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Its A Winter Wonderland

Updated on February 6, 2013

Winter Wonder & Fun

For those of us lucky enough to have lots of snow during the winter season I think we all would agree, there is nothing quite like our Winter Wonderland.

Winter snow muffles all the worlds sounds creating a somewhat surreal atmosphere yet some find it liberating to walk just after or even during a winter storm. Traffic sounds normally filling the background magically disappear leaving those walking outside in a true wonderland, Perhaps the time just after the storm is like being in a dream. And what about the squeaky sound your boots make when walking atop a snowy road, like being in a cartoon.

Have you ever walked along a neighborhood road surround by snow and you notice a candle in one of the windows? Or maybe you notice lots of candles lighting up someones dinning room, the family sitting altogether around the table warm and sung, happy to be with each other. I've seen that scene a couple of times and I wish hard the memory will last for later so I might share it with others. Winter surely is a wonderland.

Winter's Quiet Beauty

Winter's Quiet Beauty
Winter's Quiet Beauty

Making Eggnog (has a kick) - create an eggnog made for a party

Touched by Winters Brush

Touched by Winters Brush
Touched by Winters Brush

Toboggans are made of wooden slats, bent and curled back from the front to create a candy cane like hook.. A rope is run through the top of the loop to provide rudimentary steering. The driver places their feet in the loop and sits on the flat bed; any others sit behind them and grasp the waist of the person in front them while tucking their feet under that persons knees. Sitting on a toboggan is kind of like making a human chain.

Toboggan Ride - join in on this traditional winter ride

Group How-To Toboggan Ride

8 Steps

1. All toboggan riders should be dressed very warmly (layers) as crashing and turning over into the snow is part of the fun of riding a toboggan.

2. find a large hill that has a wide swath of open space clear of boulders, trees and cliffs.

3. Climb to the top of the hill with all your friends.

3. Gather all your friends together

4. At the top of the hill have everyone sit snugly on the toboggan with their feet tight against the person in front of them... no loose limbs allowed when the ride starts.

5. Everyone should be facing forward and not laying down.

6. The person in the front can steer the toboggan by leaning and grabing onto the curled front and twisting it in the direction they want to go. Note this is not fool proof - it is better to bail out then trying to steer when heading toward a cliff.

7. Have the person last on the toboggan give the group a push and then jump back on for the ride.

8. If the snow is deep and soft make sure you turn over once or twice on the ride for fun, of course if the hill is icy or crusty you want to avoid this for safety reasons.

Share A Winter Wonderland Thought

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      6 years ago

      eggnog never tried put look very nice mmmmmm great Lens thanks for sharing


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