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Best Ideas for a Romantic Valentine's Night Out

Updated on March 10, 2014
If you're going to eat out this Valentine's day, check out these awesome suggestions of places to eat!
If you're going to eat out this Valentine's day, check out these awesome suggestions of places to eat! | Source

Many people enjoy going out for Valentine's Day because eating out is a special treat for them and for their lover. This is an excellent way to romance your valentine on February 14th! Be warned that you should probably get reservations at the restaurant of your choice because tables go fast on special days like Valentine's Day and you won't want to be turned away because all of the tables are full. If the restaurant you've chosen doesn't take reservations, it isn't nice enough for your Valentine this year and choose something else. The last thing you want is to be kept waiting when you could be enjoying one another's company in other ways!

When choosing a venue, make sure to choose something that both of you like. A familiar style of dining is recommended, because you don't want to get caught out and discover that you don't enjoy the food at the restaurant you've chosen. Don't take your date out to try Indian food for the first time on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day: Save this for a random Tuesday in November if you want to try something different with your honey. Stick to what you know you enjoy, and maybe explore a new restaurant in a style you've previously enjoyed.

Teppanyaki-style Japanese restaurants are a fun date idea for Valentine's Day this year!
Teppanyaki-style Japanese restaurants are a fun date idea for Valentine's Day this year! | Source

#1 Try Teppanyaki for Valentine's Day

Teppanyaki-style dining is a Japanese tradition in which diners gather around a central hibachi grill and the food is prepared at the table. Particularly for those who have not been able to experience this tradition yet, this is quite a fun way to dine. The cook often includes some performance into his preparation of the food, and the show is as entertaining as the food and the company. If you and your date enjoy Japanese food, Teppanyaki is one type of dining that you may want to explore together. Make sure to note the cleanliness of the restaurant and make sure that the food is fresh before taking your date to a Teppanyaki restaurant.


  • Teppanyaki restaurants often have a wonderful atmosphere that you and your date will enjoy for Valentine's Day.
  • You get your entertainment right alongside your meal, because the food is prepared in front of you and the cooks generally entertain with a show while they cook.
  • The menus at Teppanyaki restaurants are usually quite varied and include a number of foods believed to be aphrodisiacs. You and your date may enjoy a rare steak or some seafood.
  • In general, the price is right. Prices vary by restaurant, of course, but most restaurants have a prices range that is reasonable for the amount of food that you get on your plate. Most of these hibachi grills provide large amounts of food.


  • You'll be seated at a table with other people who aren't part of your party, and this means that you won't get a lot of privacy while you have your Valentine's Dinner. Nobody's listening to your conversation, but you can't play footsie under the table, either.
  • You and your date will be seated next to one another instead of across from one another where you can have stimulating conversation, and the focus may be on the show rather than on the food and the conversation that you're having with your date.
  • In some cases, basics cost extra. Nobody wants to pay extra for the rice to be fried, but some hibachi steakhouses require extra cash to be paid out for this service. It's a losing situation for those who prefer their rice to be fried (and it's ridiculous).
  • Sometimes the show is more annoying than entertaining. In some restaurants, the cook throws food at the diners, and this can be annoying if you're attempting to spend an intimate evening with your valentine. Consider this when choosing where to go!

What's Your Favorite Valentine's Night Out?

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What Type of Dining Do You Enjoy for Valentine's Day?

This page offers several suggestions of places to go for your Valentine's night out. What do you like the most?

Valentine's Day is a special occasion and should be treated as such. Which type of restaurant do you feel is the best for your Valentine's night? Feel free to weigh in on the poll to the right.

Ruth's Chris is an excellent choice of steakhouses for a Valentine's treat, if you both enjoy steak.
Ruth's Chris is an excellent choice of steakhouses for a Valentine's treat, if you both enjoy steak. | Source

#2 Traditional Steakhouses are Another Great Valentine's Option!

A traditional steakhouse is a great option for Valentine's Day because most people don't get to regularly spend time in upscale steakhouses. The best steakhouses have a la carte menus: You'll order your meat/entree, your potato and your vegetable separately from one another in a traditional steakhouse. This is an amazing way to order food because you get exactly what you want and in the amounts that you want every time that you order. Ruth's Chris (as pictured above) is an excellent choice in traditional steakhouses, and you'll find Ruth's Chris Steak Houses all over the United States. You should be able to find one near you!


  • The food is excellent at these steak houses. You won't have to worry about somebody under cooking or over cooking your steak for you. Everything should come out exactly how you ordered it because the chefs are highly trained.
  • You'll get excellent service at a traditional steakhouse. Like the cooks, the servers are well-trained and goal-oriented. They've been taught to take care of your needs and to do so promptly. You should leave pleased with the service in these steak houses!
  • Atmosphere in a traditional steak house is very nice, with accommodating tables and appropriate lighting for the time of day that you visit. Hosts in these steak houses are generally aware of families and attempt to seat couples in an area without children.
  • The cleanliness is incomparable. These steak houses are very clean and therefore make excellent choices for your Valentine's dinner with your honey. You should be able to eat here with confidence.


  • During holidays such as Valentine's Day, these steak houses are very crowded. Fortunately they usually take reservations, but that's not going to prevent the area from being crowded. There may be other people around you in the restaurant.
  • Sometimes the food takes a bit longer in a traditional steak house because it's being cooked to order. You should generally be patient with the kitchen staff in these situations, but things may take a bit longer.
  • Steak houses are a costly option for your Valentine's dinner. You can find lower-priced options at other restaurants, and may wish to do so if you're celebrating Valentine's Day on a budget.
  • Because the price of the food is higher, you're going to want to provide a larger tip to your server (who has probably done a better job than most servers in casual dining restaurants). This adds to the cost of your meal.
  • Sometimes groups come to these restaurants to drink after work (even on Valentine's Day -- I know from personal experience!) and become rowdy, creating a scene and a difficult situation for the server. Be warned of this before visiting!

