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Irish Christmas Tree Ornaments

Updated on December 2, 2015

Irish Christmas Tree Ornaments - The Celtic Symbol Meanings Are Special To Me

Irish Christmas Tree Ornaments for those of us who want to bring the old country here with us. My home is my castle and I'll decorate my tree anyway I like. And I like the Irish Tree Ornaments! The Celtic Symbol Meanings are special to those of us with a wee bit of the Irish in our blood and we want to carry some of the traditions from there to here. The symbols are beautiful and hold a special meaning to us, but you don't have to be Irish to enjoy and appreciate them.

Take a look at some of the Irish items that will make everyone's tree look a bit more decorative this year. Christmas is a wonderful time of year and it's a time to share with friends and family. I've also added some Irish Christmas gift ideas you might enjoy seeing. Photo Credit: Celtic Symbol Meanings

Emerald Isle Christmas Ornaments

Which ornament here is your favorite? The pickles, the Irish angel, the jig, the dancing girl or the top hat? Which conveys the spirit of the Irish and Christmas to you? I like ornaments that have a special meaning to me, so I would have to choose the Irish angel as the ornament I would choose from this list. Did you know Hallmark has an angel ornament collection and the very first one was released in 2011 for Christmas, it's an Irish angel. Did you get one?

Pictures Of A Visit To Ireland

Irish Christmas Ornaments From Belleek

If you are ever in County Fermanagh be sure to take some pictures of the River Erne and visit the Belleek Pottery Visitors Center. Find out the history of this lovely china, see some of the oldest pieces ob Belleek around, and visit the mold and the casting centers. The tour is led by a guide and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Find out what the 16 Steps are! And you can visit the store where you can buy your very own Belleek.

Irish Waterford Christmas Ornaments

Since 1783 Waterford has been making crystal and these lovely pieces haven't lost their charm yet. Look at this lovely shamrock and snow flake ornament ... imagine them on your Christmas tree or picture the face of a loved when when they open a gift box with one of these beautiful ornaments inside. Waterford makes a wonderful gift idea.
If you ever get to Ireland be sure to put a Waterford factory tour on your agenda. To learn more about these pieces and the factory where they are made visit Waterford Visitor Center

Traditional Irish Christmas Hymn

Irish Music For Christmas

Irish Connemara Marble

Connemara Marble is unique to one place only and that's Ireland. To find out more about this lovely green marble visit Smokehouse. There are some interesting facts about Connemara Marble you should know. The first you've already learned - you can only find this green marble in Ireland and there's it's found on the western coast of the Emerald Isle. It's over 900 million years old. (That's 900,000,000!) Some folk's consider it the gem stone of Ãire. It was once limestock but pressure and heat changed the limestone to marble. This stone comes in different hues of green, from very light to emerald.

Do You Already Have An Irish Christmas Tree Ornament?

Do You Already Have An Irish Christmas Tree Ornament?

Enya Silent Night (in Irish)

Irish Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas in Killarney - Barra MacNeils

Yes I do have Irish ornaments for my Christmas tree

Yes I do have Irish ornaments for my Christmas tree

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