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Inflatable Christmas Decoration Ideas for your home

Updated on October 7, 2014

The best outdoor Christmas inflatables

It's that time of the year again... Decorating for Christmas is not just limited to Christmas trees any more. Nowadays, you decorate outdoors on your lawn or patio with inflatable christmas decorations.

Also known as blow up christmas decorations, they are unique from other christmas décor as they need to be airblown using an air pump, preferably using a quick electric air pump. After all, these decorations can be really big and life-size (which requires a LOT of air!)

There are many options to choose from if you want to have these Christmas inflatables on your lawn. The one pictured above is a huge 16 foot Santa sleigh with 3 reindeers which you can get on Amazon.

Images courtesy of Amazon, unless otherwise stated.

Inflatable Christmas Yard decorations

Inflatable Christmas Yard decorations
Inflatable Christmas Yard decorations | Source

Grinch inflatable yard decorations

If you're looking for more variety and uniqueness to your holiday décor, you may opt for a Grinch inflatable that will surely "wow" anyone passing by your home. Imagine the irony of having Santa's number one enemy on your front porch, the mean and green creature who hates Christmas. You can even put him up the roof or your balcony. Beware though as you might scare the kids off.

Looking for an Inflatable Grinch? - See the latest deals on eBay

As of this time, the only place online where you can find Grinch inflatables is on eBay. If you do want one, get yours now while they're still available. Don't be surprised if you can't find these on Amazon as they are currently out of stock.

Blow up christmas decorations

blow up christmas decorations
blow up christmas decorations | Source

Disney inflatable christmas decorations

Children's themed holiday decorations are becoming popular. Nowadays, you can find lots of Disney-themed Christmas inflatables featuring Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, with plenty of options to choose from. Some are lighted ones, some animated but most of them are life-sized and would make a great decoration for your lawn.

Videos on Outdoor christmas inflatables - You can get some really cool ideas from watching these vids!

Mickey Mouse Christmas Inflatable

Gemmy inflatable christmas decorations

Known for their Airblown Inflatables, Gemmy is a leading manufacturer of quality seasonal decorations creating life-sized figures for Christmas and Halloween. Gemmy has also partnered up with Disney and other popular children's brands to make themed Christmas decorations. Available characters include Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh, SpongeBob, Snoopy, and Hello Kitty.

Popular Gemmy Inflatables - for the holiday season

Inflatable Santa

Christmas just won't be complete without a Santa Claus decoration. I know that the essence of Christmas is all about Jesus being born, but we have gotten so used to Santa ever since he left us a gift under the Christmas tree.

I used to believe in Santa (I got a present from him once). It turns out that it was actually from my mom (she admitted it when I got older, I think that was in my teen years).

Unique Inflatable Santa Claus

If you got tired of seeing Santa in a sleigh, or under a Christmas tree, you'll be glad to know that there are LOTS of unique, non-traditional inflatable Santa decorations for your lawn, porch, front yard, balcony, or even indoors if you want.

Inflatable Christmas Tree

The debate these days is not just about whether to have a real or an artificial Christmas tree...

Airblown inflatable Christmas is now among the practical choices if you want hassle-free decorations. Real Christmas trees are heavy, and they can leave stains on carpets, and the leaves (needles) of pine trees are very difficult to clean up after the holiday season. Even artificial Christmas trees can be a hassle to set up or put away. If you want a tree this Christmas, but don't want the hassle, then maybe an inflatable one is for you.

Looking for an Inflatable Christmas Tree? - Here are some great ones on Amazon

Here's a video of Santa coming out of the Christmas tree

Gemmy Industries 82952 Large Animated Santa Christmas Tree 6'
Gemmy Industries 82952 Large Animated Santa Christmas Tree 6'

Size: 6'.


Lights up.

Outdoor inflatable.

Animated santa rising from a christmas tree.

Tall animated airblown santa popping out of christmas tree. Self inflates in seconds. Stakes and tethers included.


Have you found the Inflatable Christmas decoration you were looking? - If you were just browsing, feel free to say hi!

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    • profile image

      Rich "in search of" 2 weeks ago

      where can I buy an inflatable Eeore near zip code 01562 in Massachusetts?

    • profile image

      jeleger 4 years ago


      Help me find Heat Miser and Snow Miser outdoor Inflatable from the holiday movie "A Year Without A Santa". Help me find some because that is my family's favorite movie at this time of year and I wish I could find them> I have spied them at a house in Lunenburg, Ma and I will investigate further!

    • profile image

      jeleger 4 years ago

      I want Snow Miser and Heat Miser Inflatable but I guess A Year Without a Santa is not everyone's family favorite. Well it is ours and I wish I could find them!?

    • profile image

      ElectricTed 5 years ago

      Awesome. I love the inflatable Winnie the Pooh as Santa!!!

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

      They look cool!