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How To Choose And Send Valentine Roses

Updated on January 29, 2015

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and one of the things that is a must buy for any two people who are in love are flowers. Whether you send your loved one a rose flower or choose to present it to them yourself, it will be an awesome way to show them that you love them. Before doing anything, it is crucial that you look online to see whether you can find something that is appealing to you. You also need to decide whether you want to send a single flower, a banquet or a flowering plant. For example, a flowering plant will be a lasting reminder to the recipient of the love that you have towards them. Nevertheless, in case the recipient is not very patient, then the banquet will be ideal.

Secondly, you should plan well for the timing of the delivery of the flowers. In case you wish to surprise your valentine with a dinner out, the best thing is to have the flowers delivered to their doorsteps some few hours to the dinner date time. Alternatively, you could arrange so that the restaurant presents the roses to her at the dinner table. While doing this, you should do your research well for certain types of flower have symbolic meanings. For instance, the common knowledge is that roses are symbols of love and passions hence they can be presented on Valentine’s Day while ivy flowers represents fidelity in marriage hence if you are not yet married you should not choose them. Also, be aware of the flowers used in funerals so that you avoid buying them mistakenly for your valentine!

Ideally, regardless of whether you send the roses or choose to present them yourself, you should send them with a small note or a token of your choice. This will go a long way in conveying your sentiments to your partner. Moreover, when choosing Valentine's Day flowers for your partner, you should also consider his or her demeanor and personality. A partner who is demure will prefer a simpler arrangement than an extravagant, over the top display of flowers. You should never use a dead or a plastic flower for this occasion since this might convey a different meaning. Besides, your vendor should give you fresh roses only.

In brief, on Valentine’s Day, make sure that your partner knows that you love and care for them. This, you can do by sending or presenting to them with a beautiful rose flower or beautiful banquet. Choose the flowers well since they have different meanings and ensure that you enclose a small note as this will make a lot more difference. Even though choosing a perfect gift is always challenging, especially for guys, this valentine’s day ensure that you leave a mark in the life of your loved one!


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    • amimoaggrey profile image

      amimoaggrey 3 years ago

      Sometimes we might think that we are going doing things correctly but not.Thanks for taking your time to go through my hub I really appreciate.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for the tips, gonna bookmark this and send it to my hubby, hope he read this