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Huckleberry Gourmet Foods

Updated on November 26, 2014
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Sandy Dell makes a living selling and promoting wild huckleberry products and information.

Wild Huckleberry Gourmet Foods Tastes Great and Make the Best Gifts

Most people who are familiar with wild huckleberries, think of the luscious huckleberry pie that their grandmother made or that they bought while traveling through Idaho or Montana. Or they remember the jar of huckleberry jam they received as a gift one Christmas .... or maybe if they were lucky, the huckleberry pancake breakfast they enjoyed.

Or, if you are really fortunate, you may have picked huckleberries in the Rocky Mountain area (or some place where they grow) and made your own pie, jam or pancake breakfast.

One thing is for sure, if you love huckleberries, you LOVE huckleberries!

Living in huckleberry country, I have the privilege of tasting many different huckleberry products not always found in the stores. I would like to share my favorites here -- perfect for family gifts or just a special gift for yourself!

A Social History of Wild Huckleberry Harvesting in the Pacific Northwest
A Social History of Wild Huckleberry Harvesting in the Pacific Northwest | Source

History Behind Huckleberries

Huckleberries, which are native to the US, grow in the Rocky Mountain (and other) regions as far back as man has recorded history. Whites coming to America saw the Native Americans using and eating huckleberries as early as the 1600s. Huckleberries are referenced several times in the Lewis & Clark journals during the early 1800s while the expedition traveled through the Rocky Mountain region.

The Northwestern Indian tribes used special combs, often made from the backbones of salmon, to strip huckleberries off the bushes. According to USDA's published book, A social History of Wild Huckleberry Harvesting in the Pacific Northwest, the Native Americans "dried the berries in the sun or smoked them and then mashed them into cakes and wrapped these in leaves or bark for storage."

Commercialization of the wild huckleberry, did not start until the mid-1920's when canning technology improved.

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Huckleberry Spread
Huckleberry Spread | Source

Huckleberry Spread ...

... formulated for diabetics, but great for everyone

The secret behind this product is that there is NO SUGAR ADDED. The Huckleberry Spread is the sweetened with Lycasin, which is a colorless, odorless, clear syrup with organic and mineral purity. Lycasin, which is a corn derivative, has a pleasant taste. Diabetics may find this NO SUGAR ADDED spread useful in their diets as well as anyone wanted a thicker huckleberry preserve product!

Uses for Huckleberry Spread

*Of course, a perfect jam substitute for diabetics on bread, toast and muffins

*Great spread on cheesecake, ice cream or other desserts

Huckleberry Honey Bear
Huckleberry Honey Bear | Source

Huckleberry Honey

Unlike most honeys, Huckleberry Honey is made with the finest honey with natural huckleberry flavoring from concentrate.

Our Wild Huckleberry Honey comes in a cute 9 oz. plastic honey bear jug with hang tag - rich huckleberry flavor, dark huckleberry/honey color, thick honey consistency

Uses for Huckleberry Honey

Huckleberry ProductsYou can use Wild Huckleberry Honey the same way you use any honey. Use Huckleberry Honey on ...



*Sandwiches with peanut butter


*Tea or coffee (or any beverages) -- to flavor it!



*Ice cream as a topping

The Huckleberry Book
The Huckleberry Book | Source

The Huckleberry Book

Okay, not a Huckleberry Gourmet Food, but one of the most enjoyable huckleberry book I've seen.

The first part of the book is filled with information and cute stories about huckleberry and huckleberry picking, whereas the back of the book list some wonderful sounding recipes.

Chapter topics include:

1. What is a huckleberry

2. The difference between a huckleberry and other berries

3. History about huckleberry picking

4. How huckleberries grow

5. Bears and huckleberries

6. Finding and picking huckleberry

7. How to eat huckleberries -- the recipes!

A wonderful book that will be enjoyed by the whole family

Huckleberry Lemonade Concentrate
Huckleberry Lemonade Concentrate | Source

Huckleberry Lemonade Concentrate

For special occasions, add to sparkling wine or champagne for a wonderful punch or "sparkler". By the way, it makes a great mixer when added to daiquiris or to your favorite drink! Or, add it to warm apple cider along with cinnamon and cloves for a festive winter drink!

To reconstitute, add one part huckleberry lemonade concentrate to two parts water - but we find that 3:1 works even better! Serve over ice as a cool refreshing drink!

Made with real wild huckleberry juice and 100% real lemon juice.

NOTE: This product was featured in People Magazine's Holiday Edition, 2013!!

Huckleberry Cider:

Use 1 bottle of lemonade concentrate with 1 gallon of cider, 2 cinammon sticks and four cloves. Heat for about twenty minutes and serve.

Huckleberry BBQ Sauce
Huckleberry BBQ Sauce | Source

Huckleberry BBQ Sauce

Huckleberry BBQ sauce is a tasty dressing laced with whole huckleberries and blueberries and hand-made in small batches to enhance the natural flavor of this wild mountain fruit.

Labeled attractively in 16 oz. glass bottles, this BBQ sauce has the ambiance of a sweet and sour tomato based sauce that, in my opinion, is to die for!!

First time I tasted it was in a meatball dish and it was heavenly!

Uses of Huckleberry BBQ Sauce

*Glaze for poultry, fish, pork or beef dishes

*Dipping sauce

*Add flavor to any tomato based dishes

*Any applications where you would use BBQ Sauce

Huckleberry Chocolate Cordials
Huckleberry Chocolate Cordials | Source

Huckleberry Cordials

Huckleberry chocolates are the best! Our website has lots of huckleberry chocolate and candy options:

**Two sizes of cordial boxes - 4 oz. (8 cordials) and 6 oz. (12 cordials)

**Huckleberry Chocolate bar

**Huckleberry Taffy (no, not chocolate, but good too!)

Huckleberry Taffy
Huckleberry Taffy | Source

Huckleberry Taffy

I have tried lots of different kinds of huckleberry taffy. Some of the best looking taffy is individually wrapped in clear plastic to reveal the cute little designs on the taffy pieces. Really cute -- but when you eat them, they are often hard and tasteless.

I guarantee this taffy is the best tasting taffy anywhere! No cute little design, no clear plastic wrap -- the taffy is a very unremarkable purple wrapped in wax paper -- but it is always delicious, soft and flavorful.... and one of my favorite huckleberry products!

What have you tried?

Have you tried any of the huckleberry gourmet foods listed above?

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