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5 Of The Best Inflatable Halloween Lawn Decorations

Updated on October 15, 2014

Best Inflatable Halloween Lawn Decorations

Are you looking for the best in Inflatable Halloween Lawn Decorations? Check out the best in Halloween inflatables available this year.

Halloween is a great time to get out those inflatable lawn decorations and create an awesome, and spooky outdoor display in your yard or lawn!

There are lots of Halloween inflatables to choose from in all sorts of themes and colors, so, be the envy of your neighbors with one of these inflatable Halloween lawn decorations as the centerpiece of your outside decor this year!

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Animated Air Blown Cat with Moving Head

Inflatable Halloween Black Cat Lawn Decoration

I chose this because it reminds me of my own little black cat on a bad day!

A witches black cat is synonymous with Halloween and this one will certainly be the envy of the neighbors. When it is inflated the head moves from side to side, this really is a cool Halloween prop!

See The Halloween Black Cat Inflatable Lawn Decoration In Action

You Simply Can't Have Halloween Without Witches!

This almost reminds me of the three witches in Macbeth, huddled around their cauldron casting spells.

This animated Halloween inflatable lights up for the perfect night time decor!

Large Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decoration

If you are looking for something big to impress for this years Halloween holiday then this Grim Reaper pulling along a pumpkin on his cart should do the trick!

This cool Halloween prop comes with everything needed to secure it and lights up for night time viewing!

Inflatable Ghostly Pirate Ship Yard Decoration For Halloween

The kids are going to love this 7ft tall pirate ship with it's ghostly crew this Halloween.

It inflates easily and lights up so that it can be seen at night time too.

Inflatable Haunted House

If you are having a Halloween party then this inflatable will make the perfect entrance, and 'Trick or Treaters' will have to make their way through it to get their candy treats!


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