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Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Updated on July 1, 2014

Outdoor Yard Inflatables

There are tons of ways to do outdoor Halloween decorations, and all of them fun and compelling. But one of the easiest and coolest ways to decorate is through airblown yard inflatables decortions.

These Halloween inflatable yard decorations have become extraordinarily detailed in their designs, and come in an endless number of themes.

Not only that, but these holiday outdoor inflatables have those airblown devices which are simply triggered and up they go, once you've placed them where you want them in your yard.

Like other holiday inflatables, a Halloween yard inflatable is easy to identify as to the season it represents, and the fall and Halloween colors and themes add a lot to the outdoor decorations you have to complement them.

Let's take a look at this exciting inflatable decorations and see if it stirs something in you to go out and get some to add to your Halloween experience. They can be from small in size to huge inflatables which can stretch for many feet long and many feet high. We'll show you both here.

Inflatable Outdoor Jack O' Lantern

We can't have an inflatable Halloween article without having a traditional Jack O' Lantern as part of the story; and this one is fun, friendly and welcoming to those visiting or driving or walking by.

One thing to keep in mind as we go through these inflatable Halloween decorations is that they are far bigger in size than the picture will usually portray them. Look at this one and the pumpkin sitting on a huge stump and how it scales with the building in the back. This is a larger yard inflatable than it looks at first.

Inflatable Jack O' Lantern

Halloween Inflatable Spider

Here is another fun one that everyone would like; especially the children. But even this rather tame looking inflatable spider decoration, by adult standards, could scare the little ones as they visit.

Sponge Bob Pirate Inflatable Halloween Decoration

Now how can you not like Sponge Bob the pirate? Although he's shown here on the inside, he would be a great addition to any outdoor inflatable setup, and is a lot of fun to look at. This would probably be one of the few that wouldn't scare the children.

Love those feet sticking out while he's sitting down.

Halloween Inflatable Sponge Bob Pirate

Coffin Inflatable with Skeleton in it

I think this particular Halloween inflatable decoration would get the most laughs of all the inflatables shown here. It's just too funny seeing the skeleton in the midst of the coffin.

Inflatable skeleton in a coffin

Inflatable Gargoyle Yard Decoration

While the gargoyle has a fierce face, it's just hard to find it scary with that bright colored body. But it would definitely catch the attention of visitors and passerbys with that color.

Again, look how big it is when scaling it against the shrubs and house.

Outdoor Inflatable Gargoyle

Outdoor evil clown inflatable

Now here we have the first truly scary looking outdoor inflatable, and this scary, evil clown is not small by any stretch of the imagination; that' s a building it's placed in front of.

If you have a big enough space between your house and the street, this would be an interesting yard inflatable to add to your outdoor Halloween decorations.

Evil Clown Inflatable

Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler, 3-Feet 6-Inch Width by 30-Inch Height

Large Inflatable Haunted House

Now we're getting into some serious fun here. I don't know how big this inflatable haunted house is, but it's really big. I want one of those.

To give you an idea of scale, it's placed right in front of the entry way to the house.

Haunted House Yard Inflatable

This had a lot of detail and I like the gargoyles standing guard and the tall spire on the side. It would be a great conversation piece, and fun for the kids to look at.

Unique, Scary Inflatable Crime Scene

This is really unique, and so would surprise a lot of people who come across it with a quick glance. Of course the perpetrator of the crime seems to have returned to the seen, or we're getting a flashback of what happened before. Either way, a pretty cool inflatable yard decoration.

Inflatable Crime Scene

Huge Inflatable Skull Entry

This is of course in front of a commercial property, and is really neat to look at and to go under.

But if you had enough room at the front of your house, it would really be a major attention-getter, and everyone would want to travel under the scary skull over the entry.

Inflatable Pumpkin Carriage Driven by Skeleton

This was among one of my favorites of all the Halloween outdoor inflatable decorations, and I would love to have something like that standing out in my yard.

I wish I could have had a photo of this in the dark with lights on it. I think the orange coach would have stood out nicely.

Inflatable Pumpkin Carriage

Horse drawn hearse with skeleton driver

I saved the best for last in my opinion, and this is just a great Halloween outdoor yard inflatable. The detail is great, and what's not to love with the horse rearing up.

What really makes it to me though is the see-through curtain where it looks like a body or someone riding in the back with a coffin is sitting there. This is a great holiday yard inflatable, and one I would like to have before all the others.

Inflatable Halloween Decorations a lot of fun

There's not one of these inflatable Halloween decoration I didn't like. They are of course very different in look and feel, but all would add to anyone's outdoor Halloween decorations and delight everyone looking at and enjoying them.


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    • profile image

      vrivera 5 months ago

      I'm interested in buying the Horse drawn hearse with skeleton driver and zombie in coffin. Please let me know if you still have one.

    • profile image

      Jason 18 months ago

      I have the horse and carriage with the zombie that pops out of the coffin in the back, if anyone is interested in it I'm selling it. Let me know

    • profile image

      Marta 4 years ago

      Where can I purchase Evil Clown Inflatable?

    • profile image

      Mar E Aspeitia 5 years ago

      Yes can you please tell me were I can find a haunted house for halloween. For this year I really need one. Because I don't live in the good part of are town and know one likes to come here. But the trick or treaters that do come I like to give them something good to see how happey they are. And that makes me happey because I could never have children of my own know I'm sick and handycap I can't go any way with out help so I do all my shopping on line so if you can help me I would grealy apresheate very much if you could do this for me. (MY GOD BLESS YOU) (LIZ)

    • profile image

      halloween inflatables 6 years ago

      Special Thanks for sharing it with others!

      www dotjdinflatablesdotcom

    • angie ashbourne profile image

      angie ashbourne 6 years ago


    • profile image 6 years ago

      Please let me no where I can buy a gargoyle I need one for a Christmas present ?

    • profile image 6 years ago

      Please let me no where I can buy a gargoyle I need one for a Christmas present ?

    • profile image

      Dawn Bartlett 6 years ago

      Could you please let me know where to buy the haunted house , my email is

    • profile image

      Steven "Party Rentals" Rankin 7 years ago

      they are all amazing, i like the skeleton would be great at night with lights, but i wonder if it works for scaring people, it would be more on admiring...thumps up with this!

    • profile image

      ystaple 7 years ago

      You can get the inflatable skull entry here:

    • profile image

      PATRYCJA 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Hal 8 years ago

      Most of these inflatables have lights inside that make them look really cool at night. The Haunted Houses have blinking lights and sound effects that go off as little ghouls walk by.