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Jacqueline Kent Doll Making

Updated on August 30, 2017

History Of Jacquline Kent

Jacqueline Kent is a well known artist in clay sculptures from all over the world! Jacqueline is best known for her true to life faces made from clay, you have to see it to believe how she makes these magical dolls come to life.

From creating the face then the eyes face expressions and not forgetting hair and outfits, each dolls outfit is made from the finest materials and trims, one of her creations Mrs. Clause has an apron made from the finest lace, and she is part of our collection this season. If Jacqueline is not happy with a creating she will work harder to get the style and theme she had in mind, each doll tells a story, from first true love on a park bench to a rag lady feeding the birds in a park, or maybe the old Christmas times.

As an accomplished artist and design specialist, Jacqueline has enjoyed a successful career in both giftware and collectible, she has many following her and love her every creation she had done, we have many customers asking for the next collection date. From spring collection to her winter collection and not forgetting her Halloween theme displays, as a main retailer supplier for Europe we are proud to be selling her stunning unique collection every season.

Jacqueline's reproductions, available only through Kurt Adler!. A New York based giftware and collectibles distributor. Decorative Living have been selling there products for over four years and we ship worldwide. She currently introduces over 150 new designs each year and we are always adding her new collection.

How Jacqueline Kent Makes Her Dolls

When I first saw this video I was shocked on how a piece of rolled clay can be turned in to a work of art!! Unbelievable really! Jacqueline Kent is an absolute legend. I hope you agree with me.

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This Really Shows of Her Talent in Doll making

love letters by Jacqueline kent
love letters by Jacqueline kent

Well Jacqueline Kent has really done it again with this stunning romantic table display of two sweet old couple snuggling up and sitting on a park bench still much in love.

The lady has a soft to touch hair with flower and happy warm face with rosy red cheeks, she has inlayed glass eyes and dressed in the finest materials and a beautiful vintage crocheted cardigan, she is looking at her ring on her finger, her hands are also life like to detail.

The man is well dressed with a happy face and inlayed glass eyes and soft touch hair, he has a cap on with a suit and tie holding a love letter! He has keeped for many years.

On the bench is a case of further love letters. The Bench has so much detail and would make a perfect display this season to any themed d├ęcor.

This collection is Exclusive to Decorative Living United Kingdom

Bird Lady Kurts Adler Jacquilen Kent

bird lady kurts adler bird lady
bird lady kurts adler bird lady

Kurt Adler Jacqueline Kent Life Like Bird Lady Table Display

This particular piece, a Jacqueline Kent favourite is one of her Signature pieces and over the years, she has sculptured many versions of "Feeding the Birds" a truly unique table display for any home theme display, handmade life like bird lady with detail face life like hair wearing a hat, she has inlayed glass eyes and is wearing glasses, she has a happy face dressed in her material outfit with apron and shawl.

She is sitting on a chair that comes with the doll and will be the perfect display this season.

These dolls are very collectible worldwide collectors.

What Do You Think Of The Video

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    • profile image

      Pat Ross 2 years ago

      I am in need of assistance. I am in possession of several older Jacqueline Kent pieces. My client wishes to sell but I am looking for history and pricing information before placing them on the market. Hoping for a collectors catalog or pricing guide. Anything you can do to help would be most appreciated.

      Thank you for your time,

      Pat Ross

    • CathyLou LM profile image

      CathyLou LM 6 years ago

      Its so amazing how she is able to do that! Such artistry!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I just had to write to let you know what a wonderful article this is I watched the video on how she makes dolls out of a piece of clay well brilliant. I will have to take a look at your website.

    • profile image

      DannyLondon 6 years ago

      Love it as it shows you what goes in to the making of such wonderful dolls, as sometimes we forget when we buy items the amount of work that has going in to such a wonderful creation like Jacqueline Kent