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How To Origami Bat Bookmark

Updated on January 19, 2017
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Sherry has been using origami folds to make rosettes and medallions since 2003. She shares art/craft techniques and ideas on the Internet

Origami Bat Bookmark Craft

I am having more fun with origami bats. The origami paper bats I have made into bookmarks have been as fun as a cave full of bats at sunset.

Nothing excites me more than writing and sharing my paper craft ideas. The latest bat creation are these bookmarks.

As you can see from the picture a bat bookmark can be colorful, might induce a laugh and are fun to make.

origami bat bookmark
origami bat bookmark

Your friends will love this origami bat bookmark for their cookbooks and everyday reading. Move over kitchen witch; the Batty Cook has arrived. This is a nice gift for those that are bats, or batty in the kitchen. Sometimes the cook develops a whole new personality in the kitchen. You can leave the cook nomenclature off and give your bat bookmark to anyone who loves bats.

If you are familiar with making the bats introduced in "Make Origami Bats for Halloween" you are probably already excited about making these bookmarks. If you are new to the origami bat go the other page here and follow the step-by-step instructions.

All you need for practice is a square sheet of paper. Your bat for this paper craft needs a 3 1/2 inch square of paper.

autumn scrapbook hues
autumn scrapbook hues | Source

Get Your Collection of Scrapbook Papers

Most paper craft enthusiasts have a healthy stack of papers to work with. Bring out fall colors in cardstock and lighter weight papers for folding.

As you can see from the photos you can use many styles of print for your bat project. I made the bats first and delved into the cardstock I had and mixed and matched the strips to match the bat for the body of the bookmark.

Do You Have Some Paper Bats Folded?

Once you have a few bats folded match them with strips of card stock. A strip 1 1/2 inch wide fits perfectly into the bat made from 3 1/2 inch squares. You will notice that there is a pocket between the wings of the bat. Put a bit of glue on the tip of the cardstock and slip the bat onto the top.

Now you can get creative and add you own personality to the project, add color paper, punch outs, clipboard sayings, stickers, names or write Happy Halloween on your bookmark. I will have the "The Batty Cook CookBook Bookmark" as labels to glue to the back for those customers that may want it.

embellishments for fall bookmark
embellishments for fall bookmark | Source

I even use slices of advertisements I receive in the mail. Disney theme park mail is good for that.

What Do You Give At Halloween?

Do you give treats at Halloween?

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Origami bats
Origami bats | Source

Make Bats Anytime of the Year.

This can be used for an art project at school after the nature or science unit. Comeback and let me know if you had time to make batty bookmarks.

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  • Gypzeerose profile image

    Rose Jones 3 years ago

    What a unique craft. Pinned to my board "crafts I love."

  • KimGiancaterino profile image

    KimGiancaterino 4 years ago

    I saw the title of this lens and thought it must be you. Boo-lessed ... Happy Halloween!

  • Camden1 profile image

    Camden1 4 years ago

    An origami Halloween bat bookmark would be a fun fall break activity!

  • DuaneJ profile image

    DuaneJ 4 years ago

    I love origami...Great idea!

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