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Updated on May 25, 2013

Halloween Stories And More!

Hello, I am Marc Guberti, and I love halloween. The scariest, most gruesome, and spookiest stories you will ever find on Halloween night. The pumpkins line up, the goblins engage in combat, and the ghosts pop up when you least expect it. Look out! Here it comes! You can't see them, so you won't know they are watching you to this day. Feel haunted by the Halloween spirit and jump into the stories now!

Turn off the lights for these stories. You won't forget them ever, but will you survive another day to tell the tale? Wohahahahahahhahahaha!

The Last Crop and the Hidden Soldier

by Marc Guberti

A fall breeze blew across the town of Jarephood. Dusk filled the air, and not a thing was seen outside except for pure darkness. Black Cats looked like white blankets compared to the pitch-black darkness that engulfed the town. There was a farmer outside who needed to harvest all of his crops at this time. The farmer had filthy clothing on stained with all kinds of dirt and a haggard look in his droopy face as he harvested the crops with only a candle and a few baskets to put the crops in. Once a basket was filled up with crops, the farmer put it in his house and continued working.

The house was no mansion or anything of that nature. The farmer's house was just a simple two floor building with some small holes on the roof.

The farmer had a small candle on the small table that helped him get around his house at night. The stairs were concealed with dust and haven't been clean ever since the farmer moved into his house. The floors were covered with dust, and nothing was clean except for the farmer's crops, which he, as a single man, treated as children. He would tell everyone he knew about his crops. "Look at these tasty crops!" said the farmer. The farmer would then say, "I raised them myself!"

Well, the farmer had put all of his baskets full of crops into the house, but as he was working on filling his last basket, the howling wind picked up the last crop and flung it into the air as it jangled in different motions. The farmer brought in the basket, but he always did a head count for each crop and knew one was missing. So, he went outside and saw the wind carrying his crop to the cemetery. He followed with his candle and knew the town very well.

Eventually, the howling wind died out, and his crop lay under a tree. On his way to the tree, the farmer tripped on a gravestone, and he fell down to the ground and felt agony to its greatest potential. The farmer suffered a bruised knee and dropped the candle. Realizing this, the farmer reached out for the candle in an earnest attempt, but the candle's light died off, and the farmer was left in total darkness. The farmer felt a drop of water hit his head, and he felt it roll slowly off of his head. Then, mother nature decided to make the clouds release raindrops that fell on the ground.

The farmer knew that the small drizzle would soon become a frightening downpour. The farmer rushed for his crop, picked it up, and ran for his house. Luckily, he knew the town inside-out, and was able to find his home even in pitch-black darkness with rain dancing and gliding onto the farmer's head.

Miraculously, the farmer survived, but the rain got through the holes above the roof and his second candle was beaten down and reduced to a simple piece of wax. The farmer went to bed and was relieved to save his crop. For the farmer, sleeping that night was hard. Raindrops fell on his closed eyes, annoying him whenever they pleased. He also heard a strange noise of footsteps from the outdoors. The farmer grew curious of these footsteps, but he eventually fell asleep. The next day the farmer woke up, he heard a chewing noise as if from another person. The farmer realized that someone was eating his crops. He got a knife from his untidy room and went on downstairs.

Well, the farmer ran down the stairs to save his crops. As a single man, raising crops to maturity was all he wanted to do, and he treated them as his children. He did not want to lose out on his crops. While going down the stairs, he noticed that his telephone line was broken, and it was obviously intentional. When he went downstairs, he saw a white man eating the last crop that he had found in the cemetery as well.

The farmer shrieked. This was not a white man the farmer had ever seen before, and he was not even sure if his fellow stranger was even a man, or if the stranger ever was a man. Even though this stranger had no eyes, it could clearly see the farmer and put its old hand on the farmer's shoulder. The farmer let out a yell and the bony stranger would not let go of the farmer.

The farmer hasn't been seen living or dead ever since.

Who was the stranger?

Do you think the farmer is alive or dead?

Who picked up the last crop first?


My friend Mr. Jack ' O Lantern decided to tell us all about skeletons today. Skeletons can usually be found in cemeteries walking through the dirt in the oh so pitifully dark night. The moon shines down, and a profusion of hands pop out from the soft soil. Soon, bodies find their ways out of the soil. Luckily for us, skeletons do not attack humans often because of fear of light. When a skeleton sees light, then they vanish. Mr. Jack 'O Lantern says that the skeletons reappear in their tombstones because they are immortal. The army hunts down easy prey such as rats and little mice to please their immortal craving for a good meal. We dress up as skeletons for Halloween, but sometimes they dress up like us. You will never know when you meet an actual skeleton. Most are nice at Halloween, so have no fear...the next day is when you have to look out. Wohahahahahahahahaha!


