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Jinafire Long Costume

Updated on August 20, 2013

Rock a Fiery Jinafire Long Costume

When it comes to dragon costumes the Monster High Jinafire Long Costume

may be the most sleek, fashion forward and unexpected. Not simply another scaly, fire breathing dragon Jinafire is the descendent of the Chinese Dragon which means she does not need wings to travel. Her style of dress and hair accessory express her Chinese ancestry while being influenced by modern elements.

Jinafire, first emerged November 2012, as part of the Monster High City of Frights Collection. In 2013 Mattel has produced an official costume and wig to help fans of Jinafire transform into the stylish dragon. Make-up advice and costume accessories are available below to help you turn yourself into a Monster High doll.

You will note that Jinafire has long black and green streaked hair. She pulls the top section in a bun that sits a top of her head. She embellishes her hair with a golden hair accessory which adds a nod to her heritage. The bright red streamers are attached at either side of the hair stick and give a nice contrast to her hair. Her bangs are shorter than the rest of her hair and are worn to the side.

There are a few ways to get this look. You can create your own wig; though, that can be time consuming. Modify a green and black wig to get the style you want and create your own hair accessory. Or you could use colored hair spray to get the color you need, and use some craft supplies to craft the hair stick. The easiest way, however; is to purchase the Girls Jinafire Long Monster High Wig licensed by Mattel.

The official wig makes your transformation easy - just tuck your hair into a wig cap - place wig on head. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

I'm glad Mattel decided to produce a Monster High Jinafire Long Child Costume this year because it would be hard to recreate her intricate dress.

The silk dress features a mesh arm and a golden sheer arm to represent the dragon's golden complexion. It also comes with sheer golden legging to finish the look. Attached to the dress is a golden tail.

So far this costume is only available for the young Monster High. Adult fans wanting to cosplay this ghoul will still need to create their own costume.

So Many Ghouls...

There are a huge number of ghouls haunting the halls at Monster High. Any character would be fun to try out at your next costume party. Will you be the daughter of the Dragon this year or will you look for inspiration from another ghoul.

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Start Your Makeover

Watch this step by step tutorial to see how one girl transforms herself into this golden dragon.

I love the exaggerated eyebrows that Jinafire has.

Your Favorite Jinafire Long Costume Detail

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Snazaroo Face Paint metallic gold can be used to recreate Jinafire's golden complexion. It can be further enhanced by sparkly gold powder.

Regular makeup can be used on top of the the face paint to create a costume look that has staying power.

Layer the face paint base with pink eye shadow and black mascara.

Makeup Tip

When applying the base gold color to your face make sure the sponge is wet before trying to apply. Use a wet brush to cover smaller areas.

Makeup Kit

Mattel has come up with a makeup kit especially for those wanting to become Jinafire Long this Halloween.

Happy Halloween

Image by aperture_lag reproduced under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Learn More About Jinafire

Jinafire Long is a Monster High doll who first made her appearance in the Scaris City of Frights collection which included such Monster High students as Clawdeen Wolf. Frankie Stein and Skelita Calaveras.

In the Scaris collection Jinafire was shown to have an aptitude for fashion design. She like to mesh modern with the traditional.

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