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Jay and Silent Bob Costumes for Halloween

Updated on December 4, 2014

Jay & Silent Bob Halloween Costumes

Hey there, Jay & Silent Bob fans! Here you'll find instructions for putting together an amazing assortment of Jay & Silent Bob costumes handpicked by a comic book fanboy and self-professed Kevin Smith fanatic! I can help you with Mallrats costumes, Clerks costumes, Dogma costumes, Chasing Amy costumes, Kevin Smith costumes, Jay costumes and much more Halloween goodness!

As Jay from Jay & Silent Bob might say, "Snootchy bootchies!"

Jay & Silent Bob -- Hetero-life mates
Jay & Silent Bob -- Hetero-life mates

Why dress up as Jay & Silent Bob for Halloween?

Ah, Jay & SIlent Bob (legally known as Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith): onscreen BFFs and real life bromance buddies as well. Never shall there be two better hetero lifemate friends in, like, ever. Jay & Silent Bob are the eternal slackers we all wish we could be, carefree and happily trudging through life, having one adventure after another.

So this Halloween, summon your inner slacker! Grab that musty ol' trenchcoat, smell that sweaty beanie (just to make sure it's not TOO stinky), and get ready to geek out, straight up Wolverine-berserker-rage style! + 10 cool points for the comic book reference.

Snootchy bootchies, fanboys (and girls).

Jay & Silent Bob Clerks Costumes

What You'll Need:

For your Jay costume from Clerks:

  • Black beanie hat
  • Black shorts
  • Long blonde wig
  • White knee pads
  • Black t-shirt with snarky text

For your Silent Bob costume:

  • Long trench coat
  • Black pants
  • Black t-shirt
  • Black baseball cap turned backwards
  • Converse shoes

"Jay" Jason Mewes Style Long Blonde Wig

Introducing Jay and Silent Bob in Clerks

Jay & Silent Bob Costumes from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

What You'll Need

For your Jay costume:

  • Black beanie
  • Blonde wig
  • Black track pants
  • Black t-shirt
  • Yellow rain jacket

For your Silent Bob costume:

  • Brown mullet wig
  • Black and white snapback
  • Black trench coat
  • Black sweater or t-shirt
  • Jeans

Clerks II Costumes

Jay & Silent Bob in Clerks II
Jay & Silent Bob in Clerks II

What You'll Need

For your Jay costume:

  • Grey or olive beanie
  • Blonde wig
  • Black track pants
  • "Got Christ?" t-shirt
  • Black bomber jacket

For your Silent Bob costume:

  • Brown mullet wig
  • Black and white snapback
  • Olive green parka
  • Jeans

For Inspiration: Jay and Silent Bob Music Video

Which is your favorite Jay & Silent Bob movie?

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Comments - Did you like our Jay & SIlent Bob costumes? Snootchie bootchies!

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    • MinaMirage profile image


      5 years ago

      Such a creative idea! Very cool. :)

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @dellgirl: Thanks, I appreciate it! :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I never would have thought of Jay and Silent Bob Costumes for Halloween, cool. Congratulations on your good work and for making MonsterBoard: SquidAngel 500!


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