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Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

Updated on September 4, 2014
Introductory picture was taken by me
Introductory picture was taken by me

Celebrate Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

In addition to Halloween, October 31 is Increase Your Psychic Powers Day. Halloween is regarded as the day when the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is weakest, so many people believe that if you are going to practice divination and exercise your psychic powers October 31 is the best day to do it. If you believe in psychic abilities, here are some tips and tricks to increase your psychic powers. (These will work every day of the year!)

Trust Your Intuition

A lot of people consider intuition and sixth sense to be the same concept. Learn to listen to your inner voice. It's easy to ignore your intuition, to brush off a strange feeling, but if you get used to paying attention to your intuition then it will become easier to listen to that inner voice. Your brain processes everything you see and hear at an outrageous speed. Micromovements and other small cues are picked up by your brain without conscious processing. This is what psychic abilities tap into.

Clear Your Mind

When your mind is cluttered then it's difficult to pay attention to what is buried deep in there. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind. Or you can just sit and pay attention to your breathing. In modern society people can be overwhelmed by so many things, so set some time each day to step away from technology and to rest from all of your daily responsibilities and just relax by yourself. It doesn't have to be very much time, but as you get used to actually relaxing and clearing your mind it will become easier to do whenever you want to even if there are distractions present.

Unleash Your Psychic Powers
Unleash Your Psychic Powers

This book has many meditation techniques and psychic exercises in it.


Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal will help you keep awareness of the world around you and increase your self awareness. Write about your reactions to the events of the day. You can also keep a dream journal. It's useful to keep a journal (which can be a separate journal or you can write about it in your regular journal) detailing the exercise and progression of your psychic powers.

Trust Your Other Five Senses

When a person is psychic all of their sense come into play. Most people think of being psychic as hearing thoughts (clairaudience) or seeing visions (clairvoyance). But any of the five senses can give you a psychic insight. You might get a weird taste in your mouth or you might smell something that can't be explained by what's around you. Goosebumps could also have a psychic cause, or you can feel a strange sensation on your skin. If you sense something strange from any of your senses, pay attention to it.

Tools For Exercising Your Psychic Powers

Practice, Practice, Practice

How will you know if you're actually progressing psychically if you don't practice? Grab a friend and some Zener cards and practice sending telepathic messages to each other. If you don't have anyone handy then grab a die and and try to psychically influence which side it lands on. Each of these techniques is quantifiably verifiable due to the limited possible answers (Zener cards have five different symbols with five cards for each symbol, and of course a die has six sides), so you can actually test how well you do and track your progress over time.

Recommended Reading

Unlock Your Psychic Powers
Unlock Your Psychic Powers

This book goes through different aspects of psychic abilities and discusses each one.


© 2012 Marigold Tortelli

Do you have any suggestions for increasing your psychic powers?

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    • Tennyhawk profile image


      5 years ago

      What am I thinking right now? ;-)

      This sounds like such a fun holiday, and I like the suggestion to keep a journal. Having to record facts from your day kind of holds you accountable for what you observe. It forces you to notice, consider, and come to conclusions you normally wouldn't left to your own devices. Fun lens, Marigold. Thanks!

    • profile image


      5 years ago



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