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Huckleberry Gift Goodies

Updated on December 12, 2014
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Sandy Dell makes a living selling and promoting wild huckleberry products and information.

Huckleberry Candy Combo offers you the best selection of huckleberry flavored candies as the cute gift box is filled with some of the best tasting huckleberry candy available. The Huckleberry Candy Combo makes a wonderful gift for your huckleberry lovers -- even if that person is you!!

The Huckleberry Candy Combo is beautifully packaged in a clear round container -- making it easy to see all the wonderful candy included in the gift box. Each candy is separated to help display it nicely, but to also keep each candy in its own section.

The Candy Combo includes the following candies:

  • Huckleberry Jelly Beans -- also filled with wonderful huckleberry flavor
  • Huckleberry Gummy Grizzlies -- for those who love gummy bears .... these are huckleberry flavored
  • Huckleberry Taffy -- an all time favorite
  • Huckleberry Chocolate Taffy -- never tasted these myself, but I have heard they are really delicious!

Personally, I love the taffy! Sweet, chewy and bursting with wonderful huckleberry flavor -- but of course, it is hard to chose since there is so many kinds included in the pack.

As a sales rep, specializing in huckleberry products, I sold lots of these Huckleberry Candy Combos. The gifty presentation made these great sellers during the holidays and in the spring when tourist were visiting the area looking for goodies to take home with them. And the combos were just not for kids! Adults liked them just as well (maybe even better!)

If you are looking for a wonderful berry flavored gift from the Rocky Mountain region, I suggest you try the Huckleberry Candy Combo -- for yourself and your huckleberry lovers back home.

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Large selection of huckleberry products
Large selection of huckleberry products

Huckleberries is a favorite berry grown mostly in and around the Rocky Mountain Regions of Idaho and Montana (although huckleberries can be found elsewhere). Since there are very few domesticated plants, huckleberries grown mostly in the wild and are typically ripe as early as June until as late as September, in some parts.

According to the International Wild Huckleberry Associations:

  • Western huckleberries contain more flavor chemicals than blueberries, explaining their more intense flavor.
  • Although huckleberries thrive in Northwest mountains, they often die of winter cold when transplanted to lower elevations. That’s because they need an insulating layer of snow to survive cold snaps.
  • Western huckleberries grow best in soils rich in organic matter and low in PH.
  • Western huckleberries easily grow from seeds, but take 2 to 5 years to flower.

Production of huckleberry gourmet foods is a fast growing market in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Numerous companies in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, in particular, produce many specialty foods using this flavorful berry.

Many of these specially made huckleberry products can be found on the Tastes of Idaho website. As the website suggests, these gourmet foods are made in Idaho. You can find some unique products such as the following:

  • Huckleberry chocolate bars
  • Huckleberry cordials
  • Huckleberry jams & jellies
  • Huckleberry vinegars and vinaigrette
  • Huckleberry syrup
  • Huckleberry pie filling
  • Huckleberry pepper jelly and jam
  • Huckleberry pancake mixes
  • Huckleberry snack packets
  • Huckleberry BBQ sauces
  • Huckleberry lemonade
  • And many more products, including huckleberry candles and personal care products

Check out the full selection here!


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