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I Believe in the Magic of the Season

Updated on September 6, 2012

Do you believe in Santa Clause?

Call him St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, St. Nick or just good old Santa, he's a man that brings a lot of joy, magic and wonder to a very special time of year. Believing in Santa is believing in the Magic of the Season.

Santa shows up in malls all around the country to listen to every child's dearest wish. Santa often rings that familiar bell while standing next to a red bucket. Santa often shows up at holiday parties to spread a little cheer to everyone in attendance. Santa makes the season brighter all around.

Keep the spirit alive with this fun design shown here available from Nibbled at on t-shirts, mugs and other fun gifts.

1948 Santa Propaganda
1948 Santa Propaganda

The Story of St. Nicholas

AKA Santa a quick summary of how he came to be

Santa, known first as Nicholas, was orphaned at an early age. His parents had been rich and left him with a sizable inheritance. Nicholas just happened to have a naturally generous spirit and was raised to be a good Christian to his fellow man. This meant that he did not waste his money on frivolous things, but instead used it to do good by helping the poor. There are many wonderful stories of how Saint Nicholas used his resources to help those in need and because of this he has been a favorite Saint through many difficult times.

Learn more at:

But how did the wonderful Saint Nicholas turn into a jolly fat man with 8 flying reindeer? That's a very good question and well the answer is rooted in tradition as many good things are. In the 19th century the world was changing for children. Instead of being born as extra hands to help support the family, children were allowed to have a childhood. Christmas up until this point had been somewhat of a frat party. People were shifting their values to a calmer family focused home life and holidays shifted along with it and were celebrated at home.

Remembering their European heritage, many writers and artists cultivated the image of St. Nicholas, who they honored on St. Nicholas Day by leaving small gifts and coins in each others shoes, and turned him into a lovely way to sell pretty consumer gifts to new customers at this time of the year. This image of Santa blew up in the 1950's, when a boom of consumer products were on the market.

Photo used under Creative Commons from x-ray delta one.

Santa Clause - Hard not to believe...

Santa is a very special guy that brings wonder and joy to children around the world.

Photo used under Creative Commons from LadyDragonflyCC.

Santa Claus Movies - Christmas Time Classic Films

A collection of my all time favorite Santa Claus movies. It's just not Christmas until you've watched a few of these. Settle in with a cup of coco, a comfy blanket and a warm crackling fire.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Sit back, relax, and enjoy this traditional story

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Online - Don't forget to wish your online friends a Happy Christmas

  1. Whip up a Fancy Warm Drink at

    Spice up plain hot chocolate with a whole slew of drinks in adult and kid friendly versions.

  2. Try your hand crafting a homemade gift at

    Unique gifts that are unlike anything you could buy in a store. Martha makes it sound so simple.

  3. Elf Yourself at

    Select some pictures of you are your friends and turn them into an animated song and dance greeting card. You can get some hilarious results.

  4. E-mail your wish list to Santa Claus at the

    Easy to use web form to fill out with a free form box to detail your wish list. Santa will write you a letter back!

  5. Send an E-Christmas Card at

    Brighten someone's Monday morning with a lovely Christmas Card in their in-box.

  6. Track Santa at

    Follow Santa and his reindeer as he delivers presents all around the world. This only works on Christmas Eve!

  7. Watch 101 Online Christmas Videos at

    From classic movies like "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" to Christmas episodes of favorite sitcoms like the "Brady Bunch".

  8. Volunteer for the Salvation Army at

    I saw a lot of empty kettles with no bell ringers last year. A lot of communities are in need of volunteers for this annual campaign to help the needy. Find out how to sign up with this online directory.

  9. Find a New Cookie Recipe at

    Christmas is the best time to test out new baked goods. Just make sure to share!

  10. Open an Advent Calendar

    Starts on December 1st! Play a new game each day.

When you think about Christmas... - What do you think of first?

Photo used under Creative Commons from *L*u*z*A*.

What best represents Christmas to you?

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Leave a Christmas Note! - Tell us what you believe in...

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