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Wild Huckleberry Gift Baskets

Updated on November 26, 2014
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Sandy Dell makes a living selling and promoting wild huckleberry products and information.


Discover Huckleberry Gift Baskets for Holiday and Birthday Gift Giving

You, your family or friends LOVE wild huckleberries, and you want to give homemade wild huckleberry products as gifts this holiday season.  Or you want to gift a tastefully arranged basket of huckleberry goodies as a gift to your favorite huckleberry lover (which can be yourself!) for their birthday ... Don't despair!  We can help you fufill your huckleberry basket wish!

Gift baskets -- especially huckleberry gift baskets -- make some of the nicest gifts!  Everyone likes to eat!  And everyone likes to eat huckleberries!  We feature one of the widest section of huckleberry gift baskets you'll find anywhere on the web!!

Huckleberry Bush
Huckleberry Bush | Source

Greatest Tasting Wild Huckleberries on the Planet come from the Rocky Mountains

Idaho and Montana grow some of the best huckleberries in the world (In my humble opinion, of course)! Folks travel from miles around to pick and eat our huckleberries, here in the Rocky Mountain areas. Huckleberries, according to 'Asta Bowen, author of The Huckleberry Book, are "the most sought-after wild fruit in the mountain west, the tangy berry that makes its domestic cousin, the blueberry seem like bland stuff."

Our gift baskets are made from the best huckleberry products made in the Rocky Mountain region. Wild huckleberries are picked at their peak of ripeness, shipped to the commercial kitchens, and made into the most wonderful tasting jams, jellies, syrups, sauces, chocolates, and more ...

North Idaho Huckleberry Patch
North Idaho Huckleberry Patch | Source

Huckleberries are the Idaho State Fruit!

Although many people think of Montana when eating huckleberries, you will find that huckleberries are the Idaho State Fruit! The huckleberry was designated the official state fruit of Idaho in 2000. Several huckleberry species of huckleberry are native to Idaho -- all belonging to genus Vaccinium.

The panhandle area as well as the bordering mountain ranges between Montana and Idaho is where most of the huckleberries are picked! The growing climate in the upper elevations (about 3000 feet or more).

Mid to late summer is the best picking time for huckleberries. Many huckleberry festivals are held during this time to commemorate this event. And many pickers are combing the hillsides, avoiding bears, to gather up their personal bountiful of berries!!

So, have I got your attention?

Featured below are some of the best "tasting" huckleberry baskets available for you to build on our site -- Especially wonderful for gift giving!

(NOTE: Some products featured below may be available in different packaging than shown)

Huckleberry Gift Baskets
Huckleberry Gift Baskets | Source

Huckleberry Mountain Combo Basket

Our most popular baskets:

** Huckleberry Jam,

** Huckleberry Pancake/Scone Mix

** Huckleberry Syrup

** Huckleberry Cordials Box

Huckleberry Cookbooks

Huckleberry Gift Baskets
Huckleberry Gift Baskets | Source

Huckleberry Chef's Basket

Is there a chef in the family looking to experiment with huckleberry dishes?

**Huckleberry Story and Recipe Book

**Appleberry Hucklebutter

**Huckleberry Vinaigrette

**Huckleberry BBQ Sauce

Huckleberry Gift Baskets
Huckleberry Gift Baskets | Source

Huckleberry Romance Basket for Two!

And our special huckleberry lover's basket!

**Huckleberry Bath and Body Oil

**Huckleberry Chocolate Cordial Gift Box

**Huckleberry Pucker (Lip) Balm

**Huckleberry Spud Sack Soap

Large Selection of Baskets
Large Selection of Baskets | Source

Build your own huckleberry gift basket?

You can duplicate one of the basket pictured above or you can build your own by choosing from our large selection of baskets and products!

We have a ample list of baskets, fancy colored shred (including a Christmas mix) and best-selling huckleberry products that you can chose from to create your own personal huckleberry gift basket -- complete with gift card!

....And if you are from Idaho or Washington, we have a few of state shaped baskets from those two states!!

Huckleberry Products at Tastes of Idaho
Huckleberry Products at Tastes of Idaho | Source

Dozens and dozens of delicious huckleberry products in all sizes and shapes to chose from. Items are all from local Idaho companies where the best tasting huckleberries are found! (On the site, we also have some non-huckleberry items if you would like to add them to your custom baskets!)

... how could you go wrong?

Attention Huckleberry Lovers!!

Huckleberries | Source

Many folks LOVE huckleberries, but some would rather buy their huckleberry products rather than pick the huckleberries and make the products themselves. Which are you??

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    • profile image

      malcolm-dell 4 years ago

      A great way to send a taste of the Northwest to friends and family all over the USA!

    • PlanetGiftBaskets profile image

      PlanetGiftBaskets 7 years ago

      These huckleberry products look wonderful. Gift baskets are great way for people to try many different products at once.