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How to Make Your Home Halloween Ready

Updated on December 5, 2017

Haunted House

Halloween is annual event wherein most countries in the western part of the word prepare for something, fun, scary, and sweets. Trick or Treating or Halloween parties are the craze every year, but some part of the world don't have Halloween like this for example is the Philippine Halloween as they observe this event very differently compared with trick or treating and parties.

Now if you are in for a Halloween party of planning to give the kids who are trick or treating a big scare, read on and see what we can do, and how we can do in a resourceful manner, cost effective spending and using recycled materials. Who says Decorating for Halloween cant be cheap?

Photo by Ctd 2005 on Flickr

Turning a Home into a Haunted House - Brace yourselves!

Haunted houses will always give us the spooked out feeling every time we hear it, the question is how can we start from scratch? What will we need?.

Well first things first, in everything we do, lets think out of the box and let our minds loose and get creative, the limits are really up to you. Second thing is making things look authentic and real, believe me decorations that is far from looking real is kind of funny, you'll get laughs instead of screams. Lastly, budget wise decorations. Yes, Halloween is filled with extra expenses, Candy, Electricity Bill, Halloween costumes and of course the all important Halloween decorations, so it would be better for you and your pocket to go be cost effective in spending for the decorations.

Photo by Free Flower on Flickr

Time is of the essence

If you don't have time to create the decorations yourself, you can always look for cheap finds here!

Feeling Crafty?

If you do Have time, go crazy and get creative!

Here's what you'll need - choose from the list or add things your self!

  1. Carved Pumpkins

    Even if its not fresh it should be fine, you'll just use it for decoration anyway.

  2. Lights / Tea light candles

    You can use this for adding the effect on the pumpkin with those glowing eyes (light or candles), the candles can be put in a transparent candle container (so the wind wont blow the lit off) and scatter in indoors or outdoors.

  3. Balloons

    You can use this as it is, add red paint or put under a cloth (2-3 so it can float) to create a ghostly appearance

  4. Artificial Web

    Spread this baby on your windows and doors with almost real spiders, or bats (cut black cardboard for the bats).

  5. Tomb Stone

    Create a fake tomb stone by using rocks (shaped like one) and just paint on it RIP add a candle on top and your good to go.

  6. Colored Lights

    You don't need a new light bulb to pull this off, all you need are colored plastic film to cover up your light. I would advice to use only one color (green, Blue, Red, Purple)

The Spider Trick

Indoors or Outdoors

You can go and get a fake web and start spreading it on your windows and doors, make sure you don't use too much because it wouldn't look authentic, Stick on some cut out bat shapes for outdoors, and fake spiders for indoors just stick it into the web. Put some on the part where trick or treating kids will need to cross so that they'll have an experience with your decorations up close and creepy.

Photo by vmiramontes on Flickr

Pumpkin Heads!


Go and prepare your pumpkin heads, remember the more crooked the smile and eyes the better, light it up with the tea light candles and set it on your front yard (scattered) to create the effect of staring heads and eyes. You can put some in your door step too, if you will be using lights to give its grin and eyes a glow group them in small numbers, for the the group of pumpkins in this picture gave less impact on the individual features of the pumpkins, grouping the into 3 would be better.

Photo by Richard Hurd on Flickr

Creepy Lawn

For the tomb stone decoration, you can go and use Styrofoam, wood, or even stones, and just go have fun painting them to look like real tombs, skulls, RIP sign, anything you see in a real tomb stone or in movies adding blood like paintings is okay too, put some candles for the lights and it would add up to the spookiness.

Make sure you limit the lights outside so that your candle display, Glowing pumpkin, and tomb stone can take center stage of your cemetery lawn.

Lighting is important as well, you need to carefully plan out to give light to your decorative masterpiece, you could also add some ghosts near trees and bats as well.

Photo by clogozm, on Flickr

After Halloween - Clean up time!

One way to be cost effective and have some serious savings on next years decoration expenses, neatly clean up your lawn and have those decorations you bought or made in a safe place. Have it store in a plastic bag, and before you know it, its Halloween again!

You can reuse your decorations last year, adding a little of the new decorations. This is a very challenging task, as you will re-create you last years masterpiece.

Remember, creativity is the key. The limit is up to you. So go and get Decorating!

Photo by russteashes on Flickr

Got Halloween Decoration Ideas? - Share it here

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    • justinespeaks13 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks! :)

    • justinespeaks13 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks! :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice lens, good luck on the Happy Halloween Club Quest: Homemade Halloween


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