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22 Ideas for Amazing Gala Dinner Giveaways

Updated on April 22, 2020

A gala dinner giveaway is an effective marketing tool and great way to gain esteem within the business community. Appeal to those who enjoy the finer things in life and display an element of class to your next gala event. Certain prizes have the ability to turn heads and help build a reputation for style excellence. Build your brand awareness, enhance your popularity, and make your next gala event something to talk about by considering one of these quality gifts.

1. Cars

Nobody will ever forget a gala event where they left with a new car. In addition, companies and potential customers all over town will hear about the grand gala giveaway orchestrated by your company. This type of press and exposure can work wonders for drawing business and making your company known. A gala event that makes headlines is the perfect way to make waves in the business world and rise above your competition.

2. Vacations

Gala giveaways are all about mixing business with pleasure, and a vacation illustrates this perfectly. Help your guests get away from it all by offering an all-inclusive vacation to popular destinations. If you’ve chosen a theme, you can also use a vacation that relates to it. For example, giving a lucky winner a paid trip to the Sin City can enhance a Las Vegas gala dinner.

3. Boats

The perfect way to enhance a nautically themed event, a boat is a desirable luxury item. Sending a guest home with this prime recreational vehicle is sure to draw attention to your organization and create a memorable event. You may also be able to design the boat with custom decals that advertise your business and gain promotional exposure every time the customer takes a trip on the water.

4. Homes

Benevolence is an important characteristic for any company and offering homes to the less fortunate can offer a great way to drum up support. Whether it is a simple abode or a luxury estate, a home giveaway is a great way to enhance the reputation of your business and help those in need.

5. Wine glasses

The complex and sophisticated nature of wine makes it a very effective tool in planning a gala giveaway. Connoisseurs of the beverage will undoubtedly be talking about the libations being served at your event, and a high quality beverage will generate positive feedback. Sending your guests home with a vintage wine or wine glasses with a company logo is perfect for showing them your appreciation and ability to recognize quality wine and stemware.

6. Appliances

Practical items are great items for gala giveaways, especially if they are associated with your industry. Offering appliances made by your brand or sold by your store can keep your services fresh in the minds of guests and demonstrate quality. Offering a taste of what your company has to offer will keep customers coming back.

7. Spa Treatments

Nothing helps people escape the pressures of everyday life quite like a spa treatment. Giving away one or more spa treatments to your guests shows your appreciation and willingness to cater to customers’ needs. Treating guests with kindness can result in a lasting relationship between company and customer.

8. Home Makeovers

Improving the lives of your customers will prompt them to help promote your business. Upgrading the homes of your clients can be a great way to brand your business and illustrate the quality and care of your service. A home makeover can change lives and make winners want to continue seeking your business.

9. Tickets

Part of creating a memorable evening is matching your event with a chosen theme. A Broadway or Oscar themed gala can be enhanced with tickets to a related event. Send your guests to an upcoming Broadway show or Oscar night and they will remember the event forever. Contact possible sponsors associated with these events and see if it may be possible to offer them your services in exchange for a prize worthy of your grand gala giveaway.

10. Jewelry

Class and elegance are two things closely associated with upscale gala giveaways. Style is of the utmost importance and giving your guests fine jewelry is perfect for branding your business. Custom made jewelry not only helps remind people of your event, but also helps them keep your company in mind each time they wear your piece.

11. Scholarships

Education is an expensive endeavor and essential to the world of business. Giving away a scholarship can be one of the most effective ways to illustrate your company’s benevolence and give lucky recipients a gift that will last a lifetime. Contacting institutes of higher learning can also help gain their support and build a lasting relationship.

12. Sponsorship

Developing business relationships and networking is one of key objectives of a gala dinner. Offering another company sponsorship is a great way to develop a symbiotic relationship and help boost the business of both parties involved. Whether you offer free advertisement or a chance to donate supplies to their business, a shared sponsorship can help create a lasting business relationship with guests from the business world.

13. 5-Star Dinners

Awarding your guests with a 5 star dinner giveaway is a freebie that is sure to draw their undying support. Contact the hottest restaurants within your area and produce a business relationship that can benefit everyone involved. Your customers will appreciate your gesture and the restaurant will appreciate you supplying them with future patrons.

14. Medical Treatments

Healthcare is a gift that can enhance the quality of life for those who receive it. Getting in contact with medical professionals and supplying your guests with important medical procedures is a great way to enhance your public relations campaign. Taking care of your customers will help gain their support for life.

15. Laptops / Tablets / Tech Devices

A modern day essential both in and out of the office, the latest and greatest mac, windows, or android device is the perfect giveaway item. In addition to providing a useful gift, it may also be the perfect chance to advertise new software or similar to a tech savvy crowd.

16. Cruises

One of the best ways to enjoy time away from work, a luxurious cruise is something that every guest at your gala giveaway will want to win. Get in contact with cruise companies and see if a deal can be made that involves sponsoring their company and them supplying you with cruise tickets in return.

17. Dancing Lessons

Gala events often supply guests with unique entertainment that includes special types of dancing. A themed giveaway can include lessons for ballroom dancing or salsa dancing for and enriching the lives of guests in attendance. Adding an element of fun beyond the evening is a way to produce loyal customers and keep your company forever a part of their lives.

18. Beauty Makeovers

Beauty is one of the main focuses of a gala event. Giving a makeover creates a special bond between company and customer and fosters a trusting relationship. This giveaway is especially useful for beauty salons looking for a new customer base or an organization looking to gain the support of another related business.

19. Free Products or Services

Offering your products or services for free has been proven an effective way to gain support. Oftentimes the quality of your company can promote your business in ways that advertising never could. A giveaway of a year’s supply of products for just might produce a faithful customer. Free samples of your work offer a great way to bring attention to your company.

20. Cash Prizes

Nothing draws the attention of people like the chance to win cold hard currency. Offering a large sum of cash during a giveaway will ensure the highest possible turnout for the sweepstakes. The beauty behind this form of giveaway is that you will likely see a portion of the prize money being reinvested into your company as a token of gratitude.

21. Gift & Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Similar to offering cash prizes, a gift or pre-paid credit card giveaway is another prize that your company can benefit greatly from. Not only will the customer show their gratitude by becoming a loyal patron, but your company may also see the card being used to purchase your goods or services. Certain credit card companies may also allow a custom print that lets you boost your promotional campaign.

22. Shopping Sprees

Any new business should offer a sample of their products in order to gain exposure. Showing people the quality of your products is the most effective way to gain support without overwhelming them with ads. Your next gala giveaway could include a shopping spree of your or a sponsor’s business; this gives your guests a first-hand demonstration of what your company has to offer.


A gala giveaway can be a beneficial event for any marketing campaign and draw attention to your organization. Planning your giveaway revolves around choosing a gift designed to peak interest and fostering the success of your business. Use a gala giveaway to jumpstart your ability to advertise and plan an event that is sure to create a stir within the community. When choosing your gift, creative thinking and the ability to think outside the box can go a long way.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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    • oldiesmusic profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      I've never known about gala dinners or gala giveaways. Man, those are some giveaways! I never thought that they are of such great value. :)


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