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Icicle Lights

Updated on August 21, 2015

Popular Icicle Christmas Lights

Icicle Christmas lights have probably become the most popular among all Christmas lights, especially with the outdoors Christmas lights, and there's a good reason for that - they look fantastic!

This of course doesn't mean they aren't for indoor Christmas light use, as icicle Christmas lights look great inside too. It's just that when they're spread in the outdoors, it gives them their full effect, and you just can't view them the same way in the house as you can on the outside, unless your house is enormous.

There is nothing you couldn't string some icicle lights to in the outdoors which wouldn't look nice, and you can be a creative as your imagination allows. Don't think that along the eaves of the roof is the only place they work. While that of course is a great place to put them, there are a lot of other areas as well,, as I'll show you below in photos of icicle lights form numerous places.

Varieties of Icicle Christmas Lights

While there are all types of icicle lights to choose from, for the most part they are normally offered in two categories. One; icicle lights that are actually shaped like icicles, which the first three photos show, and then there are those that most people think of when they contemplate the buying of icicle light; those dangling lights on a cord, which we'll show after this first set of lights are enjoyed.

In this first three sets of photos are a nice variety of icicle light design options to choose from, with all of them looking fantastic. My favorite is the beaded icicle lights, which give the sense they're in the middle of thawing out.

Christmas Lights with Icicle Shapes

Beaded Icicle Lights

LED Blue Icicle Lights

Icicle Light Curtain

The next icicle light photo shows what most of us think of when dwelling upon icicle lights. While this is an icicle light curtain, the regular icicle lights are shorter than these, although having a similar look and feel.

This would work well indoors as well as outdoors.

Icicle Light Curtain

Icicle Lights on House

Now here's the exact look we usually think of with icicle lights, other than most of the time they're clear lights we use. This orange and yellow looking icicle light display on this house is brilliant, and shows how icicle lights can really accentuate any structure or object.

Reindeer and White Icicle Lights on House

This is a great look at traditional colored icicle lights which look great and can be seen from a long ways off. They work good with the lights included around the reindeer.

While using multi-colored lights can provide an awesome Christmas light display, here's an example of how using one color for your lights can create a wonderful effect.

White Icicle Lights on House

Icicle Lights Make Great Decorations

Icicle lights offer something no other Christmas lights can or do, and while other Christmas lights look great, in our times decorating without at least some icicle lights seems to leave something empty in our overall Christmas décor.

Icicle lights are now a major part of all Christmas decorations around the house, and from these photos you can see why that's so.


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