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The Best Pumpkin Carving Tools to use for Carving Pumpkins

Updated on October 4, 2016
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Halloween will be here before you know it but what’s Halloween without the properly carved pumpkins? If you're not sure what tool to use and how to carve your pumpkin to get the drabbest design — or even how to pick out the perfect pumpkin– this article will be your guide. This article will also help you with tips & decorating ideas for Halloween. So get your tools out and get ready for some action.

Over the years, people have carved a lot of pumpkins. To create your very own personalized pumpkin this Halloween, first look for the perfect pumpkin, then get some bright ideas for your own design, and finally get your tools and start carving.

Picking the pumpkin

First you want to pick a fresh pumpkin and how to know if it is fresh by looking at the stem. Look for a green stem, the greener the stem the fresher the pumpkin. Also make sure the stem is tight to the pumpkin and the bottom is not mushy because if the stem is loose in any way and the bottom is mushy when you squeeze it, it not fresh. Make sure there are no bruises on the stem, and the pumpkin has a flat bottom so it stands steady and won't’ fall over and roll.

If you like designing a face on the pumpkin, choose a tall one. It best to choose a tall pumpkin because the more towering the pumpkin is, it gets a little wider and that will make it easier as well as better to shape a face.

Choosing the tools, tips & Decorating Ideas

It’s time to look beyond the knife drawer for implements intended for carving the pumpkin. There are several tools you can use to carve a pumpkin after picking a smooth, symmetrical pumpkin.

  • Choose a Sawzall if you want to behead the pumpkins. When beheading the pumpkin cut on an angle, not straight up and down. This is the best way to cut because it prevents the top from dropping inside the pumpkin.
  • To remove the seed choose an ice-cream scoop or a large metal spoon.
  • To carve the design choose a linoleum cutter. This tool is the best because it cuts details onto the surface of a pumpkin with high accuracy.
  • If you decide you rather have the head on the pumpkin, it best to choose toothpicks to reattach the head you cut off.
  • To create holes in the pumpkin pick a Hole Cutters by Kemper, this hole cutter supply the best hole in the pumpkin
  • A Jig Saw is the best tool to select to detail the cuts on the pumpkin.
  • The power drill and assorted drill bits is another tool to select to assist placing hole in the pumpkins

  • To preserve the pumpkin to prevent it from rotting fast, choose a bathroom cleaner or add a teaspoon of bleach per gallon water, place in a spray bottle and spray pumpkin. Spraying the pumpkin with the cleaner or bleach water will keep the bugs and mold away and prevent from drying out. To get the best result Spray the pumpkin daily.
  • To keep the pumpkin fresh as possible, the best thing to choose is petroleum jelly. Spread the petroleum jelly on every cut edge of the pumpkin to seal in the moisture. It will assist the pumpkin to last extra days.
  • If you want the inside of the pumpkin to smell like a pumpkin pie, sprinkle a little cinnamon inside after you scoop out all the seeds.

  • A power tool is the best tool to carve the pumpkin the indolent way and save time and labor enabler. You can carve the pumpkin more quickly, in lesser time than using hand tools.
  • Rub the pumpkin to select a smooth skinned pumpkin. The smooth skin pumpkin will be easier to carve than a rough, bumpy one.
  • If you need to revive the pumpkin, the best way to revive it is to face it down in cold water and allow it to soak for up to eight hours.

There are several tools you can use to behead a pumpkin, but the quickest and the easiest way to behead it is with a Sawzall. To behead your pumpkin, slowly push the blade down inside the pumpkin and withdraw it. Minutes after removing the blade, you will have the top part of the pumpkins removed. Please tilt the saw blade slightly, so the plug is cone shape. Neglecting to tip will make it hard to withdraw the blade out. A 4-inch general cutting blade is recommended. It works great on pumpkins.

Another good pumpkin carving tool is a Jig Saw. For the best-detailed cuts, the jigsaw is the best tool. You will need a long blade, the longer, and the better. A short blade will prevent the chunks of the pumpkin from coming out. You will also need fluctuating speeds. It cuts pumpkin so well, even at the tiniest speed. Operating the Jig Saw is a lot like driving on ice. Supply a little gas and the saw will continue cutting. It will keep cutting long after you remove your finger from the trigger. The flesh of the pumpkin gives it very little resistance.

One other good pumpkin carving tool is the power drill and assorted drill bits that will make very intricate designs on the pumpkin. The drill will make the best holes in a pumpkin. It makes a round hole that looks better than an awkwardly cut hole. For this reason, the drill is best to make the center of eyeballs or other holes in a pumpkin. It only takes a second.

Carving pumpkins with power tools is an enormous time saver and labor enabler. You will be able to carve additional pumpkins, more quickly, in lesser time than using hand tools. If you own any of the power tools listed above, I suggest that you try carving your pumpkin with them this year. You may never need any other tool.

How to Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Tips to Carve pumpkin safely this Halloween

According to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, when people fail to practice safety while pumpkin carving, it results in hospitals dealing with more hand injuries than ordinary. When carving a pumpkin, the traditional hand-held tool is the best to practice safety, pay close attention to what you doing especially when carving the pumpkin because pumpkin carving can be dangerous. It can end in puncture wounds to the hand which can damage nerves, tendons, and joints. Below are tips to carving a pumpkin safely this Halloween:

  • Never allow young children to use traditional hand-held tool to carve the pumpkin
  • Make sure you do your homework to make sure you are using the right tool.
  • Always use both hands to carve
  • Never cut going toward your hand, injuries usually occur when cutting towards your hand if the cutter slips
  • Make sure you take precautions by carving in a clean, dry, well-lit area
  • Make sure your hands are dry, moisture hands are slippery and can cause your hand to slip causing an accident
  • Don’t rush to carve, take your time
  • Use a carving board or a solid surface to carve the pumpkin
  • When doing decorative designs, do the decorative work before taking the top off the pumpkin.
  • Make sure you know first aid just in case someone gets cut while carving the pumpkin

Whatever your tool preference is hand-held or electric make sure you practice safety. Although carving pumpkins is a reserve -honored tradition that extends over generations, the main favor is to create a unique design. Some might think that pumpkin designs are complicated, but it is not. It much easier with the right guide and a person can let their imagination run wild with these pumpkin carving tips and designs. I hope everyone uses precaution when carving a pumpkin but also keep in mind, the idea of pumpkin carving and decorating is to have fun!

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Pumpkin carving safety

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