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I Love my Black Robed Santa Muerte on Horseback Statue

Updated on April 7, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

A Lovely Statue

This is one of the first statues I ever bought to honor the Mexican folk Saint, Santa Muerte also known as Holy Death. Who, as a witch, I work with as a new form of the Aztec Lady of Mictlan, Mictecacihuatl. But She will respond, no matter how you call to Her. Oddly enough my order seemed meant to be. I ordered rainbow robes (which Amazon also sells) and awaited her arrival eagerly so I'd have a lovely statue for my altar. Imagine my surprise when the statue arrived and her robes were a lovely sable shade instead.

Black by the way, for those new to this saint (or Goddess) is Her color for protection and warding of evil energies or attacks. Many people trust Her to offer them protection in this color robe, and this statue is a beautiful way to honor Her. As She rides out to protect those who love Her, the horse rears up, the front legs seeming to slash out at unseen attackers.

I love the rich details like the golden chain that serves as Her reins, the jeweled details, even the swirling fog at the base of the statue. Santa Muerte herself wears rich black robes that flow back and carries a scythe that is removable. You can then insert a prayer into her hand or wrap the paper around the scythe.

Note that she wears a very sweet expression and the statue, much like the Goddess Herself is rather cheerful.

This statue is just the right size to be the focal point of any Santa Muerte altar, or can serve as a display in your home year round. And yes, there is nothing wrong with buying this for a fan or collector of all things Grim Reaper as she is literally the Grim Reaperess Herself, La Flaca.

Santa Muerte rides to the rescue in her flowing robes of red. Red is said to be one of her oldest colors and deals with protecting the family, keeping romantic couples together, and stabilizing emotions.


Santa Muerte on Horseback

Note the rich details, such as the chain that makes up the reins, jeweled headpiece on her mount, and more.
Note the rich details, such as the chain that makes up the reins, jeweled headpiece on her mount, and more.

Santa Muerte Statue Review

As you can see this statue features rich details. Flowing robes, a removable scythe, jeweled accents and more.

I truly do love this statue. Although anyone can work with any color one will adopt you and love you more than any other. The black robed Santa Muerte adopted me and although it has taken some adjusting I adore Her. As She will in Her ebon robes, She had to push me to face my negative ideas about Her. I did respect Her, but I'd only heard of Her in a negative fashion as being the narco saint and this is so not true of Her.

But She was very sweet and patient because She knows that in Her black robes She is made to seem spooky and scary in our Western culture. But really she isn't. Black after all repels negativity and is a hex smasher. Yes, She can be intense, and yes She will make me face things I might not want to face, but She does it out of a place of love.

So She used this statue among other black robed pieces that kept popping up to stake Her claim. I can go ahead and work with that Rainbow Brite wannabe wearing those pansy robes, She will say snarkily and I will burst out laughing. She has a very high opinion of Herself. And I agree, but She is the best of the best and I'm happy to have Her. And the statue is a constant reminder that She chose me, not the other way around.

So the statue is a great comfort to me and helped me accept that in this case the world IS wrong. She is not evil. She is not bad, hateful or mean. Yes She will put a good scare into me if I act badly, but She does it like any good mentor would. Because She loves me and a reprimand from Her is a lot less painful than the bad end I would have been heading for.

12 Inch White Santa Muerte Saint Death Grim Reaper Riding Horse Statue
12 Inch White Santa Muerte Saint Death Grim Reaper Riding Horse Statue

White robes belong to the beloved Santa Muerte in her role as a powerful healer and protectoress. This is thought to be her sweetest aspect besides pink.


Santa Muerte or Mictecacihuatl?

No matter how you see Her, this powerful Lady can help you.
No matter how you see Her, this powerful Lady can help you.

How To Use A Santa Muerte Statue

As previously stated, I work with Her as a new form of the Aztec Lady of Mictlan, Mictecacihuatl. But She is worked with the same way, no matter how you view Her. Firstly, make sure the space you will have Her statue in is cleansed using your chosen method. I will clean with various herbs or a pine based cleaning product, but whatever you do will work for you.

Lay down any altar cloth, cleanse the statue using your preferred method, then place it. Or go ahead and place it then cleanse the entire area, again, your method works just fine, You can bless your statue, copal works to both cleanse and bless, so would tobacco if you smoke, or any scent pleasing to Her. Seriously though, don’t throw holy water at Her to get the bad off of Her, you will not like the results.

She’s a good girl, remember? Then uses are up to you. You can talk to her in your heart or out loud. Do rituals, light a candle. Remove her scythe to put a prayer in her hand or tie it to the scythe or even place it under the statue.

Things to avoid would be damaging the statue, burying it, leaving it somewhere, or hitting it. Those methods are out there, and while the statue is not Her, it is a symbol of Her and should be respected. And if you know Her? She is not going to be pleased with seeing Her statue abused. Be respectful, it isn’t an idol to slavishly worship, but it should be respected.

12 Inch Gold Santa Muerte Saint Death Grim Reaper Riding Horse Statue
12 Inch Gold Santa Muerte Saint Death Grim Reaper Riding Horse Statue

As you might guess gold robes are used to attract money, some also say prosperity in business as well.


Great Details!

As you can see, the bridles has gems, a golden chain and other detailing.
As you can see, the bridles has gems, a golden chain and other detailing.

Santa Muerte Related Videos

The first video is about the Day of the Dead and I'm posting it to honor my beloved mother and my Santa Muerte who is helping me process losing her. Black being an excellent color to help absorb grief as well. Plus She is a happy and sweet spirit and deserves the love.

Even in Her black robes she draws me into the joy of the Day of the Dead and reminds me not to grieve.

The second is a video about Her in Her black robes. Yes, She can be fierce and ferocious but She is actually very sweet, loving, kind and has an open and loving heart. She just isn't going to take any guff from you. So if you are into treating your Goddesses, angels, saints or however you would see Her like dirt, you so don't want Her. But if you have a heart of love and will honor Her and respect Her, She will work with you.

As I said above out of all Her robe colors (I gravitated towards white, red and black without knowing they are her oldest colors) She is my mentor. My loving guardian and She is sweetly affectionate so long as I'm a good girl. If I am acting the fool She will bring me up short, but it only takes a good glare since I love Her so much.

A Final Look


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