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Hulk Costumes and Makeup

Updated on June 28, 2014

Hulk and the Avengers

The popular and successful superhero adventure film 'The Avengers' has highlighted a number of well-known superheroes from the Marvel universe - including the Hulk - while introducing a number of characters that aren't known as well outside of rabid fans.

As superheroes are among the more popular models for costuming, the group of these Avengers have several fantastic looks to choose from. In this article we'll look at The Hulk, glancing at a variety of costumes people have chosen to make or acquire of the schizophrenic green giant.

Other than Hulk, other characters in the film that have enjoyed past success and notoriety among the public are Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. New characters introduced include Black Widow, Hawkeye, and of course the villain of the film - Loki, the lifelong enemy of Thor.

Starring in the film are Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, who is The Hulk;

Robert Downey Jr., playing Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man; Chris Evans is Steve Rogers, the man behind the mask of Captain America;

Chris Hemsworth landed the role of Thor; Scarlett Johansson is the gorgeous but capable Natasha Romanoff, or the Black Widow; Jeremy Renner is Clint Barton, the arrow-shooting Hawkeye; and Tom Hiddleston landed the magnificent role of the evil Loki.

While all of these provide good costume and cosplay material, the Hulk has some unique features that are attractive, and can be enhanced to create some outrageous and very noticeable costumes.

Hulk Costumes

There are several things that entail looking like the Hulk, and that includes the out sized muscles, which are great when acquiring or making a Hulk costume; the raging face that is a lot of fun to tinker with when using makeup; and of course the green skin itself, which lends itself to a lot of fun and work when getting your body a green paint job.

It's of course a lot of fun for the artist doing the work too, although it can be a lot of work when covering the entire body.

Oh yeah. There is also that purple pair of pants Hulk always is seen in after he transforms into the raging being he is. That leads one to wonder if Bruce Banner needs to get a new wardrobe, or maybe he got a discount on a batch of trousers knowing he wrecks them on a consistent basis.

You can occasionally see the Hulk in a different color pair of pants - usually blue - but approximately 98 percent of the time he is wearing purple.

That also offers some opportunities for those wanting to costume up to look like the big green guy.

Compelling Hulk Look

Even though the Hulk has little in the way of unique accessories like Captain America, for example has, with the mask, shield, colorful costume and cool boots, he makes up for it with his out sized look, fierce face, and green skin, which makes him a lot of fun to recreate and use makeup with.

Hulk costumes are also a good alternative, as they come already green of course, and if you're not creative, you can have the ready made face to wear right away.

Hulk Face Painting Video

If you want to get some ideas on how to use makeup or paint on your face to create the hulk look instead of a mask, there is a video tutorial below that shows how to do it very quickly, efficiently, and with good quality.

Hulk Face Painting Tutorial

Hulk Walking in Street

Here is a great example of why choosing Hulk as a costume is so cool. What's really funny to me is how most of the people are looking at the guy in the costume, but the one right behind him is walking and glancing to the side as if nothing unusual is happening around him. Funny.

As for the costume itself, I really like it, and the bulked up look, fierce face, and tattered clothing make him someone not too many people want to mess with. Notice how he's even given room walking, as people I'm sure were wondering if there was a little bit of the real Hulk inside of this guy.


Zombie Hulk

Even the Hulk can't resist the zombie trend, and this is a fantastic costume, with even the Incredible Hulk having some loose flesh, which appears to be in the early stages of decay. Now what zombie could have snuck up on the Hulk to deliver a killing bite? I guess all a zombie has to do is sink their teeth into the skin to score an ultimate kill.

It even looks like the Hulk has some blood on his shirt after the zombie encounter, implying one less zombie in the world, but an even scarier green one walking around.

That doesn't phase these onlookers, who contrary to the prior Hulk, are getting a good laugh over the awesome costume.


Hulk and She-Hulk Couples' Costumes

For the uninitiated, you may be surprised that there is a character called She-Hulk, but she has been around the Marvel comic book universe for a long time, and makes a great theme for a companion costume for the Hulk with couples.

What's funny about this particular Hulk costume is the abandonment of a realistic look, as far as the usual tattered clothes of the Hulk goes, and the inclusion of a preppy and sports fan Hulk, as evidenced by the shirt, and what appears to be a stadium setting of some sort.

Another interesting thing is the lack of other costumed people, which you usually expect to see when viewing a costumed pair like this. No cosplay going on; no Halloween party, just a couple showing up somewhere in a lot of green.

One thing that I really like as far as She-Hulk goes, is the choice of green hue she used to cover her body with.


Homemade Incredible Hulk Costume

Here's a good example of a homemade Hulk costume. While it may appear a little boring when compared with the more realistic looking Hulk costumes from the factory, it in fact has some great qualities, including some very cool looking work on the arms which give the appearance of bulging veins.

The face and makeup to create the frowning eyes and forehead make this a good Hulk.

What I would have done different would have been to tear the longer pant leg off a little shorter, as that's the usual look the Hulk has after transforming from Bruce Banner and the clothes he is wearing at the time.

Homemade Hulk Costume
Homemade Hulk Costume

Incredible Hulk Costumes

Like mentioned earlier, the Hulk doesn't have any of the cool accessories associated with a lot of the other superheroes, but his physical attributes and tattered clothing make him a fantastic choice to dress up in a costume as, or make one of your own based upon his character..

There are tons of other costumes that look a lot more colorful and fancier, but there's something about the bruising Hulk that remains in the minds of people seeing him as a costume, than all the other more vibrant superhero outfits.

That makes a Hulk costume one of the top choices out there if you're looking to attract attention and make a dent in the party or the public.


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