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Incredible Hulk Costumes and Masks for Halloween 2013

Updated on August 12, 2013

Incredible Hulk Costumes and Masks for Halloween

Incredible Hulk costumes and masks are a fun combination for Halloween--it's a costume that can be worn by a variety of ages. Large, green and with bulging muscles--what little boy (or man) wouldn't want to dress as this superhero? Often a little green latex body paint is all you need.

There are several variations of the Incredible Hulk costume, and those with a little creative know-how can even create their own. Bonus: be sure to see the tips on how to apply the green face paint!

Limited Quantities

This costume is going quickly -- there are only a few sizes left. The jumpsuit and the mask are included, as are the cool, bulging muscle arms.

Incredible Hulk Costume for Men

Men's Hulk Outfit

Adult Incredible Hulk Costume

Limited Quantities

This costume features a bulging chest with ripped pants that expose Incredible Hulk's green underneath. This outfit also comes with a headpiece to complete it.

Great Incredible Hulk Mask for Adults

Realistic Hulk Mask

This is an awesome Hulk mask to top of your adult costume--be sure to add some green makeup around the eye cut outs so you don't see skin color through them!

Awesome Hulk Mask for AdultsBUY FROM AMAZON

Incredible Hulk Avengers Costume: Child Size

Mean and Green Hulk!

Boys' Incredible Hulk Costume

Hulk Costume for Kids

This is a pretty cool Hulk costume that comes with the jumpsuit and even the mask! Good luck getting your little guy to take this one off -- he'll love what he looks like in it.

Avengers Hulk Costume with Muscles

All Boys Want These Muscles

Kids' Incredible Hulk Costume

Hulk Costume with Muscles

I love this Avengers Incredible Hulk Costume--the muscles definitely make this costume! You get the jumpsuit, the mask, and the muscle arms. He'll love to look at himself in the mirror in this.

Light Up Incredible Hulk Mask

Impress your friends and family with this mask--the eyes actually light up! It's adjustable to fit a variety of head sizes.

Toddler's Incredible Hulk Costume

Get the Little Guy in on the Hulk Fun!

Incredible Hulk Toddler Costume

With Half Mask

This is a cool, complete costume for your toddler boy. He gets the best of all words: a really cool, muscled-look, and even a neat half-mask. I like that this isn't a full mask since kids can be finicky sometimes and want to take it off.

Incredible Hulk Smash Hands for Kids

Take Cover When He Wears These!

His eyes will go wide with surprise when you present him with his very own smash hands! No Hulk costume is complete without them.

Hulk's Smash Hands!BUY FROM AMAZON

How to Make an Incredible Hulk Costume

The costume can easily be made at home in a few simple steps. Green and black body paint, purple pants and a mask is all you need to make this look.

Step 1: Take an old pair of purple pants (a long pair of shorts will work, too) and cut them to just above the knee. Carefully use a pair of scissors or a sharp razor blade to shred the bottoms in certain areas, resulting in a tattered look.

Step 2: Cover your body with green body paint. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat (if necessary) to achieve a deep green look.

Step 3: Use the black body paint to paint on abdominal muscles.

Step 4: Complete the look by adding a mask.

This look can be completed by using the products below.

Make Your Own Costume

Making this costume is easy with the help of a few products. Utilize the items below to make your Incredible Hulk costume!

Tip: Be prepared to cover yourself with green body paint.

Incredible Hulk Green Body Paint

If you're going to be the Incredible Hulk, you're going to need a lot of green latex body paint! Consider this hulk latex paint. Fully allow the first coat to dry before putting on the pants so you don't smear this green body paint all over them.

Black Body Paint (For Face Details and Muscles)

After your green body paint has completely dried, use the black body paint to paint on some muscles.

How to Apply Incredible Hulk Face Paint - Step 1 - Base Coat

Use latex paint and a sponge to get your base layer.

How to Apply Incredible Hulk Face Paint - Step 2 - Second Coat

Use your latex face paint to perfect the Incredible Hulk face with precision.

How to Apply Incredible Hulk Face Paint - Step 3 - Eyebrows

Adding detail will start to bring the Incredible Hulk to life!

How to Apply Incredible Hulk Face Paint - Step 4 - Cheeks

This is where the Incredible Hulk costume really takes shape!

How to Apply Incredible Hulk Face Paint - Step 5 - Forehead

Utilize your black latex face paint to detail the Incredible Hulk face.

Purple Pants for Hulk - You Just Need to Cut These Up a Bit

If you don't have your own pair of purple pants, purchase an inexpensive pair to cut up. Fleece is good choice for cool October nights.

Find Cheap Incredible Hulk Costumes

If you don't want to pay retail pricing for your costume, eBay can be a good resource. You can find used and even brand-new costumes that are very inexpensive.

Do you know anyone dressing as the Incredible Hulk this year?

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    • FloridaDino profile image

      FloridaDino 5 years ago

      very creative ideas, liked it!

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      heiksz 5 years ago

      nice lens

    • Close2Art LM profile image

      Close2Art LM 6 years ago

      the Hulk was always a favorite of mine as a kid because he's so strong in the comic books, great page, love the kids outfit and the makeup video....:)rwjr

    • JanezKranjski profile image

      JanezKranjski 6 years ago

      What a cute little hulk you have on one of the picture, very cute.

    • profile image

      termit_bronx 6 years ago

      Costumes for kids are very cute! Nicely done.

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      BestRatedStuff 6 years ago

      Like this lens. Hulk is great.

    • GypsyPirate LM profile image

      GypsyPirate LM 6 years ago

      I appreciate that you also let me know how to make my own Hulk costume!

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      anilsaini 6 years ago

      nice lens