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Jessie And Bullseye Deluxe Figures 2-Pack - Worth It?

Updated on October 30, 2012

Jessie And Bullseye Partner Pack Review

The Jessie and Bullseye partner pack is one favorite toy from Toy Story. Read reviews and info on where to get this at the best price

If your child enjoyed any of the Toy Story movies then they'll just love playing with the Jessie and Bullseye Deluxe Figures 2-Pack which features replicas of two of the most loved characters from the movie.

Both Jessie and Bullseye look just like they did in Toy Story 2, are ten inches high, so, again, just like in the movie and ready for a lot of fun and games!

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These action figures will give years of enjoyment and offer plenty of opportunity for imaginative play. Your little one can recreate their favourite scenes from the movie or even make up their own!

And, its not just Jessie and Bullseye they get when you purchase the Toy Story 2 Jessie & Bullseye partner pack, but a range of accessories also, indeed everything a cowgirl and her favourite horse could need! Let's saddle up the lovable Bullseye and put Jessie on for a ride!

Jessie & Bullseye Buddy Pack Details

Lets have a look at what you get for your money when you purchase the Jessie and Bullseye partner pack.

Well, quite a lot really.

The Jessie and Bullseye pack includes a ten inch-high figure of Jessie, a ten inch-high figure of bullseye, three extra sets of clothes for Jessie, saddle and bandanna for Bullseye and critter styling accessories - a range of extras for Jessie's hair and clothes, as well as stickers, a pen, a hair brush and a comb.

There's plenty here to keep the young 'uns occupied for a lot more than just a couple of weeks and they are fully compatible with the Woody and Buzz deluxe figures you may also have looked at or bought.

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Who Is Jessie & Bullseye Buddy Pack Right For?

Well, as I mentioned before, really any child that loves the Toy Story 3 movies. I think the Jessie and Bullseye Buddy Pack designed with girls more in mind than boys but there's no reason why boys should not enjoy them too. They have a few small bits so its recommended that any child under three shouldn't play with them.

Jessie And Bullseye Partner Pack For Sale

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