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Indiana Jones Birthday Party Theme Supplies and Ideas

Updated on June 9, 2014

Throw an Adventurous Indiana Jones Themed Birthday Party!

Indiana Jones birthday party ideas and themed party supplies here! Find party decorations, favors,invitations, cake, cupcake, party food and game ideas and items to throw an awesome birthday celebration.

Every child wants to be adventurous and what better way to help them than to throw an Indiana Jones Birthday theme party. Indy is an unassuming character with a love for the unknown and a hate for snakes. And kids love it!

In this article we will explore some truly creative and industrious ways to throw your very own Indy party without going over budget. You'll find plenty of hard to find Indiana Jones birthday party supplies featured, along with a few tips and hints, heck we may even find a snake or two lurking about.

Indiana Jones Bithday Party Invitations and Ideas

There are many pre-printed Indiana Jones birthday party invitations online, but if you want to give your party a more authentic feel try this DIY method. It's really quite simple.

Buy map scrapbook paper at Joanne Fabrics. Cut to whatever size you want and use your computer to print out your party details. You can make it more adventurous and set the tone for the day by using a fun saying like; "Indiana Jones Needs Your Help..."

Once you have this finished burn the edges to make it look old, then roll up and tie with some twine. The kids will be delighted to get their own little map to follow.

Of course as mentioned you can find quite a few personalized Indiana Jones birthday invites from a few sources online. The main two I would recommend are ebay and etsy. Both are great places to find well designed invites and sellers who will custom make an invite uniquely for your needs.

Indiana Jones Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Undoubtely the best part of setting up the party will be putting up your Indiana Jones birthday party decorations. The theme has so many cool things you can use. You could transform your room into an ancient tomb or dense jungle...You know, the kind of place that you would usually find Indy.

If your going for that ancient tomb look as seen in Raiders of the lost ark, a few skeleton decorations would not go amiss, tulle netting draped over furniture would make great cob webs. As backdrop you could carve hieroglyphics into styrofoam panels, paint them to give them a dusty old look and apply them onto a cardboard backing before putting it up on your walls.

As the centerpiece on the party table you could use a crystal skull prop or a fake golden sculpture... The dollar store is always a great place to look for cheap toys that woul make great party accessories.

For a more jungle look place inflatable trees or make your own with colored construction paper.

Solid colored decorations are a great way to add a little more color into your Indiana Jones party decorations. Balloons, streamers, confetti in colors like yellow, brown and green will work great.

Indiana Jones Birthday Party Cake Decorations and Ideas

If your looking for ideas for Decorating an Indiana Jones birthday cake for your party try some of these:

With the use of fondant, cake decorating has never been more exciting or creative. Fondant provides a more putty-like texture that can be easily sculpted, shaped, rolled and colored to match any birthday party theme. The possibilities for Indiana Jones are endless. Like this cupcake with Indiana's hat and whip. For a different twist on this you could also use the candy rocks, or crushed up Skor bars for a dirt appearance. Dirt cakes would be super fun cake idea for an Indiana Jones theme. For more inspiration check out this source for Indy cake pics.

To help make decorating the cake a little easier, there are some Indiana Jones cake decorations that are simple to apply, at your disposal. One would be the figure set featuring characters from the movie which can be placed on your cake to top it off, the cake kit which features figures and addition props like the boulder that rolls after Indy in Raiders of the lost ark and another would be personalized edible cake images.

How to make Indiana Jones Cake

Indiana Jones Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

For your Indiana Jones birthday party favors, get creative with these DIY favor ideas... Your young adventurers will love it.

Indiana Jones DIY Hats

What's a little adventurer without his trusty hat? Indiana Jones classic brown fedora's are available to purchase, and range in price. But if you want to have some fun they aren't really difficult to duplicate. In fact, most Dollar Stores carry a supply of this style of hat (or close to it).

If the fedora comes plain just add some wide brown ribbon around the base to make it more Indy-authentic. Once you have them crafted for each of your guests place them around the table or hand them each one as they arrive. So much fun!

Indiana Jones DIY Whips

One of the things every adventurer needs to be Indiana Jones is his whip. Again you can purchase these and they are available online at most party supply stores. However, the basic concept of the whip is not hard to do.

All you need are 3 long thin strips of brown fabric, a wooden dowel and a rectangle of leather (other materials will work as well). Once you have your fabric cut (you will want to double the length of material to the finished whip length), glue them to the end of the wooden dowel and braid the material lengths. Add your leather end and voila - Indy whip is ready for swinging.

The nice thing about making them from material versus plastic is they won't hurt on contact - we all know a whip in a boy's hand will be swung at someone.

More Favor Ideas

Once the cake has been served and the games exhausted it's time for the party to be over. Send home your guests with a party favor to remember the day by. If you used the hats and whips these make a great take home gift. Add in a nice cello bag with an Indy topper filled with rock candy, skulls and bones, green and tan bubblegum etc.

Placing these bags in a cool accessory is also fun. I found these old plastic bowls at a thrift shop, painted them gold and draped a Dollar Store necklace around the rim. These are now ready to hold your party favors.

Tip: Fill them with sand or brown decorative gravel (aquarium gravel works well) then add your bag of treats to them. Also great as a place setting.

Indiana Jones Birthday Party Game Ideas

Having a treasure hunt is an old favorite of any birthday party, but it especially fits for an Indy themed one. Use the same scrapbooking map design paper to print out a fun treasure hunt, or in this case, an archeological hunt.

For the objects of the find, use Dollar store trinkets, like the dinosaurs in the egg. Some of these "hatch" in water while others have to be chipped away at to be discovered. Hide these in sand, under rocks among the bushes etc.

You can also use the grow toys. Wrap them in burlap to give an old feel when the kids discover them in your yard.

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