well as giving you a cute little fake nose, to really smurfify your look this Halloween.

Everyone knows, Smurfs are blue - so if you're going to be a smurf this Halloween, then you'd better get investing in some blue makeup to go the whole hog and make sure you turn yourself as blue as a blueberry...well, not quite a blueberry, a bit lighter than that, but you know what I mean!

Simple blue makeup - suitable for the whole body


How to put on the Smurf makeup!

Have a Smurftastic Halloween, y'all!

Adult's Smurf Halloween Costume (Size: Standard 44)
Adult's Smurf Halloween Costume (Size: Standard 44)

A different style of costume, but still telling everyone this Halloween, that you are indeed dressed up as a Smurf! Bright blue turtleneck top, plain white trousers, white Smurfy hat, as well as white shoe covers...all you need to provide is the blue face paint!


Smurfing around...

Which Smurf are you dressing up as this Halloween

See results

Papa Smurf Halloween Costume

Papa Smurf was always my favourite, when I was growing. I had the figurines and everything! This Papa Smurf Costume will make you look like the real deal this Halloween - complete with big red hat, not only will everyone be able to tell instantly who are dressed up as, but you won't get lost in a crowd easily, either :)

Get a Papa Smurf hat for Halloween

This Papa Smurf Hat is a slightly furrier option. The plush, pointed hat is red and designed with a polyester and cotton blend. It also features a small hidden, interior pocket for your personal items to keep safe this Halloween!

Costumes for the Ladies

Choose this Smurfette costume, this Halloween

This is one of the best Smurfette Costumes on the market. Accurate in style and professional in finish.

Deluxe Smurfette 6 item Halloween Costume. You get the Wig... AND it also includes the blue Face Paint. You get the white dress, made of satin, that comes with the blue top attached (with added Smurf tail). You also get a pair of blue tights, a white hat that is foam backed, a pair of white gloves and an officially licensed Smurfette yellow wig. The face paint is water based, so you can apply with a damp sponge (which doesn't come included, easily wash off with soap and water). Note - Shoes NOT included.

Have a look here for approximate measurements.

A cute little Smurfette Costume

If you want the perfect Smurfette costume, you have a lot options. This Smurfette Costume is another goody. It includes the top, pants and hat - sadly not the shoes, wig or make up (this lady isn't wearing any anyway - I think a bit of blue Smurf Make up, adds a nice comedy touch to the ensemble and would finish it off very well.

Katy Perry Blue Party Girl Wig, One Size
Katy Perry Blue Party Girl Wig, One Size

Ok, ok, I know this isn't Smurfette colour hair - however, Katy Perry called herself Smurfette with her blue hair, so you can too. Be an all over blue Smurfette this Halloween.


Hmmm which colour??

If I dressed up as Smurfette this Halloween, I would have...

See results

Smurfette Make-up Tutorial

...including where to get the face putty and make-up

Amazing Smurfette Tutorial using Face Putty for the nose...

Nose Putty
Nose Putty

What you need to recreate the look from this tutorial...

So basically, you need face putty, blue make up, blue eye make up, eyeliner, lashes...and your chosen Smurfette costume.

These nose putty sets are amazing, and only between $5-$10. Have a browse, click on them for their most up to date price.


Make your own Smurf Costumes

How do I make my own Smurf Costume for Halloween?

A very good question! Sometimes, it can be more fun to make your own costumes. But, sometimes it's not so easy as there are certain elements of the costume that have to look right, or your costume will just look naff!

I've created a pick and choose list, of Smurf items, to build up the perfect shopping list, for the best homemade Halloween costume.

You will need to supply yourself:

  • A long sleeve, blue top

  • Some white pants

That's it...and a selection of the following...

How to make your own Smurf Hat

For the first video, skip to 4mins 30 seconds

There! I didn't I tell you it was easy to create your own Smurf Halloween Costume?

Costume still undecided? Here are some more Halloween Costume ideas for you check out...

Costume ideas specifically for Ladies:

Costume ideas specifically for Children and Kids:

  • The Flintstones Costumes for Kids

More Halloween and Scary Pages that I've put together:

Funny Smurf Dressing up vids - Hopefully some of these videos will give you ideas for your own Smurf costumes

What did you think of these costume ideas? Are you going to go blue this Halloween? Are you going to try the nose putty makeup? Are you going to make your own Smurf costume?

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    • MarcoG profile image

      Marc 4 years ago from Edinburgh

      @linhah lm: Haha - I love that! The Smurfs could well be little blue hippies! These Smurf costumes will go very well with a nice headscarf and flares lol.

      Thanks for stopping by x

    • linhah lm profile image

      Linda Hahn 4 years ago from California

      I will always love the Smurfs; they are as mellow as hippies.