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DIY Zorro Costume For Halloween

Updated on June 4, 2017

How To Make A Zorro Costume For Halloween

Zorro is a masked, caped crusader who protects the poor and weak against tyrants and wicked men. His identity is hidden beneath a mask, a cape, and a sword. His real name is Don Diego de la Vega and he is a nobleman by birth. He acts like a spoiled bumbling rich boy but that's just a cover to hide the fact that he rides through the night as Zorro. No one suspects this bumbling, brat could be the dangerous and cunning outlaw do-gooder, Zorro, who marks his conquests with a swish of his sword, leaving a "Z" to show he has been there. Zorro who enjoys outsmarting and humiliating the authorities.

Don Diego de la Vega wears the trappings of wealth, fine clothing made of rich fabrics. He is an aristocrat and his lifestyle is one of extreme wealth. But at heart, Don Diego is a righteous man and wants to live in harmony and peace with his neighbors. He doesn't want the poor taken advantage of and abused like he sees happening. He takes extreme steps to stop this from happening...and so Zorro was born.

Zorro dresses in black - from the top of his head to his feet. He covers his face with a mask to remain anonymous Were his true identity to be found out, he would be thrown in jail as a common criminal for his crimes against the aristocracy and government. In his native language, Spanish, Zorro means The Fox. And this crusader certainly has out-foxed his enemies time and time again.


To Make A Zorro Costume You Will Need These Supplies

So you are going to dress up as Zorro for Halloween. It's a great idea and an easy costume to make. The color for everything is black. If you only want to carry one weapon, it should be a sword.

Here is a list of the clothing and supplies you can use to put together your Zorro costume:

  • A Cloak/Cape
  • Black Shirt
  • Black Pants
  • Black Belt
  • Fencing Gloves
  • A Hat - Bolero or Gaucho Style
  • A Mask
  • A Sash

Zorro's Weapons:

  • A Sword
  • A Gun
  • A Knife


If you like the look of the costume Antonio Banderas wore you should look for some gold trim in a fabric or drapery store. You can glue it onto a cheap, black hat and your belt too. This will give you an elegant effect without having to pay a fortune for your beautiful costume accessories. Gold lace would also work, simply cut out some of the pattern and glue it onto your hat and put some at the wrist area of your gloves.


This picture of Tyrone Powers and Basil Rathbone fencing shows Zorro dressed as Don Diego de la Vega.

The Mark Of Zorro - The Z


There Are Many Ways To Dress Up As Zorro

You can see from the pictures there is not just one look for Zorro. Tyrone Powers had patterned pants on, Antonio Banderas wore a tooled belt, while other actors have worn large, intricate metal belt buckles, and others have worn a red sash.

Some of Zorro's masks have been small facial masks, while others have been full out hoods. There are so many details you can delete or add to your costume and it will still look authentic. This is a pretty easy Halloween disguise to pull off, so don't sweat the small stuff. The most important things you need to pull off the Zorro costume look is all black clothing, a cape, a gaucho hat, a small black mask, gloves, and a sword. Anything more than that is costume gravy. It may add some points to your costume but you can get away without wearing a holster and gun, carrying a whip, wearing a decorative belt or a red sash.

Zorro Wears A Black Cloak

You can wear a long or a short black cloak when you dress up as Zorro
You can wear a long or a short black cloak when you dress up as Zorro | Source

Your costume cape doesn't have to be ornate. It can be a simple, black cape. Look in your closets, your drawers, and your attic for one. If you don't find it there check a consignment shop or call friends to see if they have one. If all else fails, make your own cloak. I found a video that will show you how to make a no sew cloak you can wear with your Zorro costume.

How To Make A Costume Cape - Perfect For Your Zorro Costume

Tutorial - Disfraz de `El Zorro´ - Capa - 1 parte

How To Make A Zorro Mask

The mask of Zorro is a simple design and you can find a template for this mask online or you can watch the video tutorial below to find out how to create this simple face covering. To make the DIY mask in this video you will need a few simple supplies and they are:

  • A Small Piece of Black Cloth
  • A Writing Utensil - they used white in the video to see it on the black cloth
  • Scissors

How To Make A Zorro Mask Tutorial

DIY - Make The Sword For Your Zorro Costume

Here's an easy tutorial to teach you how to make a sword from paper. It will be a great accessory to carry when you don your Zorro costume on Halloween. To make this sword you will need:

  • Paper - I would not use yellow and white unless you want to paint it. I'd use black/silver
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Small Round Cardboard

DIY Zorro Sword

It's not all that difficult to make your own bullwhip. Take a look at the video up above to see if that is something you might like to try. The video is a tutorial that shows you step by step how to assemble a bullwhip using:

  • PVC Pipe
  • Rope
  • Electrical Tape
  • Tools
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

This project isn't for kids - and if you let your kids try it, make sure they are supervised.

How To Make Zorro's Bull Whip Tutorial

A Little Zorro History - Actors, TV Shows & Films

The many looks of Zorro can be seen in the TV shows and films about our cunning masked hero. If you want to see the different costume changes for yourself, just take a look at a few of the films and TV shows mentioned below. I've also included a list of the actors who have played the role of Don Diego de la Vega and gone from distinguished and cowardly aristocrat to swashbuckling, sword wielding hero who can out-fox the best of the best!

Disney's Zorro Starring Guy Williams

Actors Who Have Played Zorro

  • Douglas Fairbanks
  • Robert Livingston
  • Reed Hadley
  • Tyrone Powers
  • Guy Williams
  • Frank Langella
  • George Hamilton
  • Anthony Hopkins - Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas In The Mask Of Zorro

Zorro On TV

  • 1957 - 1959 Zorro was a 30 minute TV series from Disney that starred Guy Williams as Don Diego/Zorro.
  • 1974 - The Mark of Zorro was a made for TV movie starring Frank Langella.
  • 1981 - An animated TV series called The New Adventures of Zorro
  • 1983 - Zorro and Son
  • 1990-1993 - The New Zorro was aired starring Duncan Regehr on The Family Channel.
  • 1997 - Another animated series called The New Adventures of Zorro
  • 2002 - Animated made for TV film named The Amazing Zorro
  • 2006 - Zorro: Generation Z was another animated series
  • 2009 - Zorro TV series with the lead character played by Richard Gutierrez.
  • 2016 - Still going strong, this is one more animated TV series named Zorro: The Chronicles.

Zorro Movies

  • The Mark of Zorro in 1920
  • Don Q, Son of Zorro in 1925
  • The Bold Caballero in 1936
  • Zorro's Fighting Legion in 1939
  • The Sign of Zorro in 1940
  • Zorro the Avenger in 1959
  • The Mark of Zorro in 1974
  • Zorro the Gay Blade in 1981
  • The Mask of Zorro in 1998
  • The Legend of Zorro in 2005

Zorro Costume Tutorial In Spanish


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