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The Best Kids School Costumes Ever

Updated on October 11, 2014

Children Need Fancy Dress Costumes For Various Reasons - This hub gives you some ideas on what is available

Whether you are looking for costume for World Book Day, or a day at school that your kids need to wear a costume for, we have a great selection of childrens costumes.

Take a look at this hub, it will give you a great idea as to what kids school costumes are available to purchase on the internet. Did you know that childrens fancy dress costumes have to be made to exacting standards (European Law)? No, well check out the guidelines about halfway down this document.

If you are local to Essex, do not forget that we are open 7 days a week and have hundreds of childrens costumes to hire too! We will measure anycostume fo ryou, so that you are sure that you have ordered the right costume in the right size.

If you are not local, we send costumes out via mail order.

If you just need some advice, you can contact us in the fancy dress shop 7 days a week.

So Why Should You Buy From Us?

  • We stock Victorian, Egyptian, Roman, Tudor Costumes & Other School Costumes
  • We have a great range of costumes for Book Week
  • All Childrens Costumes Are Up To The Current EU Legislation - see below for more details regarding these standards.
  • You Can Contact us 7 Days a Week

Costumes For School Plays

Most schools will have an annual play. This may be a Christmas time nativity or just before the summer break.

From our experience in the shop and online, teachers can ask for some very strange costumes!

I do not think that teachers are aware of the legislation that childrens costumes have to have. The variety of costumes on the market is rather limited and you may not be able to find everything that you have been asked to. I would suggest that if you do have some weird request from your childrens teacher, and you have no idea how to achieve the look, just write it in the comments section at the end of this article and we will give you our advice on how to achieve it.

Some Kids Costumes Suitable for School Nativity Plays

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Kids Reindeer Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 yearsKids Elf Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 yearsKids Snowman Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 yearsGirls Mary Costume - Available in 3 sizesKids Shepherd Costume - Available in 3Girl's Mrs Christmas Costume - Available is sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 yearsBoy's Father Christmas Costume - Available is sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 yearsFairy Wings & Wand Set - Available in Pink, Lilac and GreenKids King Costume - Available in 3 sizesKids King / Queen cloak - Available in 3 sizes
Kids Reindeer Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Kids Reindeer Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Kids Elf Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Kids Elf Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Kids Snowman Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Kids Snowman Costume - Available in sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Girls Mary Costume - Available in 3 sizes
Girls Mary Costume - Available in 3 sizes
Kids Shepherd Costume - Available in 3
Kids Shepherd Costume - Available in 3
Girl's Mrs Christmas Costume - Available is sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Girl's Mrs Christmas Costume - Available is sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Boy's Father Christmas Costume - Available is sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Boy's Father Christmas Costume - Available is sizes 3 -5 and 5 - 7 years
Fairy Wings & Wand Set - Available in Pink, Lilac and Green
Fairy Wings & Wand Set - Available in Pink, Lilac and Green
Kids King Costume - Available in 3 sizes
Kids King Costume - Available in 3 sizes
Kids King / Queen cloak - Available in 3 sizes
Kids King / Queen cloak - Available in 3 sizes

Face Bobs

There are a range of masks, called Face Bobs on the market which have proved fantastic for school plays. As you can see from the image (right), the mask does not cover the entire face. Your child will be able to say his lines (if he has any) and have clear vision, so no nasty accidents!

Face Bobs are available in: Dog, Cat, Parrot, Mouse, Chicken, Rooster, Donkey, Sheep, Rabbit, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Pig, Cow, Monkey & Owl

Check Out The European Legislation For childrens Costumes

Childrens Costumes & The Law (European Legislation)


All childrens costumes must be up to the current British (or European) standards.

The safety standard BS EN71 is a series of British & European standards on toy safety (yes, I also agree that it is strange to call a fancy dress costume a toy, but I do not make the rules!)

A child is defined under the age of 14 and the standards include different aspects such as flammability and chemical compounds. It also includes mechanical and physical properties. In plain English that basicially means that there are no cords around the neck or wrist and has nothing that the child can choke, stab or trap itself with.

The law has been enforced since 1990 and all 'toys' supplied (or sold) in the UK must meet the exacting standards and carry a CE mark. This CE mark is the manufacturers declaration that the item meets the standard.

All childrens costumes supplied should carry a label with the CE mark, material content and the country of manufacture.

The Relevant BS EN71 Parts

Although the BS EN71 standard is made up of 11 parts, only some are relevant to costumes, they are:

*Part 1. Mechanical & Physical Properties. This is where the costume is checked that it cannot stab, mangle, trap or choke the wearer. No cords can be around the neck or the wrists.

*Part 2.Flammability This part covers that all fancy dress or disguise clothes and wigs that do catch fire, can be droped or get out before serious injury occurs.

*Part 3. Migration of Certain Elements This basically sets limits on certain chemicals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, which could be dangerous if swallowed by a child.

*Graphical Symbol For Age Warning Labelling This specifies that a label must be present on the item which states that the item is not suitable for a child under the age of 3.

All imitation helmets should also have a warning label that states 'Warning! This is a toy. Does not provide protection'.

Kids just love dressing up!

