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Five Unique New Year Resolutions, Change your Resolutions to Resolutions worth Making

Updated on December 13, 2016

It is approaching that time of the year again, at the end of every December, when people feel the need to begin making resolutions for the coming year. Most people focus their resolution around issues like losing weight, making more money next year, feeling better about themselves, stop drinking, stop gambling and getting rid of bad habits. However, what is it that is holding you back? Even with a failure to keep up many years' worth of New Year’s resolutions, most of us look for an opportunity to make up the resolutions with higher goals and extraordinary but possible resolutions.

Research study shows only about eight percent of every New Year’s resolution are actually kept. The closer the New Year approaches, many people use social media to tweet and share their New Year’s resolution goals. They also rush the coming of the New Year by tweeting, "2017 needs to come ON.” It is important not to start off the New Year by continuing to plague the world with selfish resolutions. If you want to see a change in the New Year, you need to bring the change by changing your resolutions to ones worth making.

Many families need to take the time to spend more time together or stop allowing chaos to divide them as they make New Year’s resolution. Take the time to think what you want to bring into the New Year as a family. It is important not to create family rivalry by trying to establish New Year’s resolutions.

So let’s discuss five different unique resolutions that could be considered higher goals and extraordinary but possible.

1. Becoming a big brother/big sister

Reach out to a child who could use you as a Role Model. Most children who have no one to motivate them or spend time with them become reluctant and refuse to seek help when they need it. Also, they are unwilling to ask for advice when they need guidance into adulthood. You can bring a change in their life by being an elder brother/elder sister and assist a child in his/her needs by becoming a role model whom they can look up to and seek advice from.

To become a big brother/ big sister: Fill out an application either in person, at a Big Brother office or online. Arrange for an interview either in person or online. Set up a home visit with a case manager. Go through the matching process. Once accepted, your case manager will begin searching for prospective little brothers or sisters for you. After the introductions are made, and the final paperwork is complete, you can meet your little brother/little sister and sow the seeds for a long term relation.

2. Reevaluate your life/relationship

Sometimes, approaching a New Year can mean that you are in need of new surroundings. Take a look at the friends you have in your life or the relationships you are in. Make sure the friends you interact with on a consistent basis are really worth keeping as a friend and someone who can help, support, be generous, understand and motivate you when you really need it. You do not need people to have you around as convenience to them or who are jealous of you without your knowledge. Friendship/relationship should be a dependable two-way street, not one like bowling down a one-way lane. Make sure you surround yourself with spiritual peoples who inspire you to succeed and be persistent.

3. Learn a Useful Skill

Try learning a useful skill, something that may seem impractical but interesting. For instance, take up a trade or learn how to sew your own clothes in an impressive stylish way. You can begin by downloading eBooks with guides to follow, like Thelma Horton’s e-Book “Sew-It like a Pro” which is now recommended for download. Buy and download the e-Book Today! Alternatively, you can also download e-books like “Brand Your Own Butt Designer Jeans” and “Hem Finishes” when you buy “Sew-It like a Pro” e-Book. Also, you can enroll in a trade school for a seamstress or take an online class. For more information, please visit Thelma Horton is a professional seamstress, teacher, and online consultant. You can sign up for her classes and let the artist in you flourish.

4. Select to stop over spending

Something that may make a big different in your life. For an instance, stop shopping and over spending. With the economy going in the wrong direction and the candidate running for president does not seem to be candidates that capable of fixing the problem the world is facing at this very moment. It wise to stop shopping when not necessary and over spending. To get back on track, create a budget and make sure you determine all your major bills like rent/mortgage, utilities, car notes, credit card debts, food expense and transportation expense.

To make sure you do not overspend for the holiday, it will help if you get to contribute to understanding how to shop for Christmas for your friends and loved ones. Lean on a reliable person you know will tell you the truth and look out for your best interest. It will also help if you assign a dollar amount to spend per person. Also, look for sales and make sure you sit down and narrow your list down to at least seven or less of your most valuable friends and loved ones you want to shop for this Christmas. Do not allow yourself to get caught up being a compulsive shopper. To make sure you, not a compulsive shopper, plot out what you are spending for everything like grocery, bills, gifts, gas, mortgage, rent, utility, etc.

5. Make sure you become a better you, let go of all grudges.

Because life consisting of so many different challenges, we go through and sometimes those challenges enter our lives because evil spirited people go out their way to drive them in your direction. Maybe your best friend decides to disappoint you, or the love of your life end the relationship. Well, that is a lot to deal with but it is not worth allowing it to weigh you down. Forgive the people who hurt you and let go all grudges so you can make peace with life and the people that will remain a part of your life. A happier you is a more successful you. That is the best way to begin a New Year.

New Year’s resolution does not have to be an invitation to feel bad about ourselves or feel like you have to set a bad rep this year. Instead of building up to another year of broken resolutions, let’s stop making our resolutions all about the same thing each year. Change your resolutions and begin with a fresh start making resolutions that are unique and worth making. Make resolutions that will give us new hope for a better version of ourselves and those that will be more generous and fulfilled in countless ways.

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