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Inflatable Halloween Decorations For The Yard

Updated on October 8, 2014

Spook out your yard for Halloween with these great inflatable Halloween decorations.

Halloween is a great time to decorate the inside and outside of the house; there's no better way to get your yard in the spirit of the season than with inflatable Halloween decorations. You can go scary or you can go happy with any of the Halloween decorations I've chosen for this Squidoo article. Like witches? I've got ya covered. Prefer the Great Pumpkin? We can do that too. So, come along and see some great Halloween decorations for your yard (and home).

By the way, that picture above is of an Airblown Wild Stagecoach. Scroll down below for more information on this great inflatable Halloween decoration for the yard.

Master Organ Halloween Airblown Inflatable by Gemmy
Master Organ Halloween Airblown Inflatable by Gemmy

This Halloween decoration for the yard actually plays spooky music.


Halloween airblown inflatables

These Halloween inflatable decorations all come with their own fan so they inflate in minutes, saving you a lot of huffing and puffing. These airblown inflatables also deflate in minutes so they're easy up and easy down.

Note: these airblown inflatable Halloween yard decorations come with heavy duty stakes for a reason - use them! I saw the Great Pumpkin tumbling down a busy street last year during a rainstorm.

The Grim Reaper Airblown Halloween Decorations

The Grim Reaper comes calling

Hopefully, inviting the Grim Reaper into your Halloween decorations this yard will make him happy and keep him at bay throughout the year. These airblown Grim Reaper decorations are particularly creepy to me - perfect to adorn any Halloween festooned yard.

All of these spooky decorations for Halloween are airblown so they come with the self-inflating fan.

Pumpkin Airblown Inflatables

Perhaps you're not a Grim Reaper type of person - maybe these friendly Halloween pumpkins are more your speed. These are all airblown decorations too so they self-inflate in minutes. Some even have lights for greater visibility at night.

Halloween Inflatables 8' Tall Inflatable Dead Tree w/ Ghost on Top/ Pumpkins on Bottom
Halloween Inflatables 8' Tall Inflatable Dead Tree w/ Ghost on Top/ Pumpkins on Bottom

This spooky inflatable Halloween yard piece features a tree with an attitude! The ghosts and pumpkins round out this 8' tall Halloween scene.


Airblown Inflatable Halloween Ghosts

Add a ghost or two to your Halloween yard

These airblown inflatable ghosts are just the perfect Halloween decoration - they're even better on a foggy night. And, of course, there's Caspar, the friendly ghost too. The are adorable Halloween decorations!

Most ghostly Halloween creatures

Although the trio of ghosts on the left looks a bit frightening, the ghost on the right looks like he could scare himself! He is just downright adorable. Either of these would be perfect yard decorations for Halloween.

An Inflatable Halloween Train and Haunted Stage Coach

An Inflatable Halloween Train and Stage Coach

This Haunted Stage Coach is one of the larger inflatable Halloween decorations, coming in at 8 feet high and 13 feet wide. It has a large fan which inflates this decoration in minutes and keeps it inflated as long as it's plugged in. Just make sure to stake it down well or deflate it in inclement weather.

Haunted Wild Stagecoach Airblown

Here's your chance to leave me comments about this article or life in general. I'm all ears!

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    • profile image

      ChristyZ 5 years ago

      We have a great time decorating our home every year for Halloween. We usually put up at least one inflatable decoration. You've listed a terrific selection of inflatables, my favorite is the Spooky Ghost Trio. :)