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Christmas Gifts For Expecting Mothers

Updated on September 8, 2016

Christmas Gifts For Expecting Mothers Don't Need To Be Expensive

Since receiving the news that one of my best friends is expecting I have been going mad thinking about what to buy for her this coming Christmas. This is a very special time for her, since she's been trying for so long, and I want to buy a gift that will make her expecting months easier or something that she will be able to use or wear once the baby is born.

I think pregnancy is one of the most wonderful times in a woman's life, but sometimes it can take its toll, and can make us feel miserable, moody or depressed. With this in mind, it will be a good idea to buy something that will brighten up her day and make her feel cherished. It doesn’t need to be an expensive gift, and since I can't afford to spend much, I though I could make her a crafty Christmas present or offer my time to do something for her. I'm sure this will make her smile and appreciate me as a really true friend, if I can say so myself.

My 5 Top Gifts Ideas

I have been trying to think about inexpensive Christmas gifts for expecting mothers and I have come up with five gifts that people on a budget like me can take into consideration when deciding which present to buy to their pregnant mum.

1- Make Your Own Christmas Voucher

This can work great when you really can't afford to spend any money in her gift. Create a voucher as simple or crafty as you want and offer your time to do some chores for her. This can be something like few hours to clean her house/garden, help with ironing, make her dinner, do the shopping or take the kids somewhere for a little bit of "me" time. You could also offer your time for a bit of pampering by giving her a manicure/pedicure, a relaxing massage, a new hairdo/makeup or a simple facial. I would have appreciated it very much if someone had offered me some of these things when I was pregnant.

2- Motherhood Adjustable Leggings

When I was expecting I practically lived on two pair of elastic trousers because I didn't see the point of buying something that I wasn't going to wear after the pregnancy was over. But to be honest, these days you can buy very inexpensive leggings made specially for expecting mothers in mind. The great thing about elastic leggings or trousers is that they are very comfortable and can be worn through all pregnancy months and beyond. You can get a pair of these leggings for as little as $9.99

3- Create Your Own Christmas Gift Basket

Gift baskets are adorable and perfect to put together few items that expecting mums can use during and after pregnancy. A handmade gift basket is also cheaper than a pre-package one and you can make one to suit your budget. The basket can be filled with things that expectant mums love or need. To give you some ideas get a container or gift basket from a discounted store and fill it with skin care and spa products, make up, chocolates, coffee, tea, biscuits, assorted sweets, cheese, soft toys, flowers, inexpensive jewelry, CD's, DVD’s, maternity pajamas, scarves, wraps or anything else you can think of.

If you like the idea of creating your own gift baskets for any occasion there are plenty of good books that can teach you how to do it.

Make Your Own Gift Basket

4- Make Up

Most women I know like to look good and feel pretty when they go out, especially in social occasions. As our body expands and changes throughout pregnancy, sometimes it can be a struggle to see ourselves beautiful. But something as simple as make up can make us feel like a million dollars. Just any type of make up, from a simple lipstick to an entire make up kit. Make up kits are a very good idea as gifts because you have all you need in one place and come in all sort of designs and prices.


5- Pendant Necklace

This is a very thoughtful gift for expecting mothers, I know because I received one when I was pregnant and loved it. If you want to give something that will last forever and will make a great impact on your pregnant mum a pendant necklace or any other kind of jewelry is the way to go. Some of the pendant necklaces I have been looking at are very affordable and of a very good quality. You really are spoil for choice!

Is The Thought That Counts

I really hope that among these selection of items you can find some inexpensive Christmas gifts for expecting mothers. If you are like me you will want to find something that is perfect for her, but try no to get too stressed about it and always remember that is the though that counts.

Any More Christmas Gifts Ideas?

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