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Jeff Dunham Gift Ideas

Updated on October 30, 2015

Jeff Dunham Tickets, Costumes, T-Shirts And Merchandise Make Great Jeff Dunham Fan Gift Ideas

Find the perfect gift ideas for that fun loving Jeff Dunham fan! There are tickets to see Jeff and his puppet characters in person, DVDS and CDS to watch and hear his shows, there's plenty of fun merchandise including T-Shirts, and there are even some puppets you can find for that budding ventriloquist, and don't forget the Jeff Dunham costumes for dress up fun at Halloween.

Browse and enjoy the fun ideas you will find on this page, and if you don't know who Jeff Dunham, Achmed, Bubba J, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno on a Stick, and Walter are, you are in for a treat!

Meet Little Jeff Dunham!

Jeff Dunham

Look At The Jeff Dunham Character Christmas Ornaments

For decades, ventriloquism acts were a something to be laughed at, with comedians portraying inept artists wielding Charlie McCarthy look-alikes and doing hackneyed bits like talking while drinking water. That all changed with Jeff Dunham: After years of fighting for recognition, he broke though to become one of the most popular comedians of our time and in the process made ventriloquism someone to laugh with, not at. Check out the Jeff Dunham show tickets on sale and have a hilarious night of fun with friends.

Christmas Ornaments ala Jeff Dunham

Haven't I Seen Him Somewhere Before?

While his fame is relatively recent, Dunham has popping up on TV numerous times over the past thirty years. Jeff got his start in ventriloquism while still in high school, performing at banquets and later local commercials: By using a puppet, he was able to get away with things that no one would accept directly from a teenager. Dunham worked the corporate circuit through college, eventually landing a spot on the Broadway show "Sugar Babies" in 1986.

After meeting with talent scouts for over two years, he finally landed a spot on the Tonight Show in April of 1990. Johnny Carson invited him to sit on the couch after his performance, one of the few comedians to receive this honor on their first visit. However, with agents still hesitant about booking a ventriloquist, he quickly faded from the public view.

Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself.

An appearance on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" in 2002 got Dunham's career back on track, eventually leading to a half-hour special on Comedy Central. The channel balked at giving him more airtime, so he self-funded an hour-long special called "Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself." Things finally turned around with the success of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: It showed there was an audience for Dunham's comic style regardless of how he did it. When "Arguing with Myself" made its TV debut, it became the highest rated program in Comedy Central's history.

Merry Christmas From Jeff Dunham
Merry Christmas From Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham's Characters

Let's Meet This Mottly Crew

Dunham has several characters, not just one character like most ventriloquists. What makes Jeff Dunham's act different from his predecessors is his range: Instead of a single dummy, he has several unique puppets, each one a self-aware member of a dysfunctional traveling family.

Jeff Dunham Photo Credits




Walter is the longest-lived character in Dunham's lineup. He's a grumpy old man with no internal filter, complaining about celebrities, the audience and even Dunham himself.

Walter is just one of the Jeff Dunham characters

Jeff Dunham And Walter



Jeff Dunham And Peanut

Peanut - Unlike his other characters, this ape-like "woozle" doesn't fit any particular stereotype, instead landing somewhere between Daffy Duck and Hunter S. Thompson. Peanut has his own pupped of Dunham called "Little Ugly Jeff."

Jeff Dunham And Peanuts 'Twas The Night Before Christmas



Jeff Dunham's Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

This incompetent terrorist cemented Dunham's popularity when a Youtube video featuring the skeleton became one of the most watched in the website's history. In recent shows, Dunham's added the Western-educated reluctant terrorist son Achmed Jr.

Jeff Dunham Achmed's "Jingle Bombs"

Jose Jalapeno On A Stick

Jeff Dunham's Jose Jalapeno on a Stick

The first puppet Dunham crafted himself, Jose was initially created to play to local Texas audiences and later revived with the influx of Hispanic immigrants. Jose's story is a strange one. He hopped north until he got into the US where he found out he was born in Mexico to two US citizens, he didn't have to sneak into the country after all, he was legal to begin with.

Jeff Dunham - Peanut And Jose Jalapeno

Bubba J

Bubba J
Bubba J

Jeff Dunham's Redneck - Bubba J

Bubba J

A "white trash trailer park" redneck parody! Bubba's full name is Bubba Junior The First and he calls a trailer park located in the infamous "Tornado Alley" home. His mamma has an endearing nick name for him, like so many moms do, she calls him her precious "little accident". What 2 things does Bubba J love best? The US, Beer and NASCAR.

Sweet Daddy Dee

Sweet Daddy Dee is Dunham's manager and "Player In the Management Profession", and that's an acronym for PIMP. Sweet Daddy thinks of himself and Dunham as a team, Dunham being the "ho". Sweet Daddy Dee doesn't like NASCAR much and he lets you know it. He calls it "a dumbass cracker sport". Sweet Sweet man that Daddy Dee.

Jeff Dunham And Sweet Daddy D

Jeff Dunham And Melvin The Superhero

Melvin the Superhero Guy

This big-nosed parody's power is trash talk, pointing out the ridiculousness of most superheroes. If you look in the beginning of the Minding the Monsters DVD you will see Melvin's headstone. That means Melvin's time on stage and in DVDs is over.

Jeff Dunham T-Shirts

Jeff Dunham fans will love a T-shirt!

Jeff Dunham Costumes - Achmed

Get Yourself A Funny Halloween Costume!

Want to dress up like one of Jeff Dunham's characters? It's a fun costume idea that fans of ACHMED will love. This costume is perfect for the Jeff Dunham fan for Halloween. Trick or Treat ...

Jeff Dunham Achmed Costume - Jeff Dunham Costumes

Jeff Dunham Costumes - Bubba J

Need a group costume idea? The Jeff Dunham character costumes make finding a funny group costume idea easy as can be!

Jeff Dunham Bubba J Costume - Jeff Dunham Costumes

Jeff Dunham Costumes - Peanut

You Know Someone Who Wants A Peanut Costume Don't You?

Peanut is the about the most popular Jeff Dunham character and his costume is a pretty hot one at Halloween.

Jeff Dunham Peanut Costume - Jeff Dunham Costumes

Jeff Dunham Costumes - Walter

Does Walter remind you of anyone you know? Wouldn't this Jeff Dunham Walter costume be perfect for them?

Jeff Dunham Walter Costume - Jeff Dunham Costumes


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