Are They Extinct? Skeletons Disagree!

We all know that dinosaurs walked the Earth millions of years ago and then became extinct for a mysterious phenomenon. However, we don't know the full story, and how they have been tamed and are being ridden today! Skeletons come in many shapes and forms; and they are the largest growing empire in the world. There is only 2 reasons that skeletons have never been seen (not even the dinos). The first reason is that skeletons can't live off light. Instead, they vanish and return to where they once came. The second reason is that skeletons are nocturnal, so humans can't see them at night, especially when it is pitch-black dark outside. The great Halloween Tales are just a typical day for Mr. Jack 'O Lantern who sees these astonishing skeletons every day!

Awesome and Scary Halloween Decorations

Would You Rather Meet a Goblin or a Zombie?

See results

Just Laugh!

There are so many people who celebrate the Halloween spirit. Some extend the boundaries and carve out the most creative jack 'o lanterns/ pumpkins or whatever you want to call them. I was attracted by the Death Star because it is an awesome Star Wars planet and the most important events in Star Wars have occurred in the Death Star.

Awesome Halloween Jack 'O Lanterns

What's the Scariest Thing That You Have Ever Seen

Let me be clear and say that I am not scared of skunks. However, at night, I saw a skunk walking on the sand of a beach. It was dark at the time and having an animal with the stench and dark eyes look at you can be really scary. Will it attack and what will it do? These were the questions popping up in my head. Of course scary movies beat the skunk by a lot, but I don't watch too many scary movies. You could only understand how scary the skunk was if you were there.

What was the scariest experience/thing that you have ever seen?

Take All of the Candy You Can Carry

On Halloween Night, everyone was going over everyone's house and saying, "Trick or Treat?" It was a wonderful time of the candy giving and the taste buds of the children and adults were filled with delight as they threw candy piece after candy piece in their mouth. There was one house at the end of the block, and a young boy had to take a look.

What he found was extraordinary. There were 5 big pots of candy, and next to the pots was a torn and ragged sign that said, "Take All of the Candy Your Can Carry, i......." The last part of the sign was torn off, but the child got the main message that said, "Take All of the Candy you Can Carry." So, the child was able to fill up two of his bags with candy galore as he went on to the other houses. However, there was a small rumbling and the breeze got cooler. Then, the ground started to shake. The loam, soft soil soon split into different cracks in the ground.

Everyone felt the ground shaking now and went into other people's houses. Most got permission, but some ran in to other houses either way to avoid the danger. That didn't do good as cracks formed under the peoples' homes. Soon, a frenzy of people ran out of the houses to avoid the danger.

The child was in the center of the tragedy. Soon, a hole formed under his feet and he was about to fall in when a hand grabbed his foot. The child screamed as he was dangling in the air. Eventually, the arm did save the boy from an injury or even death, but the hand took all of the candy that the child had taken from the house at the end of the block.

The shaking stopped, and the cracks in the ground reconnected together like a puzzle. Everyone was safe, and trick or treating continued. The child walked up to the house at the end of the block to see that all of the pots were filled with glorious candy as if they had been untouched. The child got an eerie feeling, and then a ragged sign flew at him. With his good reflexes, the child caught the sign that said, "f you aren't afraid of ghosts."

What did the whole sign say?

Halloween Pumpkins

Everyone needs a pumpkin during Halloween. Show it to the world as a regular pumpkin or a carved jack 'o lantern. It is your choice how you use the pumpkin, but everyone needs one on Halloween night.

Halloween Candy

Upon reading the last story about the boy who goes to the pots full of candy, I thought that I should tell you all the most amount of candy I collected during a single Halloween Night. A couple of years ago, I got a new record for 300 pieces of candy. Yes, I trick or treated for what must have been 5 hours and got 300 pieces of candy in my trick or treat bags. Hopefully, I'll beat the record this year.

The candy in that picture must be screaming at you.

What's Halloween Without Candy?

Who could resist these delicious pieces of candy on Halloween Night? No one can!

Great iPhone App For Halloween

16 scary Halloween sounds are available on the iPhone right now! Hear the cat's meow, a ghost's boo, a vampire, a spider crawling, and more! This is a great app to sit back and get scared from the greatest Halloween sounds ever.

Angry Birds Halloween

I had to do this one because I love Angry Birds and a lot of other people do too. Launch birds at the pigs from a slingshot. The background looks as if the land is barren and spooky while Halloween music of ghosts and more noises plays in the background. Beat the pigs more than ever!

What's Your Favorite Piece of Candy?

See results

How Do You Like My Halloween Stories?

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      6 years ago

      Great Lens to sprinkle some Angel dust here....

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      6 years ago

      great lens


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