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Jinafire Long Costumes - Monster High

Updated on August 16, 2013

Be this freaky fabulous Monster High student for Halloween!

I was really happy when they announced the release of Jinafire Long, a dragon student as I have a soft spot for dragons. I was and still am fascinated by them for as long as I remember.

If you are getting Jinafire Long costume for your kid you don't have to worry about it as they did release an official costume but if you are looking for something for yourself, well that's where you will have to get a little creative but don't worry as I am here to help you with picking up just the right clothes for the outfit, with tips and tricks on how to modify the dress, a tutorial on how to make those cool looking earrings and more so you will be rocking the look.

I also added a make up tutorial from Emma (YouTube's Nr.1 Monster High make up tutorial maker) to help you make the perfect make up and she also shares some tips on how to make your accessories for the wig (be sure to give her a listen).

Happy Halloween Ghouls!

Jinafire Long Costume for Girls

They released an official Jinafire Long costume for girls and I love it! The wig is wicked!

This costume also gave me an idea on how to go about making the dragon tail, I don't know why but it never occurred to me to pin the tail on the sleeve! That way you'll always have it up!

Jinafire Long CostumeCHECK PRICE

Jinafire Long WigCHECK PRICE

Taking a closer look at the doll - Studying the details

photo credit: ZombieliciousX via photopin cc

Let's make a costume for adults shall we?

These are some of the must have pieces that will help you construct the perfect costume.

ToBeInStyle Women's Elastic Fishnet Long Sleeve Top - One Size - Yellow
ToBeInStyle Women's Elastic Fishnet Long Sleeve Top - One Size - Yellow

Jinafire has scales so you have to have them too! I was thinking about how to make the scaly look and then it hit me! Fishnet clothes! I found this uhm, well interesting fishnet long sleeve top which will be perfect.

She also wears a red band on one hand and you can make it out of red fabric and just sew it on to the sleeve.

Forum Mardi Gras Costume Party Fishnets Tight, Yellow, One Size
Forum Mardi Gras Costume Party Fishnets Tight, Yellow, One Size

For the legs you can use fishnet tights in yellow. I think it would be ok to use the skin colored ones too as long as you have yellow tights underneath. In anyway I think the whole costume would work the best if you would wear yellow or golden bodysuit and top it with fishnet clothes.

Pleaser Women's Teeze-07 Mary Jane Pump,Gold/Red,10 M US
Pleaser Women's Teeze-07 Mary Jane Pump,Gold/Red,10 M US

Jinafire wears red pumps with golden soles, I couldn't find anything like that online but I think these beauties would rock it! Red and gold glitter? They scream Chinese!


How to make Jinafire Long's Earrings

I think these are such an important part of her look you just have to have them and I do have a simple way on how you can make them. You will need earring findings (hook, eye pin), red paint and a glue gun.

Draw a stencil for her earrings on the paper and cover it with baking paper (or anything else non-stick). Place the eye pin in the centre as shown on the image and let the glue gun do it's work. Do the drops as shown on the image and let them cool down before you make any more drops (this way they won't blend with each other and your creation will have the shape we want it to have).

When it's done let it cool and then color it with red. Add ear hook and you are done!

Tutorial photos are taken by and copyrighted by little oh me.

Emma's Jinafire Long Make Up Tutorial


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