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Original Funny Poem about Christmas

Updated on December 23, 2015

Christmas fun for Kids

Funny Poem for Kids of All Ages

Christmas means many different things to so many different people. As for me, Christmas means being able to be with my family. My three children with their spouses and my two grand-kids spend every Christmas day with my beautiful wife of 40 years and myself. How very blessed we are.

I read an article that said that holiday gift spending on Black Friday weekend in 2014 dropped 11% from 2013. In 2013, consumers spent $57.4 Billion yet only $50.9 Billion was reported for 2014. Just for that weekend alone !! Is that not crazy? Even a "down"year generated over $50 Billion in sales for four days. Needless to say, I do not enjoy this annual holiday kick-off extravaganza.

Due to this kind of insane "holiday" preparation, I came up with a humorous poem to make a bit of a mockery of the whole thing. But, don't despair, in keeping with the holiday traditions, there's a happy ending. So, without further adieu...

That dreaded Christmas shopping.

Tis the season to be jolly,
I think I could debate!
It's not as if I am a scrooge
Nor even filled with hate.

I'll tell you what this Christmas Cheer
Really means to me.
And when you finish reading this,
BY THEN,I think you'll see! 

The First thing that I really dread
It's time to shop I've heard,
While only trying to park your car
Someone flips you 'the bird'.

So, You're not even in the store
And you're already mad!
Then just like cows moving in a herd
You pushed through crowds ....How sad!

And just as fun far as I'm concerned
Is searching for "Thee Gift"
Which leads to choose how much to spend
As if you're a spend thrift.

And even if you really find
A gift you're sure's just right.
You'll have to pay but wait in line
As if you've got all night.

Bah, Humbug!

Then comes the Christmas chore I hate,
putting up the Christmas tree.
I have an artificial one
in an attic space, you see.

It's not as easy as it once was
To drag that box back down.
Always searching for extension cords
feeling lucky if they're found.

And are these lights truly meant to be
All tangled and a mess?
They are, for me...guess it's my fault
If I must confess.

And trying to make your house festive
using all that holiday decor
Has simply come, at least for me
A big ole Christmas bore!

I will admit it does look nice
Seeing gifts; around the tree
And even after all these years
I still wonder what's for me !!

Remember all the fun you had
with all that shopping mess?
You just can't wait to give "Thee Gift"
And then ...they couldn't care less!

Yeah, I love it!

I know I've carried on too long
about what Christmas means to me,
Cause Christmas really is for kids
And that's how it should be.

Yet still, I must be truthful
on that December day...
I still feel that special magic
If I honestly must say.

Even though I dreaded it,
And remember Christmases past
I love the way that things turnout
and our day goes way too fast!

When it's time to take things down
I honestly do get sad.
I just can't wait for next year
Cause it's really not that bad. 


Be Honest , Santa is watching. Ho Ho Ho !

How much do you like Christmas shopping?

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    • Joe Andover profile imageAUTHOR

      Ken Ratajczak 

      5 years ago from North Ridgeville, Ohio

      My wish is for everyone out there to have a blessed and safe holiday season !


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