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Hunger Games Party Supplies

Updated on March 18, 2014

Hunger Games Party Theme

If you know anyone who is a fan of the Hunger games books and movies and they have a birthday coming up, there is only one way to celebrate their big day and that's with a hunger games party theme. Hunger games party supplies are not easy to find as there is nothing official out yet, but there are still plenty of hunger games birthday ideas out there. Right here you'll find a collection of themed ideas to help you set up an awesome party.

Expect to find a variety of custom Hunger games birthday supplies and ideas for Hunger Games cake decorating, party favors, decorations and personalized invitations great for letting your guests know that they have been chosen to attend the games, I mean birthday party.

Custom Hunger Games Invitations
Custom Hunger Games Invitations

Hunger Games Invitations

To inform your guests to let them know that they have been chosen you'll need some hunger games invitations. We know that people are selected from each district to compete in the games, so this could play a vital part in the wording of your invites. "You have been chosen to represent your district at ..... birthday party"

The best Hunger games party invitations are found on etsy and ebay in my humble opinion. I've found so many beautiful designs to choose from. Ebay seller trinketsntreasures2010 sells the custom hunger games invites featured above, I love its simplicity but also how these handcrafted invites have the shimmering gold mockingjay logo on a black background.

You'll also be able find more fun hunger games invitation ideas ranging from ticket style invites which would be great if you were having a hunger games viewing party, photo invites and even invites that look like the paper used to annouce the tributes in the movie.

Hunger Games Cake
Hunger Games Cake

Hunger Games Cake Ideas

There are a lot of Hunger games birthday cakes floating around online so if you're lost for ideas and want to gather some inspiration for how you would want the cake... Take a browse over some of these Hunger games birthday cakes. If you see one that you like you could have a go decorating the cake in a similar way or print of the picture and have a professional decorator base the cake around that.

An edible cake image is one of the Hunger games cake decorations available to you if you choose to make the cake yourself. There are so many designs, most of which can be personalized - defintely an option particularly if your new to cake decorating.

Photo Credit: Oak Park Public Library

How to make Hunger Games Cake

There are many ways you could go about making your Hunger games cake but here are a few hunger games cake ideas and tutorials to help you along...

Hunger Games Cake Toppers

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Cake Topper Plaque
The Hunger Games Catching Fire Cake Topper Plaque

This easy to apply Hunger games catching fire plaque makes decorating your HG cake a breeze. Just place it into position... Some red and yellow firey icing would help add to the cake or simply pop a couple of birthday candles with this as the center decoration.


Hunger Games Cupcake Toppers

Hunger Games Catching Fire Cupcake Rings - 12 ct
Hunger Games Catching Fire Cupcake Rings - 12 ct

Gave your cupcakes a firey frosting and pop these cupcake rings into them. After guests have finished their cupcakes these can be worn as hunger games rings.


Hunger Games Party Favors

As Hunger games party favors why not consider making some of the favors yourself. This is a great way to save a little money, show off your crafting skills and provide some memorable favors for guests to take away with them. Here are a few DIY Hunger games party favor ideas:

DIY hunger games arrow party bags

Using Rachel Hollis's idea over on the chic site, make these awesome Hunger games arrow favor bags. To make them all you need are some paper lunch bags, stripped straws, construction paper, glue and tape (all very easy cheap items you can pick up from dollar or craft store).

Hunger games pendant keychains

Make some fun Hunger games pendant keychains for guests to hang on their keys.. It will be a constant reminder of the eventful day they had at your party. To make them follow Marie from Griffith's Rated's tutorial which comes with the free printable graphics templates she used to make hers.

Mini Bow and Arrow

This favor will be lots of fun for guests and may even be a great party craft or activity you could have guests make. The brooding Hen came up with the idea of making mini bow and arrow toy favors with popsicle sticks, q-tips and dental floss. Make a few of these following the tutorial and name them katniss bow and arrows.

Hunger Games Party Favor Ideas

Truly make the odds ever in their favor by adding some of these hunger games party favors to their party bags.

The Hunger Games Movie Mockingjay Pendant on Leather Cord
The Hunger Games Movie Mockingjay Pendant on Leather Cord

Mockingjay pendant necklaces would make a great keepsake favor and pleasant discovery when guests dig into the favors.

The Hunger Games Movie Pin Set 6pc "Cast"
The Hunger Games Movie Pin Set 6pc "Cast"

This set of hunger games pins features designs with different characters from the movie on each one. A pin per favor bag should be enough.

The Hunger Games Movie Bookmarks Magnetic
The Hunger Games Movie Bookmarks Magnetic

I love the idea of these Hunger games bookmark magnets. oe guests who like to read they can be used as bookmarks and for fans who want to use them to decorate or hold a note on their fridge that possible too.

The Hunger Games Movie - Pencil Set 6 pc
The Hunger Games Movie - Pencil Set 6 pc

Open up this set of hunger games pencils and pop one into each favor bag.. Pencils have hunger games catching fire designs and would make great additions to anyones school supplies.

Hunger Games Bookmark Set - 25 Bookmarks Party Favor / Class Set
Hunger Games Bookmark Set - 25 Bookmarks Party Favor / Class Set

Bookmarks seem like ideal favors for this theme since the Hunger games started off as a set of very popular books before hitting the movie screens.

Hunger Games party decorations
Hunger Games party decorations

Hunger Games Party Decorations

Try some of these Hunger games decoration ideas to create a scene like feel to the movies:

Red, yellow, orange and black are the colors that should be at the forefront of your hunger games party decorations. Particularly if you are gearing the party up to have many elements from the catching fire book or movie. Balloons, streamers and confetti are perfect to have in these colors.

Free Hunger games coloring pages can be used to decorate walls instead of posters... Color them in as neatly as possible and have colored in pics of the Hunger games characters around the party. It'll keep things in your budget too.

For further themed hunger games decorations you could make parachute decorations to represent the way food, medicine and messages where delivered into the games. Rae Gun Ramblings shares her simple tutorial for making these here.

Photo Credit: Kid's Birthday Parties

Hunger Games Wall Decals

Bring Katniss into the party with this giant wall decal. It's a great way to add lots of color to your party room and also feature a main character too. These can also also double up as bedroom decorations after the party as they are easy to peel off and have good stickiness.

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