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Being Jane for Halloween

Updated on April 6, 2016

Jane Austen Halloween Ideas

I have written a lot of Jane Austen Lenses. I've written about her books, movies based on her books and a complete line of lenses on how to put on a Jane Austen style wedding. I wanted to do something different for Halloween. I know seeing is believing, so I've gathered some of the videos I've used to write my lenses.

This lens will help you take the written information I've given you and put them into practice, so you can come up with your very own Jane Austen's Halloween costume.

Please enjoy the few StacyBirch Quiz questions I've included in this lens. They are all based on information from my Jane Austen lenses.

This portrait of Marguerite the countless of Blessington was painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence in 1822. This portrait is in public domain.

Regency hair

If you're doing regency hair you can do the no heat curling and use smaller pins, leave the pins in and place a ribbon around your head and maybe a large feather and that can be your Regency hair.

I chose the sock curl idea because if you combine that idea with the no heat curls that is how many women curled their hair in Regency England. They would take thin strips of muslin or cotton and wrap and roll their hair up until they got to the scalp and then tie them. Like rollers today. They would go to sleep and when they got up they would take their hair down and maybe a maid would help them style their hair. The only other way of getting this look without having your hair naturally look that way, was a curling iron. Girls don't get excited, it was a thin round metal iron rod that had to be placed in a fire to be heated.

My favorite videos are Anna Kendrick's, even though I can't get my hair to do what she does. My hair is twice as thick as her's and about half a foot longer.

I buy the flexible long curlers that are covered in foam. I buy them from eBay for a dollar or two for ten. I wash my hair. I let my hair air dry and wait until it is just damp before I put my hair in the soft curlers. I roll my hair up and dry my hair with a hair blow dryer or wait a few hours before I take the out. I love the way they make hair look, because curling irons are a lot harder on my hair and the results are not half as good.

Pretty Red Cloak

Regency Clothing

This is just basic clothing of the era. For men and women. If you are a man they only show one look so please if you want to dress like this for Halloween watch a few Regency style movies.

I'm sorry I could not add anything about Regency petticoats, because there seems to be a concussion on the internet, all hoopskirts may also be petticoats, but not all petticoats are hoopskirts. A petticoat is a full shirt sometimes with ruffles that goes under your dress. The Regency style would not, could not be a hoopskirt.


Bonnets and Top Hats

I only decorate hats I already own, normally fancy top hats so good luck if you're making your own.

Cassandra Austen

Cassandra Austen was the older sister of Jane Austen.  They were born three years apart and were the only girls in a family of eight.  Cassandra was the artist in the family and Jane was the writer.
Cassandra Austen was the older sister of Jane Austen. They were born three years apart and were the only girls in a family of eight. Cassandra was the artist in the family and Jane was the writer.


The Regency Make-up look for late 18th century and early 19th century England is tough mimic. They didn't actually wear any make-up, the make-up they wore previously could burn your skin off, because it was heavily made with lead. It was also white clown make-up, the type of make-up worn with those big unwashed hair-dos that were known to house rodents.

Use natural looking cover-up and powders. Curl your lashes and use either clear mascara or the color of your eyelashes, if don't have jet black hair, you shouldn't be using jet black mascara or eyeliner for this look. Use a natural looking blush and eye shadow. Apply youe blush to the apple of your cheeks.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love how you carried your love for Jane Austen into an excellent costume lens; it would be fun to step into this world in style!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This lens one is fun

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This lens one is fun


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