Childrens School Curriculum Costumes

Schools in the UK have to include certain historical eras as part of the curriculum. Schools will accomplish this in different ways. Some will arrange for a drama group to come in to the school. Others will ask the children to come to school for a day dressed appropriately for the era being covered. Some lucky children may have the opportunity to attend a re-enactment day in costume.

In each of the sections below, I will outline the costumes that are available to purchase, but also give some ideas on how you could make your own, very cheaply, at home.

Take a look at our main website where you will find lots more information regarding kids historical curriculum costumes for school.

Tudor Costumes

Basic dress requirements for children:

For the boys a plain white long sleeved shirt, a sleeveless waistcoat or a body warmer, cut down trousers at the knee or tucked into long socks.

For the girls, long full skirt, white shirt, bodice or waistcoat laced up the front and a small coif (hat) in white or cream material.

If any mums would like to make a costume, Simplicity supply patterns for the dressmakers among you.

For those of us who cannot sew a button on, we have recently designed a range of childrens' costumes that are suitable for school dress up days.

The image on the right shows a picture of the Tudor Boy costume.

We are able to be contacted 7 days a week if you have any questions regarding any of the costumes that you have seen on this page. Just call 01245 327156 - we are here to help!

Kids Tudor Costumes To Purchase

There are many Tudor costumes on the market. We find that many of the schools ask their parents not to purchase a costume. From the amount of people who come into our retail shop and from our feeback both online and in the shop, many parents just do not have the time or the inclination to do. Childrens' costume are relatively cheap to purchase, and you can order it online and it can be with you the next working day (depending on the time you place your order).

The costume shown on the right is a Renaissance Boy. Long socks (like rugby or football socks) could be worn so the trousers look more like pantaloons.

Tudor Wench

Tudor Wench
Tudor Wench

Kids Victorian Costumes To Purchase

A Victorian costume may be easier to put together. There may be a decision to be made as to whether your Victorian is 'rich' or 'poor', but we can cater for both.

Girl will require a long length skirt or dress with a white full pinny.

Boy can wear shorts, white collarless shirt, a scarf and a cap.

The costume on the right is the Victorian costume for children that we have recently designed. It is available in 4 sizes and is very well priced and has proved very popular with parents looking for a costume for their child for school.

We also stock girls' Victorian Pinafores and mop caps that are sold as a costume kit - ideal if you have a plain dress, or top and skirt to wear underneath.

If you are not looking for an entire boy's Victorian costume, we stock waistcoats and caps that come as a set, and caps with a neck scarf that come as another costume set that are a great way to get a Victorian style outfit

Victorian Girl

Victorian Girl
Victorian Girl

Kids Roman / Egyptian Costumes

A costume for this era can easily be made at home. All you need is an old pillowcase (white) and cut a hole for the head and 2 arms.

A belt is used to secure the waist and you have a basic costume. Braiding and a drape can be added, but is not essential.

We also sell a good range of Egyptian accessories to make it nice and easy to put a costume together at home. They include:

* Collars

* Belts

* Arm Bands

* Snake Armbands (Asps)

* Headpieces

* The black wig (as shown). Wigs are usually 'one size fits all adults', but usually work for children as well.

Kids Roman | Egyptian Costumes To Purchase

The costume shown here is a Roman Centurian Costume - we have a choice of 3 Roman Soldier costumes.

This costume is available in 3 sizes.

We stock a Roman Soldier costume kit for those of you not wanting to purchase an entire costume and lots of Roman accessories.

We also stock a great range of Egyptian accessories that you can use to put an Egyptian costume together at home.

Roman Man

Roman Man
Roman Man

Kids 1940's Costumes

At the moment, there are a very limited amount of costumes suitable for this era to purchase.

At Props n Frocks, we hire a good selection of 1940s costumes and are in the process of getting our own range of childrens 1940s costume that will be available to purchase.

We have also been advised that a childrens version of 40s military will also be available in the near future.

The picture, right, shows an example of our 40s girls hire costumes.

New Girl's Evacuee 1940s Fancy Dress Costume

New Girl's Evacuee 1940s Fancy Dress Costume
New Girl's Evacuee 1940s Fancy Dress Costume

Book Day Costumes

Most UK schools have a week or a day to promote reading and books. Although there are official designated World Book Days and National Book Days the actual day/week the child is required to dress up may be dependent on the school's own curriculum timetable and the holidays schedule.

Often schools will ask their students to come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book, and can even, sometimes, ask them to bring the book!.

I will give a few examples on this article, but if you require more ideas, check out my other article on World Book Day Costumes For Children

Girl Book Character Costumes

* Snow White - a real favourite

* Red Riding Hood - always popular

* Cinderella - every girl dreams of being a princess

* Tinkerbell - from Peter Pan

* Hermonie - from Harry Potter

* Jasmine - from Disney's version of Aladdin

* White Witch - from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

Boys Book Character Costumes

* Pinocchio - we all love this woodern puppet

* Peter Pan - from Peter Pan

* Aladdin - from Aladdin

* Indian - from An Indian in The Cupboard

* Dracula

* Frankenstein

* Harry Potter - the boy wizard himself!

* Caesar - from William Shakespear - Julius Caesar

* Prince Charming - choose from a handful of fairytales

Why Not check Out eBay For a Bargain...

A Princess Costume

A Princess Costume
A Princess Costume

If you have any costume queries or comments regarding this lens, just pop them here and I will respond.

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