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The Halloween Top 5

Updated on October 7, 2012

These Top 5 will get you in the spirit of things

It is October and thoughts of Halloween are already getting into our minds. I love the tradition of Halloween for one night you can become another person, an animal, a character, the possibilities are endless.

If you are a kid there is nothing like dressing up in your costume and getting a giant pile of candy which makes you feel like you are rich with your treasure of candy. Trading candy with your siblings or friends it is a lot of fun.

In this article Halloween will be rated into Favorites by a Top 5 rating. Here is a list of the Top 5 Halloween Favorites.

Kitkat bar
Kitkat bar


According to the Huffington Food Post here are the favorite Halloween candies

1. Kitkat candy bar. It is a candy bar that originated in England in 1988. Nestle makes the candy worldwide, and in the United States Hershey has the honor of making the candy bar. Who wouldn’t want this light wafer candy. Break me off another piece of a Kitkat bar.


2. Starburst this is another candy that originated in England by the Mars company in 1959. The original flavors were Strawberry, Lemon, and Lime. These soft fruity candies are a perfect burst of fruit flavor. They belong in the top five for their great flavors.

Twix candy bar
Twix candy bar

3. Twix Bar England has a way with candy making and this is another candy bar that was produced there first in 1967 and in the US in 1979. It is a perfect combination of chocolate, biscuit, and caramel it is perfection .

Pop Rocks
Pop Rocks

4. Pop Rocks is an American creation first made by a chemist in 1956 it became available to the public in 1975. It is a rather strange carbonated candy made of sugar, lactose, corn syrup and flavoring. When you put the Pop Rocks in your mouth your saliva breaks the candy down causing you to have popping and tingling in your mouth. It is fun especially for kids.


5. Butterfinger is an American candy created in 1923 and made of a crispy orange center and covered in chocolate. Tasty, but it sticks to the teeth a little bit. The taste is worth it though.

The set of Psycho
The set of Psycho


1. Psycho a film made by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960 it is a movie that is disturbing and haunting. Weird things are happening at the Bates Motel some people don’t make it out alive. It has a shower scene that convinced some viewers never to shower again.

2. The Exorcist a film made in 1973. It was about a girl who was possessed by demons and the attempts of two priests to get the demons out of her. A frightening movie with the song Tubular Bells which added to chills to the spine.

3. The Shining this film was made in 1980. It starred Jack Nicholson as a caretaker who moves himself and his family into an isolated hotel for the winter. He soon goes mad and his family fears for their lives.Jack is very convincing as a man who has gone insane.

4. Rosemary’s Baby this film was made in 1968 starring Mia Farrow. She and her husband played by John Cassavettes move into this old Gothic style apartment building in New York City. They are befriended by an elderly couple who aren’t as harmless as they appear. Time to move out of the building quickly.

5. Halloween this film was made in 1978 and it was the first movie role for Jamie Lee Curtis. She is a girl stalked by a man who escaped from a psychiatric ward after murdering his sister many years before. The man’s psychiatrist thinks he knows what the killer might be up to can he save the day by getting to him before he kills again?


1. It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown first aired in 1966. It has been on the air ever since and has become a great Halloween tradition. Kids have grown up and now enjoy the show with their own kids. Secretly everyone hopes that Linus is right and the Great Pumpkin will soon appear.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas takes the viewer into the strange world of Tim Burton. This film was released in 1993. The two worlds of Halloween and Christmas collide and it makes for some strange happenings.

3. Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. This film which starred the voices of Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes was released in 2005. It is the story of an inventor and his dog who try to help a town with a mutant rabbit.

4. ET Extra Terestrial a Steven Spielberg movie released in 1982. ET is an alien on earth who get help from a boy. The scene of ET going trick or treating is priceless.

5. The Addams Family this film was released in 1992 and is based on the television show The Addams Family. Gomez’s brother returns after a twenty five year absence. Is he really Gomez’s brother the family tries to decide.


According to the National
Retail Federation

1. Witch

2. Vampire

3. Pirate

4. Batman

5. Zombie


1. Princess

2. Batman

3. Witch

4. Spiderman

5. Disney Princess


1. Pumpkin

2. Devil

3. Hot Dog

4. Cat

5. Bee

I hope you have enjoyed the Halloween Top 5 and hope that it has gotten you into the Halloween Spirit. Have a great Halloween.


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    • cfjots profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Conway, SC

      Thank you Denise I am glad you enjoyed the article. It was fun to write it. You have a Happy Halloween too

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      I enjoyed your lists of five. Happy Halloween


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