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Unique Party Favor Idea - Jones Soda Personalized Bottles With Your Photo

Updated on July 11, 2010

Unique Party Drink and Favor Idea from Jones Soda

One of my friends is planning a birthday party for their kid and was stumped on how to top his friends birthday parties or how to make it a bit more unique. Since we live in a city and do not have yards so bounce houses and the normal things are out that you see on TV and clowns are just scary she came to me to ask if I had any ideas.

I help a lot of people plan their weddings or generate ideas and themes and even help create custom specialty cocktails for them so when I was asked to help find something to make her kids birthday party special I was 100% up for the challenge.

Unlike most people who would go for trendy things and just fill a favor bag with the coolest trend or fashion products like Silly Bandz or a Fushigi Ball (depending on your budget) I decided to really dig in deep. The first thing I thought about was food like mini cheesecakes covered in fondant and decorated like professional cakes but then I remembered that this is a kids birthday party and they are about the sugar and not always about the appearance so that was out. Something someone else suggested was to rent large flat screens and set up Nintendo Wii competitions but everyone is doing that so I didn't want to copy other ideas and that is when it hit me, lets tie in the kid with his party and not only make it all about him but also about the food, the decorations and everything else. The first few things I did was recommend they blow pictures up into posters on foamcore from Kinkos and hang them all over the apartment like an art show. The next thing was to set up stations for food and deserts like they are at an art show and have trinkets and toys like silly bandz and other fun things for the kids. Then at the center of the room or by the windows set up a bar styled oasis and display the finale and showpiece of the party, customized bottles of his favorite Jones Soda flavors with the pictures from the wall on them.

Not only would the personalized bottles of Jones Soda stand out, but they can drink them the way they are or have them mixed with their favorite other flavors, juices, have non alcoholic grenadine put in for shirley temples and pretty much everything else. Not only did I love the idea of featuring his picture on the personalized Jones Soda bottles but customizing them with his photo on them would make it an even more special and memorable event. Not to mention that he would be able to save the rest of the bottles and even a few of the empty ones as a memory of his party. What kid can say that their parents got their face on a soda bottle for their birthday kind of like their own personal brand of soda. I not only loved this idea but thought it was the perfect way to help really take the party over the top.

Ordering personalized bottles of Jones Soda with your kids picture on it not only makes great party favors but they also become talking pieces for family members. What is even better is that you can order personalized bottles of Jones Soda directly from the Jones Soda website. You can upload them, images that you own of their favorite things and send everyone home with a bottle to remember to. Not only will you be your kids hero because you let him or her have a ton of soda and their friends have soda as well, but all of the parents will be thinking how creative you are and go on and on about how cool your party and party favors were.

I loved the idea of ordering personalized bottles of Jones Soda for parties and absolutely love the idea of featuring them as a highlight at parties and special events like weddings and bar/batmitzvahs. Jones Soda is an extremely unique brand and the flavors are delicious, you can mix it with your favorite liquors if you are an adult and above the drinking age limit and kids love the bright colors and sugary flavors. Personalized bottles of Jones Soda are the perfect feature for any party or event.


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