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Interesting Things To Buy As A Gift On Special Occasions

Updated on August 27, 2014

If you are looking for an interesting thing to buy as a present for someone on Christmas, Eid, Diwali, wedding ceremony, birthday or corporate event then I'm sure the list I have made will help you decide better. The list includes from inexpensive to expensive, from small to large and from personal use to decorative items you might have heard about but overlooked. Here's the list of 10:

Multipurpose Knife (Swiss Army Knife)

This knife is my personal favorite and a really handy tool to have with you all the time. With it you can peel off an orange, cut a cord, open up a bottle, tighten a screw and even remove stranded particles stuck in your teeth because a single knife contains a sharp blade, a small scissors, a bottle opener, an efficient screw driver and a little toothpick; all in one. The exact number of tools in multipurpose knife(mostly known as Swiss Knife) may vary with quality and price.

A Child loves it and so does a hunter. As one has wonderful toolkit to play with and show creativity while other has all the required steel-made items folded into a single finger sized package on a jungle trip.

It definitely makes an excellent gift and an item for personal and business use.

A Swiss Knife With Limited Tools
A Swiss Knife With Limited Tools | Source
Tissue Box Made Of Crochet Cotton
Tissue Box Made Of Crochet Cotton | Source

Tissue Box

Most of us see a single(evergreen to us) design of a tissue box on our tables and don't feel the need of replacing it.

But the world is full of beautiful tissue boxes and many of them can add beauty to your room or office. The price depends on the box material which can be as inexpensive as glass, simple wood, bamboo, wool, cotton and plastic or as costly as steel, carbon fiber, aluminium and even copper.

Generally, wood boxes are crafted and shaped into beautiful designs such as stack of antique books, while metal boxes have patterns. Plastic ones come in many forms and shapes: simple, fancy(Rubik's puzzle, tiki head are great for children) and with embroidery covers that can be replaced and washed.

Battery Screw Driver

Counting the total number of screws in a house is near to impossible, but using a screw driver on any of them is not. Still, this little battery powered gadget makes the already easy screw tightening task all the more easier and enjoyable. And switch to manual screw driving whenever you like!

A nice addition to a personal tool collection and a decent birthday present for a gadget loving person.

Table Fountain

A small fountain on a tabletop is surely a pleasant site to see. Table fountain adds to the beauty of your room or lounge and creates a welcoming environment.

If you seek a little expensive item to buy this one should top the list.

Just to give you an idea here are some interesting decorative table fountains:

  • Four-tiered fountain with beautiful clay bowls on each tier
  • Eternal steps fountain
  • Pouring pitcher fountain
  • Country cottage fountain
  • Tabletop fountain with three candles

An expensive but heart-wining gift to buy for someone!

Beverage Dispenser

On a table with guests sitting around one can simply use a jug or a bottle to serve home-made beverages or soft drinks. But a party can be given a nice touch by introducing a beverage dispenser in the middle. Usually transparent or semi transparent, beverage dispensers come in different shapes and sizes. Some have condensation-free double wall as well.

Definitely a nice kitchen collection!

Electric Duster

Starting from a non-technical large sofa to a sophisticated small laptop, cleaning things with tricky corners and sides has always been a real headache. People try to reach these places with tissues and old vests folded on their fingers but rarely succeed.

With small nozzle and powerful air pressure the cleaning job is made easy by electric duster. Vacuum cleaner can't reach smaller places so electric duster is a useful machine to have along with it in a store.

Lock Shaped Wooden Key Rack
Lock Shaped Wooden Key Rack

Wooden Key Rack

Either you hang your keys on a lonely nail on the wall or put them on some table in a corner. If that's not the case then you surely have a key rack. But if the rack is simple enough then it's time to move on to some fabulous key rack designs.

My personal favorite is the wooden key rack which comes in many shapes such as lock, key(old and new key style), camel, horse, ship, boat, hut, date trees, feather, fish, penguin, hammer etc. This lovely, inexpensive, useful and hand crafted rack is a real piece of decoration in itself.

So, buy it quickly to use or gift!

Ajwa Dates

One of the most delicious dates from the land of Saudi Arabia, Madinah city. Always in high demand and in short supply, these premium dates are really expensive. The fact that it's considered extremely beneficial for health of heart in Islamic scriptures only adds to the cost. Try these instead of a cake or pastry next time.

Bike Took Kit

For a bike lover this tool is a must buy. As is the case with Swiss knife, this Victorinox Army Bike Tool Kit is also pocket-sized small and does the job of full-fledged bag of tools. Obviously it's not the replacement of the complete tool set required for long trips but it is trustworthy enough for short neighbourhood tours.

LighTunes Feather Shade Lamp

The lightweight feather shade lamp has two speakers and a Bluetooth communication system that can play music from different sources like computer, mobile phone, mp3 player etc. It also has a USB charging port, an alarm clock and an FM radio. The alarm and light are synchronized to increase gradually to help you wake up, while another cool feature turns music off slowly to assist you in your sleep.

All in all a pretty decent decoration piece with useful features.


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