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Inflatable Santa on Harley Motorcycle

Updated on December 2, 2011

Inflatable Santa Rides His Harley Motorcycle

This inflatable Santa is riding his Harley motorcycle and giving Rudolph a rest. You know the world population is growing and if Santa is going to get to every house with a good boy or girl, he just might want to take a spin on his bike.

Believe it or not, you've actually got a few different inflatable Santa on motorcycles to choose from (while supplies last). Pick out the one you like best and get your order in so you can show off your unique Christmas decorating style for the full Christmas season!

Santa Claus on Motorcycle with Snowman in Sidecar

North Pole Rider - 7 Feet Long - Christmas Airblown Inflatable

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Another Inflatable Santa Rides His Hog

More Inflatable Santa on Motorcycle Christmas Decorations

Well if you've been a good boy (or girl).... there are still more for you to choose between. There is the one whose picture I borrowed for the lens photo. I think it will appeal to Harley-Davidson fans, what do you think? Here's a nice BIG picture (though not as big as Santa will be in person!)

6.5' Inflatable Motorcycle Santa Claus

Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration

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And then the one below. Silly me, I was looking at the "SC" on the motorcycle and trying to figure out what manufacturer that was.

And then I realized it stood for Santa Claus.

Airblown Inflatable Santa on a Motorcycle

Limited Supplies

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

Well at the risk of having a biased audience (people shopping for giant inflated Santa's riding a motorcycle).... I'll ask the question anyway.

Are People Going Too Far with Christmas Decorations?

See results

World's Biggest Inflatable Santa - No.... he's not on a motorcycle

If your spouse feels you are out-of-control with your Christmas decorations, but you really wanted to buy one of these inflatable Santa on a motorcycle, you can try showing him or her this video of the really giant Santa to make a six-foot one seem er..... well .... merely life-size.

Department 56 Snow Village Harley-Davidson Lit Building
Department 56 Snow Village Harley-Davidson Lit Building

Welcome to The Original Snow Village. Built with the same traditions and values found in small towns across America. Officially licensed, this Snow Village dealership offers the best selection of new Harleys anywhere. Check the highly detailed interior scene. Is Santa choosing a bike for you? Hand-crafted and hand-painted ceramic lit building, LED lit, includes battery pack.


Lights, Inflation..... Action

Your Christmas Holiday Decorations

I remember seeing Christmas Vacation when I was in college. My parents' Christmas decorating routine was to hang a string of big white bulbs along one windowsill, place a wreath on the door, but a spotlight on the wreath and then decorate inside. Our outside decorations took maybe an hour or less to do, counting the time to fetch the box from the attic.

But in the Christmas Vacation movie, Chevy Chase's character spends hours trying to untangle the Christmas lights and then hours stringing them up before blowing the fuse or maybe the whole neighborhood generator plugging it all in. I thought it was absurd. Well that was before I got married. While we don't rival the Griswalds, each year it seems like my husband adds to our holiday Christmas decorations. I just smile, come in and create web pages like this one. How are the holiday decorating traditions at your house?

P.S. I really like how decorated this house is in the picture, don't you? For several years I had a long commute and the Christmas decorations were so nice from Thanksgiving to New Year's I could drive home and enjoy periodically seeing one of these beautifu holiday displays, regardless of whether they had any inflatable Santas on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Inflatable Santa on Motorcycle - Best Price - Check Ebay for Inflatable Santa on Motorcycle Here!

It's always worth at least checking Ebay for Inflatable Santas on Motorcycle. Not all of these inflatable Santa's are riding Harley Davidsons, but they all have some motorcycle.

WAIT! - Don't forget you need to BLOW UP your Inflatable Santa on Harley - So how to blow up an Air-Filled Lawn Decoration?

I was pretty sure that people didn't actually huff and puff into a mouthpiece to blow up these giant Santa Claus on Harleys, but I had to browse around Amazon a bit before I found a really affordable solution. This electric pump for blowing up inflatable Christmas (or other) lawn decorations (also works on air mattresses) is in stock and part of Amazon Prime , so you can get it in 2 days for free, 1 day for $3.99 (IF you are an Amazon Prime Member

Coleman 120V Electric Quick Pump, Colors May Vary
Coleman 120V Electric Quick Pump, Colors May Vary

Everyone (in the customer reviews) said this thing works great. Blowing up inflatables faster than you can say 'Merry Christmas!' -- ok, that could be a tiny exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Among all the praise, the only caution was everyone said this pump is SUPER loud. So do your neighbors a favor and don't flip this on at 1 AM to surprise everyone in the morning with your blown-up Santa Claus!


Do You Decorate from Thanksgiving to the last Ho-Ho-Ho?? - Tell Us about Your Holiday Decorations

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    • Bookmama2 profile image

      Bookmama2 4 years ago

      @Doc_Holliday: Wow, that is decorating with your own unique style!

    • profile image

      Doc_Holliday 4 years ago

      At the moment I am into a purple Christmas tree with silver trimmings. An inflated Santa on a hog would go well under it.