Hot Stone Steakhouses are a wonderful option for those who want to try something a little bit different. Not quite a traditional steak house, these are another great option! We like Steak on a Stone.
Hot Stone Steakhouses are a wonderful option for those who want to try something a little bit different. Not quite a traditional steak house, these are another great option! We like Steak on a Stone. | Source

#3 Why Not Try Hot Stone Steak Houses

While there may be quite a bit of reference to steak for Valentine's Day on this page, that's because steak makes a wonderful option for a Valentine's meal and should be something you and your partner will enjoy. If you're meat eaters (not vegetarian), steak houses provide a traditional meal against a marvelous backdrop. If you don't like steak, most steak houses do have alternative options including chicken and pork, so you should be able to find something that you and your partner both like.

But Hot Stone Steak Houses are a little bit different. In these steak houses, the meat is delivered to the table, uncooked, on a hot stone. The stone is the surface on which the meat is cooked, and the guest (in essence) cooks the meat herself. It's fantastic.


  • You get to cook the meat to your own specifications without a cook between you and your food. This is actually quite nice because you have total control over the temperature of your meat.
  • The cuts of meat are fantastic. This is some of the best steak that you're likely to get anywhere (at least at Steak on a Stone). Tender and delicious without any silver, you're not going to get much better than this.
  • Service is generally very good in these restaurants, and the servers bring water to the table (at Steak on a Stone) before the meal begins, so you don't have to worry about running out of anything.


  • You cook the steak yourself. If you mess it up, you messed it up and it's on you. There's no sending this steak back, and if you're looking to be served food that somebody else prepared, this isn't going to be the time for that.
  • These stones are hot, and you could potentially burn yourself if you're not careful about what you're doing. Don't touch the stones! That's a sure-fire way to hurt yourself even if you're careful. The stones are hot enough to cook beef.
  • Non-beef menu items aren't as good as the beef menu items because the focus of these restaurants is steak. If you order chicken, you won't generally get the same experience. Pork is generally okay though.

Moroccan restaurants offer a full experience. If you're looking for something a bit different or perhaps exotic, Moroccan is an excellent choice!
Moroccan restaurants offer a full experience. If you're looking for something a bit different or perhaps exotic, Moroccan is an excellent choice! | Source

#4 Try Moroccan Food for Valentine's Day

If you've never had Moroccan food, this probably isn't the right time to try it, since Valentine's Day should be special. Moroccan cooking is exotic and may not suit all tastes, but it's a good option for somebody who has adventurous tastes. Moroccan restaurants are generally good for entertainment. While it's not always the case, you will often find dance shows and Hookah associated with Moroccan restaurants. Some have karaoke instead of the dance shows, but you will probably find something entertaining about a Moroccan restaurant, even if you're not fond of the food.


  • Good for adventurous eaters, Moroccan food is exotic in many ways, but not so spicy that it's off-putting. For those who enjoy something different, Moroccan is a good choice.
  • Moroccan restaurants are generally very entertaining places to be. You should find something at a Moroccan restaurant that is unique and fun for you and your date, and this should make it a memorable occasion.
  • The atmosphere in a Moroccan restaurant is as exotic as the food, and it's so private and interesting for anyone who's never experienced this before. You should have plenty of privacy with one another to enjoy your date.


  • If your date doesn't enjoy exotic food or adventurous dining, Moroccan food is completely out. Choosing the wrong kind of meal will potentially ruin your date with your valentine, so make sure you know they like new tastes!
  • The shows can be off-putting and may be offensive to your date. Make sure that she enjoys middle-eastern music and dancing before you take her to a Moroccan restaurant, because there's something very sensual about these locations!
  • They can be smokey if there is Hookah going on while you're eating your meal and you won't want to have that in your face if you're not a smoker or not engaging with the Hookah entertainment.

© 2014 Becki Rizzuti


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    • beckisgiftguides profile imageAUTHOR

      Becki Rizzuti 

      4 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Haha! Steak on the Stone is actually incredibly unique and a great way to prepare your own food so that you get it right. I like my steaks very rare, and most cooks are afraid to cook them black and blue. When I can do it myself, I can sear and eat without worrying about them being overcooked -- or simply eat them raw (which I've done before, too).

      Of course there are other ideas on the page, too, if you don't like cooking your own food at the table. Most Teppanyaki hibachis have a vegetarian option and you'll have vegetarian options at Moroccan restaurants too. Moroccan is always sure to be fun.

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      4 years ago

      What a unique view point. Nothing says valentines like fire and raw meat.

    • beckisgiftguides profile imageAUTHOR

      Becki Rizzuti 

      4 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Sage, Teppanyaki doesn't have to be expensive, so it's a good "anytime" date place too. We have one near us where lunch is less than ten dollars (not including the drink). Some are more expensive and some even less than that, but I usually order the filet mignon for $9.95 (six oz, includes vegetables, rice, soup and salad). Steak on the Stone is *very* expensive though. Not something we do very often, and the one near my parents closed.

      tutta, lobster is such a great meal in for Valentines! Love lobster, particularly when it's very fresh!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Great ideas. I doubt we're going out this V-day, things have been crazy and we'll probably just have a quiet night in without the kids. But I have never been to a Teppinyaki or a stone steak house, I'm going to have to keep these in mind for the next night out we plan.

    • tutta profile image


      4 years ago from Florida

      Definitely going to force the hubby to take me out for dinner on Valentine's Day! I cooked him lobster last year so this year and can buy me one! Great hub!


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