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Ideas for Secret Santa

Updated on October 8, 2014

Secret Santa Rules!

So, what is Secret Santa? And where do I get some really great ideas for a great Secret Santa gift?

Where I used to work, the secretary for the HR department would come around with a hat. In the hat would be lots of little bits of paper that she had typed up all the names of the staff, cut up and then folded up, for each of us to choose a name at random from.

The idea obviously, is it is a secret who is buying who a Secret Santa gift!

Our workplace had a $10 limit. Which is pretty hard to stick to. I have heard some companies now are allowing Secret Santa gifts to be under $20.

Just in case you are still not sure how to play Secret Santa, here's a step-by-step bullet point check list for you!

Secret Santa Rules

1. Pick a name at random from the hat.

2. Keep it a secret.

3. Buy that workmate a Secret Santa gift to the agreed value.

4. Gift wrap gift, label it and place it in the agreed place, before the agree date, in secret!

5. Remember to turn up to see the look on your workmates face, and enjoy the ensuing hilarity!

Ready For Some Cool Secret Santa Gift Ideas - Under $10?

The rest of this lens is all the fun ideas I could come up with to help you get the coolest, funnest (if that's a word!), most enjoyed Secret Santa Ideas for your work mate! Enjoy!

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Ideas for Secret Santa Under $10
Ideas for Secret Santa Under $10

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

I understand how trying it can be searching out good, funny and cool secret Santa gifts for your colleagues. But rest assured, this is where I come in - I have had a load of fun sourcing these great Secret Santa gifts for you to choose from!

Under $10 Gifts Galore!

Here you are just going to find under $10 ideas for Secret Santa gifts for all - even the crazy cat woman in accounting, the annoying excuse-maker in marketing, for the teckie or gadget guy or girl in the computer room and even some really well price humor to get the Christmas spirit rising in the sternest face in the office.

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Chocolate, Cookies, Candy - Quality, Affordable, Tasty Treats for the Holidays

Do you know anyone who doesn't love one of these?

Sometimes all we can think of is chocolate, cookies or candy as gifts to get under a certain budget. But finding unique and perfect items is a real blessing. I hope you have fun checking out these tasty morsels I've found for you!

The Jack Daniels fan at work has got to be the easiest to get a gift for under the $10 limit. This Jack Daniels Whiskey Filled Chocolate Bar is an ideal gift. Whiskey and chocolate are a beautiful and unbeatable combination of flavors.

They will think you had a friend bring it back from Europe with them, a special treat for a Jack Daniels and chocolate fan.

The office cookie monster is going to think all their Christmases have come at once when they get this yummy jar that's packed full of delightful pumpkin shortbread!

The Snowman Jar Gift Set is 7 ounces of delicious home made, hand made cookies that will be the perfect gift for your co-worker, neighbor, child's teacher - anyone who loves cookies!

You might have to get an extra one for you, just so you can attest to their deliciousness!

It's always handy to have something completely silly and fun that's ready to go at a moments notice to liven up the party! The Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Sppinner Gift Box Game is such an item - buy one as a gift and one to keep to share with the relatives over the holidays - or give to the kids to amuse themselves so the adults can catch some shut eye after lunch!

Just make sure they take it down the other end of the house, or to the basement, as their loud laughing might disturb your afternoon nap. Fun for all the family!

Under $10 Secret Santa Gifts for Golfers

Golfing on a budget - Golf's Best-Kept Secrets: Awesome and Affordable Public Courses Anyone Can Play - every golfer is going to want to have this book in their collection of golfing books. Great for those new to the game as well as those who travel - so they know where they can find a great course at an affordable price. This book covers all the accessible and affordable golf course in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Where are you planning your next (golfing) vacation?

Man Cave Sign - A Perfect Gift For Men - Under $10 Too!

A Perfect Gift For Men - Under $10 Too!

The sign says it all really! A great gift idea for a man who likes his space. And what better way to mark out that space than to designate it as such with a Man Cave - Diamond Plate Metal Tin Sign 16x13 sign - "what happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave" - cute!

Great gift for a co-worker, a mate, a brother, brother-in-law, and your dad even!

Who do you know that would enjoy having a man cave sign?

Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts for Women

Quality at a bargain price! You can't go wrong selecting one of these elegant Soft and Silky Beautiful Viscose Pashmina White Shawl/ Wraps for your coworker - a friend or relative this Christmas, really great buying!

Pashminas are available is so many colors, just click the link to see the full range - I'll have the red one, the purple one, the hot pink one...

Easily add elegance and warmth to any outfit in any season - women the world over love these - many have them in several colors. Always a welcome gift.

Have You Considered a Gift Card?

You'll get to make their day twice with this gift, the first time when they receive it, the second time when the spend it - even if they don't know who gave it to them. My brother had a great idea many years ago when we were all newly mortgaged, he half filled a big box with foam packing chips and put a card and envelope in the box and then topped the box up and sealed it. It took me ages to find the little envelope, and it was a lot of fun finding it. So be sure to come up with a fun way to present it, like my brother did, to make the recipients moment more special.

Better Latte than Never...
For a coworker that frequently arrives at work with a takeout coffee cup, a Starbucks gift card with a note saying the next one's on me would be a very welcome gift.

A Lunch Special for the Brown Bag Carrier
Also consider a Subway gift card. Who doesn't like Subway - always a good choice.There doesn't even need to be a franchise near your work place, because the mall where they usually shop would most like have an outlet.

Mr or Ms Moneybags would Love this Idea
For the employee that is just starting out in their working life, it would be fun to give them an American Express gift card - you can be sure it will be in their wallet for a lot longer the balance lasts on the card.

Cool Comments from Cool Bargain Hunters - Did you find anything surprising here?

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