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How to Throw a Zombie Halloween Party

Updated on August 11, 2013

Zombie Party - Halloween Party Themes

Creating a terrifying Zombie party is not for the faint of heart. It takes a little bit of brawn and a whole lot of Braaainnnssss! Today I will show you how to throw a Zombie Party that will have your friends talking about your party for weeks to come. Within the Zombie Theme Party you have a few options for how terrifying you want your party to be. In this article I will explain your options and give you decorating and party planning examples for each option. I will cover picking out Zombie themed invitations, Zombie party activities, Zombie themed party foods and a whole lot more. So lets get this Zombie Party Started!

The Zombie Outbreak Guide

The Encyclopedia of Zombie Survival

Check out the new Zombie Outbreak Guide and learn everything you need to know to survive in a zombie apocalypse. At the Zombie Outbreak Guide we love all things Zombie, so you will find survival tips, reviews of zombie books and movies, zombie outbreak scenarios, short stories and a new zombie community forum.

Zombie Party Ideas

Choosing Your Zombie Party Theme

Step One: Choosing your Zombie Party Theme

Deciding whether you want your Zombies to be gory and gruesome or cute and goofy will set the tone for your whole party. You can also opt to throw a Zombie Hunter Party, where your guest will come as zombie hunters, armed to the teeth and ready for battle.

1. Gory and Gruesome Zombie Party: Perfect for adults and teenagers, especially those particularly serious about the Zombie Apocalypse. Decorations will focus on realistic and lifelike zombies, lots of blood and peeling zombie skin and dark themes. Guests are encouraged to create the most realistic zombie costume, complete with blood, gore and missing limbs. Reward the best costumes with lots of brains.

2. Cute and Goofy Zombie Party This party is more suited to younger children and those not into the terrifying and gory theme. Guests are encouraged to come in their most creative Zombie Costume, like Snow White Zombie or Lady Gaga Zombie, or Power Rangers Zombies.

3. Zombie Hunter Party This theme is great for any age group and can be used as a Zombie Preparedness Drill. Guest are encouraged to come in their most resourceful Zombie Hunter gear, armed to the teeth (with waterguns, nerf guns and/or paintball guns) and prepared for survival.

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Zombie Party Decorations

More Zombie Party Decoration Ideas

Step 2: Zombie Party Decorations

Below are some examples of different wall coverings that you can decorate your room with, you are only limited by your imagination. If you are crafty and prefer the do it your self approach, you can also purchase large rolls of white craft paper to cover your walls, and then have some fun with red paint to create a nice blood splatter effect. If you are doing a Zombie Hunter Theme, check out the next section for some Zombie Targets to hang on the wall.

This Zombie Wallpaper is the perfect decoration for your Zombie Halloween Party. It is frightfully disturbing and it comes in two rolls that measure 4 feet by 20 feet that can be hung one on top and one on the bottom to surround the whole room or you can cut them and hang them like posters throughout the house.

Zombie Warning Tape

Zombie Warning Tape is perfect for hanging across doorways to keep guests and zombies contained. It is a less gory alternative if you are planning a cute Zombie Party.

Forum Novelties Photo-Realistic Zombie Door Cover, Multicolor
Forum Novelties Photo-Realistic Zombie Door Cover, Multicolor

The perfect door covering to greet your zombie guests as they arrive for the party. You can place this on your front door or you can place them on other doors throughout your house.


Zombie Warning Signs - More Zombie Party Decorations

Zombie Warning Signs make a great decoration for around the house for your Zombie Party. These are particularly good for a Zombie Hunter Themed Party. You can warn your guests which areas are under quarantine and which areas are safe zones.

Caution Zombie Area Sign

Zombie Party Food Ideas - Zombie Treats

Step 3: Zombie Party Foods

Zombie Cupcakes Recipe Book - Zombie Themed Party Food

This cookbook has an amazing collection of fun cupcakes for a Zombie Party. The recipes are easy enough for the novice baker to come out with some jaw dropping cupcakes for your Zombie Party. Most of the recipes use fondant, which is an edible dough that you can shape and play with like modeling clay. You can find fondant at most craft stores as well as some grocery stores. If you like to bake this book is definitely worth the investment.

Zombie Punch with Brain Cubes - Make your own Zombie Punch with Floating Brain Ice Cubes

Fill these brains with water and a drop or two of red food coloring or your favorite red juice and freeze. For even more realistic looking brains add a small splash of milk to the red juice and water to make opaque pink brains that look remarkably realistic. Float them in your favorite dark red punch for a lovely Blood and Brains Centerpiece.

Make your own Brains - Brains Candy Mold - Zombie Halloween Party Candy

Make your own Braaiiinnnsss!!! It's easy to make your own Brains candy with chocolate making supplies from your local craft store. Just use one or two drops of red food coloring with white chocolate and pour into these molds to set.

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold - Mmmm Braiiinnnsss

This fun mold makes a great Gelatin Centerpiece for your Zombie Buffet Table.

The Zombie Survival Guide Deck - Zombie Party Game Ideas

The Zombie Survival Deck is not really a game but a collection of flash cards based on the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks. Each card contains different information about how to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. You can spread them out on the table or hand them to your guests to spark interesting conversation about Zombie Survival. These are particularly fun for a Zombie Hunter Party.

Zombie Goodie Bags

Step 4: Zombie Party Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags are the best part of a party for your guest, so make them count. Fill your goodie bags with unique items and your Zombie Guests will leave happy. Use your imagination when it comes to your goodie bags. These fun Ammo Cans with Zombie logo make a great goodie bag. They will hold lots of interesting zombie related treats, but they are also useful for your guests. A reusable goodie bag is not only great for the environment, but it will also remind your guest of your awesome party for years to come.

MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can
MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can

Fill these Ammo cans with your favorite Zombie Treats and other useful Zombie Apocalypse supplies, like those shown below and your guest will remember your Zombie Party from now until the Zombie Apocalypse.


What are your Zombie Halloween Party Ideas? - Tell us about your Zombie Party plans.

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