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How will you celebrate mother-in-law's day this october

Updated on October 13, 2012

How will you celebrate mother-in-law's day this october

A lot of jokes has been made about mothers-in-law that one would be regarded as not smart enough if they cant reel out a joke or two about them. However ,the benefits of mothers-in-law in our lives can't be over-emphasized. They act as a buffer zone in times of distress and difficult situations and above all,they are mobile recipe books . Let us make this mother-in-law's day special for them with gifts like flowers and jewellery.


mother-in-law in action
mother-in-law in action

How will you celebrate mother-in-law's day this october

The origin of mother- in -law's day varies depending on who you are reading from . I read somewhere that it started on march 5th 1934 in Amarillo Texas by the editor of the local newspaper .Another version believed it started in January 2002 ,while others think it could be the handiwork of card and flower companies .At any-rate ,this great event is celebrated on the 4th Sunday in October yearly. This year's celebration falls around the 23rd of October .

Mothers- in-law has been the butt of many jokes that one could be adjudged not smart enough if they can't reel out a joke or two about them . There are even dedicated websites on this type of jokes .The only thing this great women are doing wrongly is missing the bond between them and their little son or loosing the friend-ship of their little daughter. They have been accused of being overbearing and critical including other allegations both true and unfounded. Whatever happens ,all they are doing is to protect their child the best way they could. This protection is worse if they have passed through difficult marriages themselves.

The benefits of mothers- in-law in our lives are legion. They act as the first line of defense in times of distress and difficult situations .In some communities like mine ,mothers-in- law are the first nanny to care for the newly delivered mother for the first three months. Most of them are great cooks and could be regarded as mobile- recipe-books.

Although not all of them are smelling like a rose but we have to use this period to remind them how special they are by letting them know they haven't lost their son or daughter. This is also an opportunity to extend an olive branch and let by-gone be by-gone. Mothers- in- law are always excited to watch the pictures of their grandchildren, if seeing them physically is not possible.Give them gift- items like card ,flowers and jewellery and you can be surprised how they would show it off to their friends during occasions .Mothers in-law can also be invited over to enjoy their hobby together with the whole family ,this would further repair strained bonds. Above all ,this could be a great opportunity for them to cook for their little sons again ,of-course their sons never get old.

Therefore whether this celebration is the brain-child of card or flower dealers ,it is worth doing especially for those who missed out on mother's day. People should announce this with banners and shirts or anything that promotes this event. We can also throw parties for mothers- in-law for a change instead of the jokes. Happy mother-in-law's day!


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how will you celebrate mother-in-law's day

Celebrating mother-in-law's day

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